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Malphite Build Guide by Netherv01d

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Netherv01d

Malphite, the Go-Godlike Tank

Netherv01d Last updated on November 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi all

This is my first build so, please, be nice with me ;)

I have to admit that I am not a very skilled player, but since i play Malphite, espescially with that build, I have lot of success... And even if Malphite is a (good) Tank, I often end game with stats like 10/3/20, which is very good with a character that is not designed to kill.

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The runes for Malphite are easy to understand :

The Greater Mark of Insight, to increase the damages i'll make with my spells,
The Greater Seal of Clarity to regenerate my mana pool,
The Greater Glyph of Focus to use my spells more often,
The Greater Quintessence of Fortitude to have more HP, espescially in the beginning.

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Malphite is a Tank, so the Defense tree must be maximise.

I also like having Archaic Knowledge, because the only damages that Malphite can do is with his spells.

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Summoner Spells

In the begining, Malphite will use often his spells, but he is not a caster. So his mana pool is quickly empty. That's why I use Clarity
After Level 10, I use rarely Clarity

The same logic apply with Ignite : Malphite is not a Carry, so he doesn't make lot of damages, that's why I use that summoner's spell, to end my opponents, espescially in the beginning.

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This is the main part of that Article

For all characteristics, there exists 2 differents items that allow to build bigger items : a little one, and a big one (by exemple, for Armor, there is Cloth Armor and Chain Vest)

In that build, all the "big" first are bought two times :
2 Chain Vests (Sunfire Cape & Thornmail)
2 Giant's Belts (Sunfire Cape & Rylai's Crystal Scepter)
2 Negatron Cloaks (Force of Nature & Abyssal Scepter)
2 Blasting Wand (Rylai's Crystal Scepter & Abyssal Scepter)

Obviously, this build has to be change, regarding the opponent team.
If there is lot of AP characters, I don't buy the Thornmail, and buy a Banshee's Vail instead
If there is lot of AD characters, I don't buy the Rylai's Crystal Scepter, and buy a Guardian Angel

An important thing : Remenber that Malphite use his Armor to increase his spells's power, so don't buy the AP items too early. another thing is that they don't help so much to tank.

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Skill Sequence

Here is another important part.

lets see what do each of Malphite's abilities :
- Seismic Chard : Malphite use a roc and deals damages. I maximise that spell, because I can harass my ennemies with it.
- Brutal Strikes : That spell do two things. it add an AOE effect to Malphite's auto-attack, and it increase Malphite's Armor. that's why I use it just before the next one, to increase it's damages.
Ground Slam : Malphite make damages to the units around him
Unstopable Force : Malphite jump in an area and throw his ennemies in the air. It is a very good way to begin a team fight.

How I kill ? First, I harass my ennemy with Seismic Chard. When his life is half it's maximum, I use Unstoble Force, then Ground Slam, Then Seismic Chard when it begin to run, then, if he is still alive, I end him with Ignite.

Never use Unstopable Force to Kill Steal : it is unfair, and you often don't need it to end an ennemy. Don't spend a spell with a big couldown without nececity

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Farming with Malphite during the 10 first minutes is quite hard. you need to last hit, and often, the Ashe who is on line with you is faster.
At this moment, Ground Slam can help to kill 2 or 3 minions in the same time.
Don't use Seismic Chard on minions, only use it to harass ennemies

When you have bought the sunfire cape, all will be easier : you only have to stay between minions, and let the cape make the job. This is why it is the first item I bought, which can be surprising...

With that method, I way end the game with 100/150 minions killed, sometimes 200

Another thing interresting with Malphite during the lane phase is that you sometimes can stand beween minions, ennemy minions, and the ennemy heroes to deny XP. That way, you don't farm a lot, but they wont reach levels and so, you can stop their development. they disagreee ? No problem, Send theig a seismic chard and go back behind your minions, and try again ;)
the best way to use this tactic is only to last hit minions, so the lane wont progress. they need to be the more far away from their tower and from their minions... it's a difficult mix to find, but is very powerfull.

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I hope that you'll like my build.

And if not, feel free telling why. I have made this to have your opinion about it.