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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Lux Dominate Early

Last updated on April 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Build Order

So you have just looked at my build and gone Rageblade and Nashors - are u INSANE NOOB!!

Please listen and i shall divulge:

So grab a Dorians ring - this is good until u need ur 6th item build up and an all round good egg for early

Now build your Sorc shoes fully - the additional speed will help you manouvre the feild and the spell pen gets your damage through before they have had chance to get some resistance

Now build your rageblade starting with the blasting wand - this adds 83 AP and not many people realise that coz of the base 35 - but i use my auto attack a lot at the start to proc my passive + the add AD boosts will help

I get sheen next to give my passive another boost

I build Nashors next starting with the Codex first for the + AP, MP5 and CD for my lovely ULTIMATE

Here is where is where it gets dependant on what u need to improve but generally i make the rest of my Lich Bane

Now is Rod Of Ages for a bit more survivability as the enemy is getting more powerful now AND this gives u 80 AP guys

Last is your Rabdons for that end game boost to AP.

NB: - if the game is starting to drag on and your finding it difficult to keep up your dmg - i would sub out Nashors - for Void Staff - as its probably because your enemies are cottoning on and need a bit more resistance.

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Play Style

Ok so now u read the build order and your still a little confused! so now comes the tacs

Go mid lane if possible - Use your singularity to keep the enemy at range and chomping at their HP - DONT TRY AND HIT THEM YET TO PROC YOUR PASSIVE - it will give ur dmg potential away - they will play more defensive (it wont matter tho ill explain later - just makes ur longevity difficult at start)

They should be starting to wane and your almost out of mana - HEY PRESTO - Clarity and your back in action for another onslaught. By now you should have your binding active. This is where a bit of skill is needed - you need to fire of your binding - hit them and fire off your singularity behind them - as they start to think about getting out of that binding coz ur razing them they gonna run away - this is when u must follow a little to smack um with your singularity activation - and hit them again - if they are really low and its safe chase and kill. If not be patient - they have either gone home or ur gonna get them again in a minute coz they are PRO and stayed behind - mistake #1 for them. - repeat the process again (utilise your CD on singularity on the mobs and harassment of the enemy - but ensure your timing is good for the attack combo with binding.

(clarity enables you to lane longer - you should be taking minimal damage coz ur keeping them at bay by harassing them with your singularity. When u finally run out of mana - they should be dead or dying and your dominating the mid lane already - go and get your shoes + regen.

Ok if they are a smart player they will play deffensive - and here is where u can still harass them safely. Fire your singularity close to the tower and manouvre in to position to fire off a binding - drawing them closer to the tower - u got it - activate your singularity and the tower is too far to get u. Similarly if binding lands - hit them and dive back out before the tower can target u. WARNING - continued harassing may result in their jungler etc coming in for a gank - so be weary when close to their tower and dont linger long there after u make a kill - withdraw kill mobs and wait for them to return all frustrated.

Now - you should by this time have or almost have ur ULTIMATE up now - USE THIS ONLY TO FINISH THEM OFF when they run away - dont use it as a harassment power - if its off CD then you sould be looking at queuing an attack combo and finishing it with ur ult - if they are at their tower then catch them with a binding then use it while they cant move - guaranteed hit.

Once your at ur Nashors u may have their tower down or close to it - some ganking of their team maybe required here to prove ur strength - Binding is first hit - sinularity - activate - hit - Ult (if not dead hit then bind again coz it should be off CD by then)

I have made some sneaky ranged kills just with my Ult at max range - ANGLE is all important for judging which way they gonna run when they see ur tal tale red line on their face lol

You should be pretty much dominating from now on and you must get as many procs of your passive off as u can now - remember they are boosted with your AD, Rageblade AP wind up and Sheen/ Lichbane

If your going in for a group attack - hang back a little - you have the range to launch your abilities off into the fray and go nutz! so dont get caught on the front lines and watch for a flanking manoeuvre! hold fire with that ULT until you can garantee a kill or 2! lol - u could use it early to wack a good portion of the enemies HP off - and let ur team finish them off - its good team play in a potentially dangerous encounter - but you probably wont get the kills - but assists are better then death at the end of the day lol

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Ok so if your in a shared lane - EVEN better - u harass and your team mate should be helping you to finish them off - Gold generation will be lower so try and get the KS. Ur binding can get both the enemies in your lane at once - if it does your singularity should also be heading their way with a follow up hit active hit combo on the weaker of the 2 while your lane partner helps by pushing the dmg.

If your mid and agaisnt someone like Cassiopia - i made a fatal mistake by not changing tacs for her - she killed me early with dots but i came back and pushed her home! - to do this u need to be on the move constantly - her poisons will hopefully keep missing and when she is low on mana move in for your combo kill - as she wont be able to rack up her damage! - keep harassing with your singularity tho - dont forget you have clarity - they probably wont - u can try a 'ahh i have no mana move' then turn it round v quickly.

If your against a rush char like Fiora or jax etc - then u will need to play alittle more defensively and keep your binding for when they rush u - so u can hit and escape - launching a singularity if its safe - they will cause u problems!!

The other issue is your early domination may attract the jungler or a gank - wards may help u keep an eye out but will obviously eat into your item generation - but if it keeps u alaive may be worth it - team comms is essential.
Ur barrier is l;ets face it pretty poop right - well it can take the edge off a group fight or when on the run - NEVER FORGET using it will activate ur sheen/ Lichbane - so u can get some dmg in before u launch into your combo run. This is why it is essential you dont waste ur passive ability between your combos now. ull have about 140 AD + 350 AP + passive - landing on them each time you hit between abilities. Sometimes its worth sacrificing to get a kill with ULT etc but it really ramps up ur damage output.

You can quite easily get shut down with CC players Viegar is 1 to watch - u may wish to change ur boots for Mercury treads if thats the case and ull prob definitely have to get Void Staff and blue buff if thats the case - A good counter for Vieger is to run towards him - he always expects you to run away - i have found this can sometimes buy me enough time to escape his onslaught or dodge and unleash my owwn combo - he will stack AP like a MOFO so will prob have minimal extra HP or resi - so killing him quickly is paramount. - Trick is to catch him with bind before he gets your with his trap!

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Rune, Mastery Tie In

So ull be getting ur bonus penetration from shoes runes and mastery - this should be enough especially early game - but like i said if your dmg starts dropping drop Nashor for Void Staff

You get your CD from your mastery which is good enough - if you want a mana and CD boost - get the blue buff!! OHHHHH thats why u got Nashors = 25% CD reduction ;)

Ok so i havent mentioned why u took Ignite - im sure its self explanatory - u can either use it to enforce your early game harassment or plant it to finish off a runner. You'll gain your bonus AP and AD when its on CD and Early game tats good!

Finally - when scouting or worried your gonna get ganked - use ur singularity as a temp ward - not only will it reveal the edge of your view distance - and reveal hidden brush enemies - IF there is enemies there - it will slow them for your escape if alone - or theirs if u caught them wit their pants down - activate, hit, bind, hit, ULT, hit and chase if needed.

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Suck It And See

Try it out and see how u bear - feedback and tweaks are always welcome - i have used this build in Dominion as well and goes down well there also - especially with a fast AD at ur side.