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Lulu - Hey, Glitterlance tastes purple! Aggressive Support B

Last updated on December 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Howdy, all. This is Gaule727 from League, and after some very fun games and a couple epic wins that I still find myself thinking about from time to time, I thought I'd share my favorite support build with the world. While slightly unorthodox, I'm sure many of you will enjoy the playstyle of this Lulu. If purple is your color and you enjoy a slightly more significant role than dropping wards end-game, this guide is for you.

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I run mainly defensive runes, as Lulu never really has mana problems and the defensive stats will allow you to help your Carry in-lane nuetralize the opposition with your Q. I take movespeed quints to allow you to get in and out of position faster to land said Q's and ensure proper range from your carry. The Magic pen allows for proper nuking when the time calls for it, and keeping your passive dealing decent damage helps as well.

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A fairly typical support setup. Pickpocket is a good incentive to poke the enemy support, or carry, when situation allows. Her passive can make for some mean extra damage early on, so I enjoy exploiting this. Building them as such also allows for a 10% CDR right off the bat, not even including items.

I don't know of a support that wouldn't benefit from plenty of CDR. You're allowed more tosses of all of your abilities, and just may find that you're allowed some clutch saves thanks to that 20 seconds that's shaved off of your ultimate or E.

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While this may seem a bit taboo to many of you, this is my ideal support set-up item wise. Building our support items early with some utility-heavy choices allows us to keep our carry owning and safe from ganks, as well as diving in when needed. In my eyes, a supports' true job is often mis-placed, as they're usually doomed to some late-game ward-dropping and item use. The end-game ability power will allow you to keep your shields strong and your ultimate useful. Glitterlance does fairly heavy damage as well, making you a formidable opponent in teamfights. Above all this, one should remember that although you play a tight game as Lulu, you are still a support in the end, and wards should be bought as neeeded by your team. In-lane they are best placed at the bottom of your river or in the enemy's tri-bush.

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Skill Sequence

The Q and E, as well as your ultimate, should take top priority. The W's speedboost isn't boosted by AP, nor is the AP boost, (chuckle), and the speed bonus stays the same. Grabbing one rank will allow for niche uses to skate your carry out of danger, or polymorph that Nunu or Ezreal that's about to let his ultimate loose. That being said, it stands to reason that your shield and Q should take precedence, depending on your lane match-up and how your carry and you plan on playing.

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Pros / Cons


Good facechecking and poke with such a versatile skillset.
Bubbly and happy champion.
Good manueverability.
Nuke potential early/mid game.
Life-saving ultimate and shield.
Gap-closing MS steroid

Easy to focus despite escapability.
Requires AP for spells to be potent.
No stun.
Fairly item-dependent.


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