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Last updated on December 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My name is scotto92 and i'd like to thank you for taking time to look at my malphite build. In this build, i will tell you what items to take, ways to properly and effectively use malphite to assist team mates, and how to ultimately become a powerful ranked player with this champ. This is my first guide so i hope you enjoy it :)

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Pros / Cons

1. Amazing farmer
2. Seismic shard helps chase down opponents very well
3. His ult, in my opinion, is the best when it comes to initiating fights
4. Can dish out quite a bit of damage, even with full tank build
5. You will end the game with an insane amount of assists and get your team fed
6. Great at pushing lanes for a tank
7. Arguably a top 3 tank in the game when used correctly

1. Expensive build
2. Must farm as much as possible in the beginning to get the build started
3. Can run out of mana quick if you spam moves too much

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For masteries, i like to do a 0/21/9 split, obviously focusing on making malphite as tanky as possible. The other 9 help early game with mana regen, which is very important to able to stay in your lane as much as possible.

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For items, i like to take a combo of philosophers stone/heart of gold as quickly as i can. The faster you get these, the faster you earn money and you are well on your way to getting the items you need much faster. Your build may vary, depending on what champs the team has. I normally like to build Merc treads, thornmail, frozen heart, force of nature, randuins omen, and warmogs. with that, you get plenty of armor which is amazing for his granite shield passive and ground slam gets a major damage boost from all armor, which is more incentive to keep stacking it on but when you come across AP champs, i usually like to swap our randuins omen for something such as abyssal scepter. End game, you should barely take any damage and be able to take hits from anyone.

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Summoner Spells

Best summoner spells for malphite:

1. Flash- helps you chase down a champ when your seismic shard is on CD

2. Teleport- i like to be able to get places quick, whether its to farm a lane, provide support, or push a turret. Malphite needs to be able to get anywhere as fast as possible.

3. Ignite- Can help pick up some of those kills you just couldn't quite finish but then again, malphite doesnt need to get kills to become OP. Farming and plenty of assists will do that (plus my build, of course)

4. Ghost- Always great for getting places fast if you don't use teleport and can help run down some kills

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Farming early is crucial to malphite's success late game. You want to get as much minion kills as possible and ground slam is the move to do it. Building early thornmail is perfect for this. The armor will increase the damage on ground slam and brutal strikes helps damage all the minions around and once at low health, 1 ground slam picks you up several minions at once. The occasional blue buff doesn't hurt either if you feel like you need it.

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Unique Skills

I love malphite's ult because it has so many uses. If im stuck and cant get away, he dashes to a set location and it has saved my skin more times than i can count. If a team mate is getting chased and you feel he can't get away, you can knock up all people chasing him and make a sacrifice if you need to. Sometimes its better to let yourself die than have them kill a team mate that is legendary and they get a nice reward for the kill. Seismic shard is wonderful for a few reasons. The damage isn't too bad on it, you greatly reduce the speed of your target it gives you the stolen movement speed. It can be OP if used correctly. Brutal strikes is great when pushing a turret. you kill incoming minion waves without directly attacking them and you have increased damage for a nice duration.

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Team Work

Malphite has to provide amazing team work. He is the tank. I like to think of tanks and the unsung heroes. They may not get legendary or pick up the occasional triple kill but you initiate every fight, take all the hits, and basically get your butt kicked for the good of the team. Do not be afraid to start a large team fight. If you can't start one, no one else will and you keep getting backed up. The ult will knock up many opponents and your team WILL follow.

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After all of this, i hope my Malphite build has provided some useful information. I'm new to this so sorry i didn't provide any pictures but in future builds i will figure it out :D
Just keep practicing and i promise you will get very good with this champ. Time to get Malph-nasty haha