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Magewick: The fun way

Last updated on December 24, 2010
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The true way to play warwick, MAGEWICK :D!!!

The Inspiration
I was reading Haelstrom's ability power guide and I tested it out with decent avail, pulling average scores but having tons of fun.

Part 1.

Summoner Spells
-Smite because your jungling
-Ghost for ganks and escapes
Using something else instead of ghost is fine if you like it.

-Health for easy jungling
-Longer creep buffs (YOU NEED BLUE AND RED BUFFS)
-Smite :)

-Ability power for your strike
-Magic pen for your strike
-Dodge for jungling + to activate your masteries

2. Items
-Madred's Blood Razor for some damage on your ulti (builds from madreds razor from jungling)
-Beserker Greeves for movement speed and attack speed
-Guinsoo's rage blade, this is where magewick starts to appear. The AD + AP from it aswell as the AS and extra AP from its buff is just perfect for one on ones where your passive will help you out.
-Gunblade nice ability power and attack damage, but mainly spell vamp and life steal for more nice goodness
-Now you can go from Nashors which gives CD reduction for your Q ability, aswell as AS and even more AP :)
-Now get either Guardian Angel, Zonyas or Whatever else you feel like getting.

3. Play Style

-Always have blue buff
-Always spam your Q ability
-Dont suicide
-Jungle safely
-Gank, Gank and more Ganking :D!

4. Jungling

-Take a cloth armour, 2 health pots, and if they have a jungler and ward
-Ghost to their blue and ward it if they have a jungler, try to gank :D

Jungling Order
mini golems
blue buff
red buff
mini golems
(back and by razor and boots if you have enough)

Should be level 6, help your team out with lots of ganks, and controll the jungle :D

post your scores please.