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League of Legends Build Guide Author mc magic 18

Magic Teemo

mc magic 18 Last updated on December 31, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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After reading several Teemo builds and trying many of them out, I have created the Teemo build that works best for me. Teemo is my main character and even though this build is called magic teemo, it is not because it is an ability power Teemo. This is an attack speed attack damage teemo.


Blinding Dart - I always start with a blinding dart
1. Survivability, if you start getting chased down or they try to gank you, It's very useful to give yourself enough time to get to a tower or ally
2. Its useful to have to bail out teammates if they get into trouble early on
3. Great to pester any squishy champs's in your lane
4. In combo with exhaust is deadly
I don’t like maxing this out early because I usually spend more mana on shrooms than this. The damages isn’t big enough to have this be my primary. I use it mainly for the blind.

Toxic Shot- My favorite move of Teemo's
1. Adds a good amount of damage even if you havn't gotten any items that increase damage at this point
2. Enemy champs think that they are fine and run away, but poison gets them
This is his first skill that I max out because I love it, people’s health just drains and it’s too late for them to do anything

Move Quick - Get one at level 4
1. Helps if you are in trouble to get away faster
2. help out struggling teamates on other lanes without wasting much time
You don’t need to max this out until the end of the game

Noxious Trap - Set them at junctions in the jungle and in bushes
1. Decent damage when someone runs over them, you can get lucky and someone who ran from a fight will run into one and die
2. great for killing creep waves
3. If you are in trouble and know your going to die, lay a shrroom ontop of yourself and they will get hit, hope it does enough dmg to kill
4. Use it to slow people, Teemo has no other slows so get them to chase you and run them thorugh a shroom


Early Game-
Start out with a Dorans Shield The main debate is between Dorans Shield, Dorans blade, and vamp scept. Go with the shield because the armour will help a lot. The hp regen is better than the thee vamp of the other two items. I have tryed them all, shield keeps me alive the best and in the beginning, thats what i need.

Then get Berserker's Greaves Some people think that Teemo gets enough attack speed in from other items, but i havn't really found a diffrent boot that works as well for me as the greaves so im sticking with that. And besides, you can never have to much attack speed
In early game, the most important thing to do is NOT FEED. Teemo is squishy and most people will try to take advantage of that. You need to watch yourself and get last hits on creeps. Try not to have to go back until you can afford the graves and atleast 1 dagger.

Mid Game-
I go with Malady as my first main dps item The attack speed makes teemo very powerful at this point along with the +20 dmg. The ability power is a bonus

Next, frozen mallet Teemo is a squishy guy. Mallet gives some much needed hp and dmg. It also provides slow which is incredibly inportant because it is hard for teemo to slow guys

Once you get your mallet, you can start to get a little more aggressive because you will be putting out more damage. Don’t be afraid to go mid and help gank because of your movment speed and it will give you a chance to place mushrooms in the jungle and in bush’s

End Game-
Get madred's bloodrazor it tears through people because of your attack speed and provides a bonus in armour and you can tear down more people if you can live longer.

Guardian Angel This item really depends on the type of game thats being played now!! this is by far the item that i change the most throughout the game. you need to adapt, if they dont ever kill you, than u won’t need it. I just love when my opponents think they can tear thorugh a squishy teemo and then realize that i have health and armour and a revive if i need it. Other options include infinity edge, phantam dancer, starks ferver.
A lot of times teams will start focusing on you because of the high dmg out put. This isn’t neccisrily a bad thing because it will take them longer than they thought to kill you and will give your team a good chance to kill some of them. And if you have guardian angel, than you will come back and theyre team will be hurting and hard for them to kill you again
All of these items have a purpose. It is up to you to figure out what you are going to need and to adapt.
summoner spells

I feel that for you to play the best, go with summoner spells that fit you. As you get better, you should start getting away for using heal.

1. Exhaust - Great to use comboed with blinding dart.
use Blinding dart, then exhaust, then blinding dart. they can barely attack
2. Flash - their are a lot of different spells i use in this spot.
mostly flash because it helps get escape if i get ganked and can't pull off
a move quick because they are hitting me to much.
Some other summoner spells that I sometimes use include ghost in order to hunt people down, but that isn’t to important with move quick. Also, teleport serves somewhat of the same purpose, it helps you get back to battle quickly.

This is my first build so it probably has many flaws, I would love feedback and i will fix things as a see them