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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Magic Resist Rammus

Last updated on August 10, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Cleanse-I like being able to run away while snared. I do not like to die.
Ghost-Again i do not like to die.
Ignite-Help your team get a kill.
Exhaust-Hell your team get a kill -.-
Clairvoyance-To check bushes and gank baron possibly with your epic ult.
Fortify-It helps in some cases allow your turret to live long enough for aid to come.

So! After seeing all these identical builds for this guy i decided to make my own. In MY opinion this guy is just a magic resist focused rammus with a few more damage abilities, he has a taunt and a shield, sounds like rammus to me. Unlike rammus he can taunt more then one person at a time, so its like a combo of rammus' taunt and amumu's ult in that it makes it so no one can do anything really and they get hit with heavy aoe damage.

So when i saw this guy i thought he may be sort of boring until i read what his shield does, it heals you. So i thought in a group fight put that up(duh) then use your ult and take almost no damage, wonderful. But what can make that deal more damage? Thornmail. This makes your almost identical to rammus in every way except for the fact your owning entire teams instead of just one target. This is why i get thornmail. Now the reason i get chalice is, i like to spam moves. If you dont have mana troubles do not get it and start with a doran's ring or shield. The magic resist adds 15 AP, so its a slight boost. Guardian angel is good for any tank, and that is what i play this guy as, you are a god and can revive just to kill more, sounds good. It also adds some more AP. I get force of nature ONLY if the other team has quite a few magic users, otherwise feel free to get an AP item or another sunfire cape. I get sunfire mostly for the aoe effect and the health, but the armor helps as well. Lastly i get rylais for the health and the bonus AP, but for the most part the game does not last long enough for this item.

NOW! The runes i get can be changed but it is my personal rune page for this guy. The magic pen will help you deal more damage with your two "Nukes" and damage is good, also helps in early game harassment.
The Health per level seals are just my favorite seals for allmost any champion and they work really well for this guy as he needs to take a lot of hits.
The magic resist per level glyphs are mostly because with this build i do not get as much magic resist as i would like, so any bit helps.
The quint's i get are very easy to change and mix around to your liking, but with cd reduction from these and my mastery's i have enough to satisfy me.
Of course you could go more magic resist quint's and seals, or even ap runes, whatever the hell you want.

ABILITIES! Mostly just keeping your two "nukes" even while you level up your shield, of course ult whenever you can. My way of doing it is ult/shield then just even levels of the other two, you can prioritize the one you like the most. Righteous gust is great for escaping or chasing so level this before smite if you have had problems with ganks. Smite is also a great chasing skill as it has a slow, so if you have been getting a lot of runners in the game, pick this up before gust. I level Bulwark as priority under ult because the bonus armor and resist not only helps you live, but also increases your damage! 45 bonus AP at rank 5, not only that but you get lots of health restored so you don have to worry about dying with your ult to a whole team.

MASTERY'S may look sorta weird and non-standard BUT you do NOT want dodge or this guy or rammus, being hit is what you want. It will lower the effectiveness of your ult and thornmail by a LOT. So i get the petty health regen. This is one reason to grab a few items with mana, if you so desire! Then everything i get is pretty standard alongside with improved cleanse because i love it and ardor for the increase in AP, it helps. Bonus AP in offense CD reduction and magic pen is standard for casters. Of course switch this around for the spells you use.

Like rammus you are a great "ganker" as you can lock a target in place while getting beat on by the rest of your team. By level 6 you should be looking for a time when you can pull off a kill in your lane, such as when a melee attacker comes to your turret with limited minions and you ult him for massive turret damage! This can net you and your lane partner a few kills to those unknowing!

Later on focus on keeping your allies safe and you as well, mostly just try and farm and help out with ganks as much as possible, in team fights get in there, ult and just explode in their whole team's faces! It is really not hard to do this properly, make sure you ult after any stuns or silences OR you can get a banshee's veil for good measure.

This dude is a tank, no doubt about it. He is an initiator, if you play correctly you can get whole teams in your ult as your allies nuke them down. Stand strong, keep your shield on and ult the hell out of your opponents and you will never lose a teamfight. Ever.

If you are playing with friends i suggest them play anyone with aoe, such as malzahar or morgana, that can do crazy damage to everyone while trapped in your ult!

This is my first build on a champ i do not play often, do not think this is the best build for this guy its just my build, i play him like i do rammus and im very impressed. Of course feel free to leave feedback as that is the only way i know if im good. Yeah.

-Note- I may have the skills a bit off but just know this
ULT/SHIELD/THEN EVEN OUT THE OTHER TWO simple as that. Get all 3 first skills the first 3 levels. Its allways good to do that. Ult+Shield whenever possible and than even out the others unless you prioritize. Have fun.