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Malphite Build Guide by xznothing

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xznothing

Malphite Top (Rock and Wreck)

xznothing Last updated on February 23, 2014
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Table of Contents
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As Malphite

As Malphite, you are a tanky sonovagun who deals AP damage out the goshdarn wazzoo. You'll blow people away. Fight passive at first, then smack them around late game with your high AP damage and large mana. Be conservative with health early game, but TANK the heck out of anything late game. Turrets? No problem. Enemy Team? No problem. The only thing you've gotta worry about is if the enemy team has insanely high burst damage, like an Akali or a Katarina.

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Pros / Cons

So, when playing Malphite, obviously your pros are your insane amount of sustain, late and early game, and your late game damage.

The cons to playing Malphite? Well, one is that high burst damage is something you are weak to. Slows are also something to watch out for, because you aren't particularly speedy to begin with.

Otherwise? Play carefully early game, be passive, but actively farm. You need a high farm to really wreck late game. Also, your high health helps you zone out other people. You just smack them around a few times, wait until they back off, farm the heck out of lane, have the jungler hold it while you back, and then run to lane with a bad-*** new item in your build.

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Team Work

Okay, as Malphite, you are a heavy tank, with a lot of AP. Your Q and E do lots of burst damage, and your Q is also a slow. But, don't count out your W, as I see a lot of other builds do. You should max it later, that is true, when you have the sustain to really make it worth it. But, it ups your stats, so it's a good ability to use.

The enemy team (if they are brain-dead), will not focus you, because you are the tank, and the aim of the game, usually, is to take out the rest of the team. You know, the ones who do a lot of damage, but are rather squishy. This is a HUGE mistake. You are a tank, yes. But late game? You do almost as much if not more than some of the other, squishier champions on your team. You might not do as much as the ADC, unless they suck, and if they do, you will be able to carry the game, with help. But, when the enemy is going after others, ATTACK. Wreck their stuff before they realize what is happening and then have the rest of your team come in to clean house.

Your combo is really fricking powerful, almost insane. I'd say it's as good a disabler as Leona's, almost. It might not be as powerful as Katarina or Akali, but it still does a good bit of damage. First, hit your W. This ups your attack when you get in. Then, immediately afterward, use your ultimate to jump into the middle of the enemy and knock them up. After that, E them for some damage. Follow up on the most dangerous champion on their team, (who your teammates should be focusing as well), with your Q. This is good because you can slow them as well as do some damage so your team can follow through with their attacks.

If your ultimate is on cooldown, don't stress. Simply Q first, then E and W. If they run away, Q again, and repeat until dead.

Speedy Champs might be a problem, but that's okay. Q is your biggest friend, as is your ult. If you find you can't catch a champion, and they do a lot for the other team, focus them with your ult, then deal with the others.