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League of Legends Build Guide Author lokebrizzle

make them RIFT QUIT

lokebrizzle Last updated on September 21, 2010
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Hey guys just to let you know this is the first build i've created so let me know if you have any pointers or constructive critisism.

Kassadin: The Void Walker is one badass motherf***er and honestly, he doesnt take too much practice to play. You just need to be a little careful with him because he can be a bit squishy, be he has a blink skill so escaping a nasty fight you shouldn't have gotten yourself into is easy anyway!

People will ragequit, teammates will hate you for getting all the kills, and RIOT may realise that kass is too badass for this game and get rid of him.

-VERY high burst damage mid to late game
-The ability to tele with a 5 sec cooldown
-You are the gankmaster, and you make people cry

-Quite squishy, so be careful
-If their smart, you will be targeted first, if they know where you're coming from >.<
-Hard to farm cash of minions, thats what killing other players is for!
-Can be annoying to keep your stacks up on Soulstealer
-Many many people will hate you

Summoner Spells
I Like to takeExhaust, because you can use it to slow down an enemy to finish him off, or if need be, to help you escape from a fight andGhost, which is the same principle as why we get Exhaust, To chase someone down, run to help a teammate, or escape yourself.

Other possible Summoner Spells are:
Heal, which alot of people say to avoid, but honestly, it's saved me from dying and helped me keep up my stacks on soulstealer plenty of times, plus i love using it to bait someone in thinking im nearly dead.
Ignite, just because there is nothing more annoying then the champion who escapes your powerful grasp by 100HP.
Burn the buggers with ignite!

I find these to be the most helpful spells with kass, he already has huge burst damage potential and he can blink with his ult anyway.


Ok, so starting off you want to pick up asapphire crystal, that little bit of extra mana can go a long way!

Get back to your lane, start farming for thetear of the goddess,this will help you to start building your mana pool early game.

By this time you should be roughly level 6, once you get your ult,you can really start to go looking for kills.

You really need to get youras soon as possible.
Some people may argue that sorcs shoes are better for the magic pen, so get them if you like, but i personally cant give up that little bit of extra movement, its just so good for chasing enemies down, but really the boots you get depend on the game your in!

Next we go for the big onemejai's soulstealer. This item really makes the build, but being a snowball item you have to be careful not to die. If your not confident that you can build the stacks up then skip this one, but remember at 20 stacks its 160AP and 15% cooldown reduction, get that maxed and noone will stop you!

Now its time to finish yourArchangels staff. By this point you will hopefully be about level 14 and your mana will be nicely buffed thanks to that Tear of the goddess we invested in first off. This item should give you a nice 40-50 AP on top of the 45 it already gives, so its a nice damage bonus!

Now we want to invest in aZhonya's Ring. This baby gives you 120 AP plus 25% of your total, if you have max stacks at this stage you can be looking at roughly 600AP and killing the enemies really just becomes a joke at this stage.

The next item i like to get isRylai's Crystal Scepter. This thing is going to give you over 100AP more with your ring on, 500 HP to increase survivability and give you a nice slow effect to all your spells.

This is really the core item build, but if the games still going and everyone hasn't Ragequit (or riftquit haha). Then I like to invest in another crystal scepter, i know it's overkill but who wouldn't want yet another 100AP, more HP, and more slow.

Basic Attack SequenceRiftWalk--->ForcePulse--->NullSphere--->Riftwalk to either chase, or get out. Repeat if nesessary.

Early Game
Pick a lane, any lane, i personally dont like to go mid, because early game your harrasment skills arn't too powerful and you will probably find yourself going back to base earlier then you have to, so try to lane with a strong partner, sombody with a pull, or stun is great. Play it safe for the first few levels, and start really annoying your enemies at level 6 once you have riftwalk. Try to get an early kill if your'e confident enough in your lane partner.

Mid Game
You really start to shine mid game with kass! you can start ganking from behind walls with your riftwalk, you can deal burst damage with your pulse, and you can silence with your sphere. move from lane to lane, ganking anyone in sight, but try to stick around your friends, you will need protection at some stages, just focus on getting your stacks up on soulstealer, and try not to die, trust me your better off going back to base on 1/3 HP then trying to scrape up a kill. If your unsure, go heal up!

Late Game
This is when you can make your opponents realise they have just wasted the past 30-40 minutes of their life playing a game they have no chance of winning. Hide in bushes, behind walls, set up ambushes, you can strike from anywhere withriftwalk and with your burst damage by this level, you can solo or at least take 50% off an oppenent in about 2 seconds, they will realise they're never safe with you in the game, hiding behind every corner! Stick to the back of teamfights so you don't get targeted, and wait torift in, smack them withpulse, silence them withsphere, andrift out. The game is yours

Thanks for viewing my guide guys, i will update if it's popular, just make sure your leave me some good feedback, would like to make more guides!
Thanks for reading!