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Lux - Non-evil Morgana

Last updated on January 8, 2011
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Hello there and welcome to my guide to Lux perfection. This guide shows how I play Lux, to mention is that, everyone have their own way of playing, and this is mine. It can be used as a guideline or similar. Lots of items gives lots of possibilities. Be aware of that this is my first guide I have ever made, but I would like to share my knowledge.
Lets begin shall we.

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Pros and Cons

Pros :
- Very long range
- A aoe absorb
- Great on killing fleeing champions
- Great solo and duo laner
- Harass possibilities
- Decent ganker
- Easy to steal Baron's and Dragons with

Cons :

- Dies very very easy if caught of-position
- Worthless without mana
- Not a good carry
- Very hard to master
- Is worthless if your team lacks damage
- Worthless 3v3

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Summoner Spells

I'm gonna go through them all and share my oppinions around them and tell you why I chose Flash and Ghost.

Clairvoyance : Interesting spell, I would recommend that every team has atleast one, if no one in your team is a big fan of map control, maybe you are the one.

Clarity : In a duo lane, I would use this at all. When you are out of mana you can always recall, because if your teammate stays you hardly lose any exp. The early boots are gonna cover the long travel time between the laser tower and the tip of the lane. You rather want to recall then die early because of lack of mana. If you are going mid, which is viable, I would recommend clarity.

Flash : Flash is like a second chance, your lucky charm, your four leaf clover and your angel. It can get you over walls and save you from a horrible fate. Also great for chasing, and getting you back into a proper position, because Lux is all about aim and position.

Ghost : Ghost, always useful no matter what, it can get you back to a tower lane fast, get you in postion for far-away ultimates and even let you escape with dropping a "Q" on your enemy and running with your tail in between your legs.

Ignite : I've done some experimenting with Ignite, but I find that it has to low range and doesn't merge well with your own combo, and it's mostly used to finish off enemy champions or reduce healing. You find yourself mostly using this against Mundo and Warwick, but you really don't want to be close to any of those.

Exhaust : Lacks range, same as Ignite.

Cleanse : In draft modes, you can find yourself facing lots of stun/silence/bind teams. But once again, I can't think of any caster that has the range of Lux. I would recommend this against Evelyn, Sion, Rammus, Shen.

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Items is a big huge part of Lux and I'm gonna go through most ability power items and tell you why the blow and why they rock.

Mejai's Soulstealer: Snowball items are always big gambles, but I prefer not to buy them in ranked games as they are very competetive and ranked games are very competetive ( low chance of getting fed).

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Rylai's crystal scepter is not a good item for Lux, the unique passive is worthless. Let me explain. The bind "Q" does is 2 seconds and 1 second, while the slow is 1.5 second. 0.5 second slow on the primary target it hits isn't really that great. While your "E" spell is already an slow, on the field it is put on before detonated. Tho it gives a minor slow(AOE effect's slows less), it's not worth it. Same goes for your ultimate. 15% slow isn't really that much. If you really lack health, then go for a Rod of Ages, it gives same health, ability power and mana.

Archangel Staff Stacking : Certainly this is good for high ap, but it does NOT give the needed cooldown reduction you need for Lux. Without cooldown reduction Lux is worthless!