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Lux the DPS support utility

Last updated on February 26, 2013
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Lux the DPS support utility

Lux Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Lux the DPS utility support

This build features playing Lux in a very aggressive constant pressure style. To have this build successfull you have to keep spamming your spells around. If youre not good at hitting dont worry you have infinite amount of tries as long as you're playing safe. Thats the main point of this build. Lux can hit with her spells from far away in safety. This build would provide you with low cooldowns for you to save the carry in trouble. Being chased by someone could even get you a kill. Make sure every time you go back to spawn you buy at least 2 wards. I am not featuring any ward item early in game. If you see your wards are running out you might consider recalling. Sometimes having wards could save the carry rather than babysitting it with a snare and shield ready if someone shows up.

Your core item would be athene's unholy grail.
I can't describe you how much I like this item. It's just awesome to play aggressively.
It gives you 20% cooldown reduction. This means spamming skills more often
+15 mana regen each 5 seconds to spam spells again
40 magic resist isnt that much of a help but if their support is ap and going for major harass on you it's gonna make a difference
60 AP now thats a beast... A support with ap??? Most of you don't like that but the truth is you can actually harass the enemies enough for your carry to just last hit them. You will make them recall so often that they would fall behind lvl and cs. The lane would be won.
UNIQUE Passive: Restores 12% of maximum Mana on kill or assist.
UNIQUE Passive - Mana Font: Increases Mana Regen by 1% for every 1% of missing Mana.
Awesome ways to get your mana back to spam more and more until your opponents cry for a gang or rage quit.

You must always have a ward in the river bushes cause when youre harassing so hard the enemies they will ask for a gang. And if you get ganged and it's successfull your lane will start losing.

For a second item. Well it's your own choice. Either philosopher stone(a bit more mana regen and some hp regen and passive for cash and later on build to shurelya) or ionian boots(to max out your cooldown reduction). For a forth item or maybe third if you wish to delay boots for even later in the game go for the ward item. More health would keep you alive if you make a mistake and you would no longer spend money for wards.

Another item you can get is Aegis of the Legions and later on to Runic Bulwark for a nice defensive aura. And even a final option is Lockette of the iron solari. That thing works great with your shield skill to keep the whole team fighting for another 400hp more for each person. For a final item you might get rabadon. Why rabadon? Well you hit aoe thats really going to help in the fight and you're probably not going to get focused so you can put in a lot of dmg in the fight unnoticed. You will shield for more health. So with you hitting your ult and e spell and shielding the whole team you cannot lose a teamfight.

This guide was written in about 15 minutes so lots of things have to be fixed but would not be fixed. Its just a small idea of how lux could be played as a support. If you do not like this kind of play with Lux as a support well don't follow the guide. You get the main idea of how I think Lux should be played so the items are up to you. Everything that fits my idea is a lot of cr, mana regen, dmg and utility(cc,shields,slows).