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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rafor

Lux-"Oooohh Double Rainbow!"

Rafor Last updated on December 20, 2010
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Utility: 21

Hello, I'm Rafor, and this is my build for Lux, The Lady of Luminosity. I have been playing Lux for about a month now, and she easily hits my top champion list. I have most fun with her than any other champ and it's SOOO enjoyable just firing that laser of hers and getting a double kill+ and yell in /all " IMA FIRE IN MY LASER" Haha, I hope you enjoy this build and hope you find as much joy from Lux as I did.

The Lady of Luminosity

Born to the prestigious Crownguards, the paragon family of Demacian service, Luxanna was destined for greatness. She grew up as the family's only daughter, and she immediately took to the advanced education and lavish parties required of families as high profile as the Crownguards. As Lux matured, it became clear that she was extraordinarily gifted. She could play tricks that made people believe they had seen things that did not actually exist. She could also hide in plain sight. Somehow, she was able to reverse engineer arcane magical spells after seeing them cast only once. She was hailed as a prodigy, drawing the affections of the Demacian government, military, and citizens alike.

As one of the youngest women to be tested by the College of Magic, she was discovered to possess a unique command over the powers of light. The young Lux viewed this as a great gift, something for her to embrace and use in the name of good. Realizing her unique skills, the Demacian military recruited and trained her in covert operations. She quickly became renowned for her daring achievements; the most dangerous of which found her deep in the chambers of the Noxian High Command. She extracted valuable inside information about the Noxus-Ionian conflict, earning her great favor with Demacians and Ionians alike. However, reconnaissance and surveillance was not for her. A light of her people, Lux's true calling was the League of Legends, where she could follow in her brother's footsteps and unleash her gifts as an inspiration for all of Demacia.

''Her guiding light makes enemies weary, but they should worry most when the light fades.''
-- Garen, The Might of Demacia


Passive: Illumination - Lux's damaging spells charge the target with energy for 6 seconds. Lux's next attack ignites the energy, dealing 20-190 (depending on Lux's level) magic damage to the target.
This is what makes you a nuke. It helps you harrase champions and even get the killing blow. If it is active on a champion and you use your ult on that champ, it ignites like it was an auto attack. So I use it sometimes to finish off a champion with my ultimate.

Light Binding - Lux releases a sphere of light that binds and deals damage to up to two enemy units, dealing 50% effect to the 2nd unit struck.
Fires a ball of light towards a target location, binding and damaging up to 2 enemy units. The first target takes 60/110/160/210/260 (+0.7) magic damage and is bound for 2 seconds. The second target receives 50% of the effect.

60/75/90/105/120 Mana

This thing is so much fun to use. It not only effects one target, but TWO. I love using it when you have two champions chasing you when you have low health. You just shoot it into the leader and they both get snared and you get away. People think that when they are behind minions, they are safe from you, but if there is one minion between you and the enemy, fire it and he still gets snared.

Prismatic Barrier - Lux throws her wand and bends the light around any friendly target it touches, protecting them from enemy damage.
Lux throws her wand to the target location and back, protecting herself and all allied champions it touches from 50/75/100/125/150 (+0.3) damage for seconds.

75/75/75/75/75 Mana

I don't really use this much because I mainly play Lux as damage, not support, but it's useful to use by throwing it into teamfights or even using it on yourself or ally when your bout to be finished off by a Karthus ult early game and have it save your life. It's funny when they call you a hacker or something lol.

Lucent Singularity - Fires an anomaly of twisted light to an area, which slows nearby enemies. Lux can detonate it to damage enemies in the area of effect.
Creates a zone that slows enemy units by 14/18.5/22/26/30% (zone lasts 5 seconds). Can be detonated to damage enemies in the area for 60/105/150/195/240 (+0.6) magic damage.

70/85/100/115/130 Mana

This ability is used for the second part of your nuke, slowing running enemies, slowing enemies chasing you, and revealing fog of war such as brush. There really isn't much about this ability, but using it as a nuke and the other things I listed.

