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Malzahar Build Guide by Guest

Malzahar - AP Carrier & pro endurance.

Malzahar - AP Carrier & pro endurance.

Updated on November 2, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 14,547 Views 0 Comments
14,547 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Malzahar Build Guide By Guest Updated on November 2, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Malzahar build for the average surviving AP damage dealer.

Hello everyone,

Because of playing like hundreds of games with Malzahar and having succes many times with the build I'm using, I thought it might be a good idea to share this with you people..because we all like to have succes and and prefer viewing a full Victory-list in our Match History...right?

Like most you already have noticed, Malzahar is an AP ranged surpressor with a sublime farming skill and very annoying harrasment skill. And the nicest thing is, each skill can do remarkable damage to any type of opponent, as long as you use adequate items.
Most AP champs are quite vulnerable, like Malzahar, so therefore Riot has foreseen the summoners with alot of items you can use to do massive AP damage and a pretty number of items to endure better while you keep spellbursting.

In the following chapters I shall explain my choices for runes, masteries, summoner spells, skill sequence and of course the items.
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Marks: I have stacked Greater Mark of Insight, wich will allow you to have + 8.5 Magic Penetration. Since many tanky champions build up Magic Resistance, this can be called quite a useful buff compared with the other runes with starting MP.

Seals: The most annoying thing about spellcasters is their active skill uses. Malzahar is a spellcaster, so let's make him more annoying with his silence and disease over time. Therefore we need more Cooldown Reduction (CDR). Since the spells usually take quite a few seconds before you can throw them again, it is good to have from early game till late game some extra of CDR.
The total of 9 Greater Seals of Focus (0,29% each) will grant you 2,61%. This does not seem much at first, but in my later explanation you'll notice why even these little bits are that welcome.

Glyphs: Same story actually as the seals, but the Greater Glyphs of Focus will let you have 0,65%(!) CDR each which gives a total of 5,85% CDR. Together with the seals this makes 8,48% CDR. Now you have a great advantage at early game for spamming.

Quintessence (Q): Now, here comes the AP damage part. Some might prefer magic penetration Q's, others who think they are afraid of lacking mana would pick mana regeneration runes. Personally for Malzahar, I prefer a proper AP boost with the Greater Q of Potency which will give you 4,95 AP each. Stacking three of them, allows you to start with + 15 AP. That's almost the amount of an Amplifying Tome (20 AP) so...why not starting with it? If you have played Malzahar a couple of times and play mana-saving, you shouldn't be in a need of more mana runes.

So, this makes a nice start for the mid-/lategame carrying Malzahar.
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Summoner Spells

I picked the spells Teleport and Flash.
Why those you ask?

Teleport: It's not unuasual that Malzahar is selected to play the champion for the midlane. It's a big AP burster who needs quite some farm and exp early (like alot of carriers). Since you are the regular midplayer champion, you should have Teleport for in case you nearly die (which we shall not suppose if you play carefully/agressive in a good way) or for in case you are really in a need of mana. Just simply recall (,regen and shop,) and use teleport so you are back in track for the new row.

Flash: Flash has two different purposes for using. It's simple:
1. If things aren't turning well, you can quickly get out of the lethal situation (over walls) and save a deathpoint.
2. If the enemy is like nearly to dead and your range is just a little to pop your flash to the enemy, surpress it with your ulti (R) or if that's enough: fire of your decease (E). Enough said.
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For Masteries I used a kind of regular spellcastertree, because in the end..Malzahar is a Spellcaster (duh). In the tree I picked Flash/Teleport improvement, since this is being used for this Malzahar build. Furthermore, I didn't went for Utility Mastery, because most of the time, others are in more need of CDR then you and you got enough mana to rely on for a long time (and don't forget your Teleport (TP) which funtions also as a HP+ManaRegen/shopping spell so you can get out of and get back in combat as soon as TP is from CD). The rest of the masterytree, imo, speaks for itselves.
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Sorceress shoes: CDR boots you prefer? No, thou shall not stack more CDR!! There is a CDR-cap in the game. So that's useless since you have more then enough CDR. You don't need to be faster too. Sorceress shoes will give you the right amount of Magic Pen. you need. Together with your runes, you should have + 28,5 MP and that will have a proper AP damage output on those nasty Magic Resistance stacking tanks.

