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League of Legends Build Guide Author zezkiael

Malzahar Caster Tank

zezkiael Last updated on July 13, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build is for those that can't handle Malzahars low survivability. In it you will gain a good survivability chance but lose a lot of damage. Malzahar is great for nuking but usually will die in team fights if you aren't careful. With this build I don't recommend going mid because you will probably not be able to handle it after a while because you won't be doing enough damage to make your opponent run, where as they will still do a good amount of damage to you early/mid game for them to stay in the fight.

To Start off I picked up cleanse and clarity.
Cleanse: I picked this because you will get cc'd a lot on malzahar because you are squishy and if not focused down you can really do damage to the other team
Clarity: I picked this because you are Malzahar, you are a mana hog and you will go out of mana a lot if you aren't careful. You won't always have the golem buff either so this is a good way to stay in the game early/mid game.

You can also getGhost instead of clarity if you feel you don't have mana problems but you do have problems getting away even after using cleanse.

In the beginning of the match you want to pick upDorans Ring and a health potion. You pick up Call of the Void as your first spell. Why you ask? Well just like annie you can spam this quick cooldown move in the beginning to get your voidling ready before the match starts, remember only cast it 4 times so that when you start fighting in the beginning the next time you cast a spell you will have it, prolonging how long before the voidling gives you more time to damage your opponents then sending the voidling to finish the job. Doran's ring has health mana regen and ability power with gives you a chance of not dieing too first blood, and the health potion because of obvious reasons.

As the match progresses you want to work on the next Haunting Guise, the health mixed with the ability and magic pen is quite valuable in early game seeing as most people have low magic resist still and the health is quite a bit for malzahar. Once you get your haunting guise you should next start working on your boots, if it is a cc or caster heavy team you are vs'ing then mercury's treads are what you need, but if it is a melee or physical damage heavy team then you will probably want ninja tabi.

Once you have gotten your boots now comes the fun part. You should start working on yourrod of ages, getting this early makes it more viable late game because of it's passive to give more health, mana and ability power over time.

During mid game you will want to be very cautious because ganks and random missings will start happening very often for people want to gain the lead now so they can dominate late game. Never go anywhere alone on Malzahar unless you are on your teams side of jungle or somewhat close to a tower that is up. Malzahar does not do a lot of damage to turrets so if a tower is at 25% or more hp do not go for it alone especially if 1-2 people are missing. Mid game you will be wanting to switch to any lane that is being lossed and try to farm off the extra minions while your allies are gone, but still staying cautious and back while you are alone. Null Zone and malefic visions makes getting minion kills very easy at this point.

Around mid/late game you should be getting yourRylai's Scepter. This is VERY important to your build. Not only does it have health but it also has a lot of ability power and your attacks now slow the enemy so you can make an easy get away if you realize you are about to be ganked. Constantly staying alert, you will mainly be defending towers rather than pushing because of your ability to destroy minions with ease. If your team encounters a full team fight be sure to stay a bit in the back and do not try to initiate. Staying in the back is a great place to be because you are less likely to be targeted and able to go cast frenzy on them. Starting with a Null Zone the using Call of the void where they are running towards to stay out of your black pit of death. Malefic visions on the target that your team is focusing down then switch to the next target it switches too and use nether grasp to finish him off.

Late game you should have yourBanshee's Veil, at this point you have a good amount of hp a decent amount of ability power and some magic resist. Banshee's Veil is very important it helps block jerks like Singed, Blitzcrank, Amumu, and others that have stuns or knock backs that will cause you to die, and if there is more than 2 of them, that is where cleanse comes in handy.

If you do later into the game you will replace your doran's ring withZhonya's Ring, the ability power and it's active ability to make you invincible and untargetable is very helpful. After zhonyas you will replace your haunting guise withWill of the ancients. Now that you have a good amount of spellpower and health The spell vamp from will of the ancients will make you much stronger, now you do have a chose of getting this early game instead of the haunting disguise but it all depends on how you want to play it out.

Now for the help on Malzahar spell tactics. The key to malzahar is placement of your spells. If you are 1v1'ing someone and they just stand there trying to burst you, place a call of the void to where they are leaning more towards one side of the gate, for they will take 2 shots from the gate and 2 silences rather than one *note; the silences do not stack to 6 seconds, it just refreshes it* Now in a group battle start off with a malefic vision the the target that is going down the fastest, then place a null zone underneath as much of their team as possible. They will try to get out knowing it does a lot of their health, in doing so you will now set up your call of the void where they will most likely leave the zone through so you can now silence them and prevent any runners. Never use nether grasp on the first target in a group fight, it will be just a waste because he is going to die, instead use it on the 2nd target that malefic visions goes on, most likely it isn't the 2nd group target but doing so you will destroy that persons health making them want to run or stay and then be another easy target.
Malzahar is a hard champion to play due too his squishynes and some of his spells are skill shots. But all in all he is a very fun and entertaining champion to play and watch.

I hope you enjoy my guide and please let me know how you think of it.