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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Last updated on April 12, 2010
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Malphite is a really versatile champ, so you can do a lot of different things with him, but for this build, your purpose is to harass the opposition to support a DPS and if necessary, die for your ally to survive.

So, here we go.

Early game, you are ideally laned with a DPS or crowd-control champ so you can run your lane fairly well. You started out with the Sapphire Crystal and 2 health pots. This will allow you a mana pool to Shard champs that stray too close, and with Shard's range, that gives you some running room. The slow-down on your Shard will allow your partner to get in extra hits and maybe even allow you a Ground Slam or two. The health potions, along with Heal, will give you survivability until you can afford your Ruby Crystal and/or Catalyst.

Ground Slam and Brutal Strikes (BS) will be your farm skills early game. You want the one point in BS early so it'll give you splash damage, upping your creep control. Ground Slam will allow you killing blows on said creeps, and at higher levels will lay waste to whole creep groups if placed correctly. Shard is too expensive to waste on creeps, but can be used to kill enemy placements (Heimer's turrets, Shaco's Boxes).

Once you have your Catalyst, you can lane effectively to at least level 6, gaining your Ultimate. Unstoppable Force is a mediocre move on it's own, but immediately following up with Slam for extra burst, a Shard to slow them down, and then Brutal Strikes can afford you kills in 1v1 fights, or at least severely cripple them, leaving them to run. Don't overextend yourself trying for a kill.

At this point, you will notice the game becoming more mobile (ie. gank squads), and thus you need boots. Boots of Speed are thus a necessity, building into the Ninja Tabi, upping your armor and dodge rate, which, if you notice your Masteries, will up your speed on dodges. A must.

After this, the best item for Malphite that I've found is the Frozen Heart. Between the armor and mana, the attack speed de-buff and the CD reduction (for more Ultimate combo's, covered two paragraphs ago), it makes Malphite a force to be feared. The Glacial Shroud is the higher priority component, as it affords just a little bit less armor than the Chain Vest, but also has the mana buff and CD reduction.

Health will start to be an issue now, so Warmog's Armor (or Leviathan just caught my eye today, I'll test that out as well..) is big up on your survivability.


Warden's Mail for the def buff and health regen, plus the slow chance, is also a cool option, followed by a Force of Nature? Buffs you magic resist, a weakness.

At level 18, (or sooner, if your low magic resist is becoming a liability), build the Catalyst into the Banshee Veil.

Then, for ***** and giggles, a Guardian Angel on top of your already ridiculous defense will cause hair-pulling on your opponents' part, for sure.

So, to recap.

Level 1-6
Focus on getting your Catalyst and, if possible, Ninja Tabi. This will be more than enough for early game survivability if you play cannily enough.

Level 7-12
Roam around and shore up defense on turrets, and if the opportunity arises, go for the turret kill with BS active. Keep Ghost on cooldown in case the opposition runs in to gank. Your Ultimate Combo will be a tide-turner in a team fight, especially if you can nail multiple enemy champs with the Unstoppable Force+Ground Slam section of the combo. Nail the most vulnerable champ with the Shard to ensure a kill after the first two moves of the combo.

Level 13-18
If all is going well, you're smashing into their base by this point, and your CD reduction is capped at 40% with a Golem Buff, so you Ultimate Combo will be coming out whenever a kill is achievable. Remember your Brutal Strikes for building kills. If all is not going well, you should be side by side with your most vulnerable turret, Sharding all in range and keeping them the **** off.

That's the game. Any in-put is much appreciated!

- Rahnahsa