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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Lux, Rapid Fire Support-Carry

Last updated on June 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I am DunkinFresh, and I consider myself a rather skilled Lux player. I enjoy playing her because she is able to put huge weight on team fights with her massive area damage and shielding. I play her as mostly glass cannon because she doesn't particularly need to be in a dangerous position to fulfill her role.

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As you'll notice I picked magic penetration marks, these go without explanation as they're going to boost your damage the most in early game when most of your spell damage is base damage and not from AP. Also it helps a little in late game when people start stacking MR. (They always do when I play Lux)

You'll certainly need mana regen yellows for your early lane phase for quick and safe farming. I mixed per-level and flat runes for a nice balance of early and late game mana regen. Combined with an early Chalice of Harmony, you'll essentially have infinite mana in midlane unless a team fight erupts.

I chose AP/lvl Glyphs because they will give you a lot of magic damage combined with deathcap and all of the CDR you'll be building early on.

Choose flat AP quints because they'll give you the damage to harass in early levels and usually you'll be able to wipe out 60% of the enemy's health with just your E+R combo.

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Fairly straightforward mastery setup, as you'll see I put 3 points in AD, that is for nothing more than slightly easier last hitting, and combined with your passive it lets you E+1-shot mage minions by level 4ish. Usually you should kill the mage minions first, because it'll make the enemy back up as well as make it easier to harass the enemy without minions hitting you.

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Start with Doran's Ring, when people see Lux start with boots they'll usually try to go for first blood simply because her health is atrocious, and she's very squishy. Doran's will give you some HP to deter them from trying to out-harass you, as well as make farming easier for you.

Rush Chalice of Harmony, because it will allow you to freely use Lucent Singularity for farming and applying your passive to creeps and your enemy. Also it gives some magic resist to help survive trades, since you need to get close to pop your passive.

Build this into Athene's Unholy Grail as soon as possible, because the cooldown reduction will allow you to harass better and play safer. Also it gives you a decent amount of AP to start with.

Then build Morello's Evil Tome, to maximize your cooldown reduction as well as give you a healing debuff for pesky champs like Sion, Dr Mundo, or Swain.

By now you should have a couple kills or assists under your belt, and undoubtedly the highest CS of anyone in the game. So build Rabadon's Deathcap now. The enemy won't be suspecting such a steep increase in magic damage. Since you're already maxed on CDR and should be around level 11, you will now be able to spam very high damage spells and suppress the enemy team even while supporting your AD carry and others.

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Skill Sequence

Get Lucent Singularity first. This spell is your best friend until level 6. It has many uses, ranging from farming, slowing oncoming attackers, applying your passive, inspecting bushes, zoning your enemy, and even killing. It is an excellent harass ability because it is difficult to track in flight, and moves quite quickly. Putting it between you and an enemy usually makes them back off.

Your second ability to get is Light Binding, this should be self explanatory. Use it sparingly, and do NOT use it to harass. The moment you throw this out, the enemy has a 15 second window to gank, zone, or otherwise make you regret it. Use this when an enemy is trying to attack you, because they'll be focusing more on your positioning than their own. It'll be easy to bind an enemy that is following you. Then throw your E, auto attack, pop E, and auto attack again. They will take roughly 250 damage from this at only level 4.

Third, get Prismatic Barrier. It's usually not needed until the enemy tries to combo you. Remember that it shields you twice, so if you get hit by a DoT or a combo, throw it out immediately to block the most damage. This ability is also extremely helpful for baiting the enemy into a turret dive. Shield yourself then immediately bind them for an easy early game kill.

Finally, is your ultimate. This is an ability that you *must* not be afraid to use. Try to not spare this ability unless you forsee an incoming team fight. Always do try to use it on enemies which you have applied your passive. That will do an incredible amount of damage in early game, and if you're fed it's devastating in late game. You can use it to pick off runners, combine with your Lucent Singularity for extreme AOE damage in a team fight, or even farm/push lanes with it. By Level 16 with this build you'll have a 24-second cooldown, so you can spam it to your heart's content.

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Spiffy Pros / Sinister Cons

[*] Highly damaging mage
[*] Counters several otherwise tough champions
[*] Powerful in support role even while building damage
[*] Likely the best at defending towers from midgame.
[*] It's embarrassing to die to a cute girl, so it demoralizes the enemy. :D

[*] VERY squishy (no really, the squishiest in the game)
[*] Frustrating to play if you don't have a good early game.
[*] Can be ganked often since she pushes to farm at her best.
[*] Long cooldowns result in a low margin of error in early game.