Finales Funkeln - After gathering energy, Lux fires a beam of light that deals damage to all targets in the area.
After a short delay, Lux fires a stream of light in front of her, dealing 300/400/500 (+0.85) to all enemy units in the area.

100/150/200 Mana

This ult is like the GREATEST ult in the game, It has a great range(however it is not global) and it is fun to just snipe enemies out that think they are safe recalling next to a turret. It has great damage and has little cool down time.(24 Sec. if you get the right items, masteries, and have the golem buff.) It can put up to 1.2k damage if you are nicely fed.

Doran's Ring is an amzing starting item that give's you starting AP,Health,and Mana per Sec.
Mejai's Soulstealer If you are getting fed,this thing will give you 160 AP and 25 % cooldowns if you get max stacks.
Archangel's Staff This is one of my favorite items. It gives you tons of AP and Mana with it's passive,it can get you over 1000 Mana and gives you 4% + 40 AP of that mana.
Zhonya's Ring This is a must for most casters. It gives you a huge junk of AP AND it has a passive that gives you 25% of your max AP, However it doesn't stack, so you'll only be needing one.
Void Staff this is very situational. I only get this item if the team is building MR. It gives MP and a decent amount of AP.
Lich Bane This thing is a must, since you already are auto attacking with your passive,this thing makes your auto attacks even better]]

Other items are
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Abyssal Mask

Reasons for skilling order:

I like to skill Light Binding more because I like the damage it outputs, but if you'd rather skill Lucent Singularity more then go for it. I don't skill Prismatic Barrier much because I don't play Lux as a support, but again, if you'd like to, go for it.

Early Game:

Start off with a Doran's Ring and a Health Potion and choose a lane. I preferably like to put Lux in the side lanes because she doesn't have enough damage early game to fight for herself in the middle. She needs other champs to help her. Some champions I find Lux a good partner with is Mordekaiser (because you dominate when you can slow and snare for him) and Malzahar (I don't really know why, my friend and I just own with this combo). Just harrass every now and then, but you want to keep your mana on a good level. You want to rush Mejai's Soulstealer VERY quickly (Because it doesn't do any good when you have 8 kills and then get the item) so when you return to base, build your Amplifying Tome or even the Mejais if you have the money. (Sell your Doran's ring if you're 200 gold from it) If you don't like stacking items then just move on to your Tear of the Goddess and get your Boots of Speed if you can. Go back in and just farm allitle more. You want to get an Archangel's Staff before the 20 min. mark. As before don't try to kill till you get lvl 6 with your laser. Once you get lvl 6, though, harrass as much as possible,you want to get them low health so that they are recalling at the tower with 100 health. When they are doing that use Finales Funkeln and get the kill, recall, get your Archangel's Staff and say hello to middle game.

Middle game:

Small team fight's should be popping up every once and a while. Just keep looking for them and helping. Throw Prismatic Barrier into your team to kind of shield them from pain and death. When enemies try to run use Light Binding to snare them or Lucent Singularity to slow. When you see an enemy low on health ult them and they are dead. Now look at the enemy team. Are they tanky and are building Magic Penatration? Or are they squishy? Well if they are building MP, get a Void Staff. If they are squishy, go for your Zhonya's Ring.

End/Late Game:

This is where Lux shines most, but only if you played her right early/mid game. Team fights will be sprouting everywhere, if you do everything right, your ult should be on a 24 sec cooldown. Shoot it everywhere you can, and hit as many targets as possible. Also try and get your Lich Bane. It goes great with your passive. If you can nuke someone 1v1.This is what you do.
Q -> E (But dont pop it) Auto Attack -> Pop E -> Auto Attack -> Ult= Enemy is dead.

Thank you for reading my build and any criticizim is welcome. Please don't down vote without stating why, so I can fix it.