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League of Legends Build Guide Author Soneca

Malphite, The Panzer!

Soneca Last updated on January 14, 2010
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This is my Malphite Build.

Malphite is a Tank but he has enough Crowd Control to be considered a Support champion, my build focus on tanking and 'turtleshells' to have a safe late game.

You will get out of the foutain with a sapphire crystal and 2 hp potions.That way you will have enough mana to harass with your Q and enough regen if you're having a hard time laning.

After that you will do Catalyst(even before boots), try using Catalyst passive to lane longer, don't go back to foutain to Regen if you are near leveling up.After Catalyst you will do Level 1 boots.Now, this is the part i'm afraid most readers won't follow, finish Banshee but don't level your Boot yet, do at least 2 Turtlesheels before upgrading your Boot.

After completing Stacking all slots with Shells, you will be a Gold machine and will have enough money to buy a High tier Item.You can now upgrade your boots to either the level 3 movespeed one or the Armor one.

When you have enough gold to make a new item, sell a Shell so you can have a slot.The following items are viable on Malphite:

Main items:
Frozen Heart is probably the best choice, it Sinergises so well with Malphite.
Aegis is the second best choice, it will help you Tank and Support.

Secondary Items:
Force of Nature if they have a lot of Spellcasters.
Thornmail to Counter DPS.
Guardian Angel if you are dying too much.

Malphites do:
Level 6-8 you might want to use your combo to try getting a kill early but this is an atittude you have to change late game, try keeping your ult for guaranteed kills and teamfights.

Know when to ult, in a teambattle always try to hit more than 3 champions with it, wait for the right time if you need to.

Hit DPS chars with your E, it will give them a good AS debuff.

If you need to run, use your Q first to steal some MS, it will increase your chances of escaping.

Your Q has great range, use it to harass low health champions even in late game.
You might want to try saving your E in a Team battle so you can use it together with your Ult to not only increase your combo damage but also slow their DPS.

Use your W to destroy towers.

Malphites don't:
Don't be hasty and use your ult in one guy to get a kill in a team battle, think as a team and not an individual.

Don't walk alone, you are a support and a tank, ganking is your high ground.

Don't be afraid of dying, you are a Tank and a Support, that's pretty much your job, charge in with your ult and if you have low life but can save a carry or other more important team member, don't be afraid of suiciding to save them.

That's it, how you guys like it, try my build and post some comments on it! i might do a video about it.