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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Malphite. The ultimate tank by twasik4

Last updated on June 9, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 1


Defense: 27

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 2

Chapter 1

I recently started to play malphite. All my premade buddies completely advised me not to. But.. As a tank love i decided to try him out anyway. My first game with him i went a respective 8/7/5. Not too bad.. But now i realized what i should be getting. My second game i went 17/2/11. People kept freaking out that i was hacking.. Because they thought malphite sucked. My 3rd game i went 34/1/9, their players were all physical. I have decided to take a quick 15mins to let everyone else know my build and such.

Abilities to get first

His W ability gives him 20% increased damage and 20% increased armor at rank 1, which gives him a lot of survival, along with splash damage... Wtf is riot thinking? This is a great early game tanking and minion killer. Ive gotten numerous triple kills in 3v3 with this. I max this first.

You want his Q early (level 4) because it STEALS the enemies movement speed. Yes. not just lowers it.. But steals it and gives it to you. This is a must have.. Especially against Yi and other fast champs.

His E is also very nice. A good anti-physical ability as well. It is an AoE attack speed reducer. That does good damage and lowers the enemies attack speed by a fairly good amount, starting at 20%. This ability's damage is increased by HALF of your ARMOR, no not AP or AD but your armor, Thus why it's good to stack armor if not to tank then to buff this ability. Again, a must have against champs like Yi. I max this second.

Malphites R ability is the bane of all teamfights, it's a charge ending in an AoE knockup. The Knockup is fairly limited range but still, when used right it can turn tides of any game. There have been games where my team is losing, down to the last tower and i knock them all in the air and they wipe and we push and win. The R ability is also good to get out of enemy ganks. Pop R then W and your fine.

1. Dorans Shield. Why? Because the 120hp, and 10 armor is a GREAT thing to have with malphite.
2. Ninja Tabi. It's cheap. And 25 is effing good as a tank. And again.. The armor.
3. Sunfire cape. Great item for both survivability and helps get that last little bit of damage off.
4. Guardians Angel. A great item for tanks, gives an extra half life and also Magic Resistance(MR) and Armor.
5. Randuins Omen. This item is great, gives 75 armor, and 25% chance to slow enemy attack/movement speed if they strike you. Also, it procs the **** out of R when you run in and knock them up pop this active and it AoE slows movement speed and attack speed too. Another real tide turner. A MUST HAVE.
6. Frozen Heart. This is to stop running out of mana, yea, you do that alot as Malphite. It also lowers Cooldowns (CDs) by 20% and decreases enemy attack speed by 20%.. A Yi killer/Xin killer.
1. Dorans shield --> Thornmail. At about 12 mins i almost always have thornmail. Even if there is lots of AP i don't care. The 100 armor is great for any game, stops turret damage and again, buffs the E damage and destroys the hell out of physical damage dealers, especially Yi and Xin because it returns 30% physical damage back to them. A MUST HAVE.

OR If its an AP heavy team i would obviously get Force of Nature instead of Thornmail.

x9 Greater Mark of Resilience (+.91 armor [x9 = 8.19]) -- Armor, obvious reasons.
x9 Greater Glyph of Shielding (+.15 MR/Level [2.7 MR at Champion Level 18] [x9 = 24.3 at Champion Level 18]) -- We get these just to boost the MR so we're not so squishy against AP users.
x3 Quintessence of Resilience (+4.26 Armor [x3 = 12.78]) -- Armor, obvious reasons.
x9 Greater Seal of Resilience (+1.41 Armor [x9 = 12.69]) -- Armor, obvious reasons.


Reasons: We want as much Armor and MR as we can, so we max all those masteries out in the Defense tree. We also want that HP out of the tree as well for early game. A great early ganker.The 1% health regen is nice so you don't have to go back as often, as well as the 4% health and mana regen from the utility tree, very nice. 2% dodge is great for tanks to take that little bit of less damage. And 4% decrease to damage = Tanks best friend. As well as the 2.5% increased experience allows you to gain that edge on your enemies.

Overall Reasonings
The reason we stacked so much armor [537.16] is because it buffs the HELL out of our E damage which is 220 at rank 5. Half of your armor [268.58] goes straight into that. And if you proc it with your W then you get 40% increased damage, so your initial AD [117] turns into [163.8] and your armor goes from [537.16] to [752.024] which increases your E damage 220 + [268.58] to 220 + [376.012] . over a 100 damage difference. The increased armor is also great for tanking towers, i tanked the fountain tower and double killed in 9 seconds flat. I ultimated in, W, E, Q, E, Q.

Zhonya's Hourglass buffed my Q damage which is 270 to 270 + [62.4], not a big difference but hey, it's more damage. Ant it also buffs my R damage from 400 at rank 5 to 400 + [104], which is a 100 damage difference. A nice chunk.

Final stats:

Hit Points 1899 2199 (+300)
Health Regen (per 1) 3.47 8.61 (+5.14)
Health Regen (per 5) 17.35 43.05 (+25.7)
Physical Damage Health 3427.7 15939.08 (+12511.39)
Magical Damage Health 2895.98 4855.39 (+1959.42)
Effective Health 3161.84 10397.24 (+7235.4)

Mana 935 1435 (+500)
Mana Regen (per 1) 2.04 2.12 (+0.08)
Mana Regen (per 5) 10.2 10.6 (+0.4)

Attack Speed 1.006 1.046 (+0.04)
Damage 117 117 (+0)
Ability Power 0 104 (+104)
Armor Penetration 0 0 (+0)
Armor Penetration (%) 0% 0% (+0)
Magic Penetration 0 0 (+0)
Magic Penetration (%) 0% 0% (+0)
Critical Chance 0% 0% (+0)
Critical Damage 200% 200% (+0)

Armor 80.5 537.16 (+456.66)
Magic Resist 52.5 120.8 (+68.3)
Dodge 0% 13.76% (+13.76)

Lifesteal 0% 0% (+0)
Spell Vampirism 0% 0% (+0)
Tenacity 0 0 (+0)
Cooldown Reduction 0% 25% (+25)

Range 125 125 (+0)
Movement Speed 310 380 (+70)

These values are NOT including criticals NOR are they counting Baron values. Which significantly increase your damage.