The Frozenheart, the Rylai's Crystal Scepter and the Rod of Ages are the heart of this build.
Frozenheart give you a nice + 500 Mana and a Cooldown Reduction of 25%. Together with the runes your CDR is now on 33,48%. This is a huge amound and it will not really get much lower (not sure the precise CDR cap). But this way you have some extra mana and your ult will be ready withing less then 53 seconds. Pretty neat, I guess, because your ultimate is a really fatal weapon against roaming enemies because this will grant some time for back up to fall over the enemy and pulverize it in a big gank. Carefull for the Banshees Veils and spellshields from enemy players though, because this can really frustrate a proper playing Malzahar. -.-'
Last not least: the +99 armor..AP casters ought to be very squishy..BUT, the Crystal Heart gives you enough bonus armor, to silence/dicease/drown in nullzone/surpress this poking Master Yi/Warwick/etc in no-time! *Thank you endurance Malzahar!*

The Rylai's Crystal Scepter: 500 More HP = more endurance vs AD+AP, always useful as enduring Malz. Furthermore your stack of +80 AP is a hearty welcome for this spellcaster. Now, the 3d effect of this item, gives you next from your silence an OP slow! Isn't this amazing? No it is not. We smartguys are used to play with supreme items, so just push the 'buy' button early game for this one. Next from your supressing ultimate, your skills will slow the enemies as well, so your back up/ganking party has less harder time, to keep at them tracked and traced enemies.

Rod of Ages: The 3d item should be this one, when you are doing well. It keeps very attractive to go swiftly for the Rabadon's Deathcap, but need mana and HP too right, to carry? With this item you will not run out quickly out of mana and can keep up mid easily and sustain longer in ganks at midgame. Notice that people who rush Rabadon's Deathcap first are actually super squishy when caught by stun/silence and dead in no time. This Malzahar, can't tell the same. And while you have this item midgame, you will be happy after 10 minutes when you see the buff on HP/mana/AP got stacked up to the maximum: giefs me a feeling of "O yeah!"

The next items can be actually quite different. But since there are big amount of different enemies I'll pick out the scenario build for if you are doing good and you are on owning/wellc carrying phase as Malzahar.

Rabadon's Deathcap: This gives a deadly AP burst for a midgamer who has some early game kills and supports bott/toplane as well. This item also stacks your AP from the Rylai's and the Rod of Ages, so sounds good to me (eventually) for the AP carrier!

Abyssal Scepter: Why not going for much more AP then the Abyssal Scepter? Because the enemy has also AP-players ( And if you are in a 1 vs 1 with a fed Ap-player, you definately want to sustain longer and win, right? That's the reason we go for the Abyssal Scepter: more AP and more Magic Resistance. If are really afraid of lack of mana and if your enemyteam has like 3+ stunners, you really should not go for this Scepter but you should pick the Banshees Veil: more AP/HP and the spell Shield should give you a proper counter versus that nasty enemyteam you were afraid of.

Lichtbane: Lichbane?? Wtf? Yes, Lichbane. Ever seen a spamming Malzahar with this build attacking a turret with a Lichbane and his Voidlings? No? That's because the turret went down so fast and you only heard "+150 G..yay!". The Lichbane provides you dangerous 'AP-auto-attacks' schaled on your amount of AP and makes you run a little faster. The 350 mana is quite handy. You will not get often too this item, because as a proper Malzahar carrier, you ought to GG already when you almost have your Rabadons or Abyssal already.
If you see the enemy is stacking alot of Magic Resistance and you are like starting to smash your screen because of it, you might want to go for the Voidstaff instead. Let's penetrate those silly Magic Resistance stackers (with AP damage of course..nothing else)!
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Thank you.

Thanks for reading this build I adviced you. I hope it will give the excisting Malzahars among us a new fresh view on this champ and for the people who would like to start with Malzahar by using this build I hope they will experience this as an easy guide to get to learn a steady Malzahar better.

Any comment/complaint/suggestive and even compliment is always welcome. =)

Last and not least: Goodluck and have fun summoners and have a GG/Gday! :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Malzahar Guide
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Malzahar - AP Carrier & pro endurance.

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