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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kojol17

Malzahar Great Magic Killer !! Kojol de Besciak

Kojol17 Last updated on November 4, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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It's very good to start with. I try to play only in the distance, with a very high penetration magic. No problem killing, "Vladimir", "Karthusa", and other powerful champions in the median line. Always before using ulti try to use the four skills in order to "void" finished off the enemy.


Malefic Visions: I always use this skill at the very beginning because I can easily deprive the enemy of life. Best to invest everything in this skill. It is very useful when using ulti and "void," but only if we have a good penetration magic. It is also good to finish off an opponent.

Call of the Void: Very good and long silence opponents to start with. But we must remember not to use it for free because it takes a lot of mana. When I play Malzahar the center line and I already have 10lvl inflicts around 250-400 at the very opening of the gates! Making it very easy to kill your opponent!

Null Zone: Rarely use this skill but it is also helpful when we find the perfect combo! Do not ask too much damage but it is helpful.

Nether Graps: The most powerful skill of Malzahar! At 18lvl have 550 (1169 AP) Damage! Super inflicts damage with the use of "Malefic Vision" then no problem killing the enemy. We may also use this skill to reduce your opponent life to someone from our team struck him as well as to the very finish of some idiot. But we must remember that using this skill are easily exposed to attack opponents. Also, one of the pluses is its long Stun making it easier for our team finish.


(1). At the very beginning I buy a book (+20 ap) and one red potion. And now depends on with what I was dealing with an opponent. When we see that we keep our opponent in hand to replace our book on Mejai `s. However, as is the more challenging the opponent to replace the basic shoes and the Void Stuff.

(2).The second and perhaps most important step is to buy "Needlessly Large Rod" or assembling the whole "Deathfire Grasp" from which we can inflict damage at 60 seconds.

(3). We must pay attention to the low level of mana and life. I personally bought Rylai `s at the end or when the opponent is challenging. The third filed Zhonya `s always that allows me to block an opponent's attack at 2 secs.

(4). In the fourth step, it's up to us what we are getting! Do Rylai `s or even once Zhonya` s Ring, but it depends on the arrangement of the game. Of course, we try not to feed the enemy alone will devour him!

How to play?:

Basis Malzahar my game is very simple. We must remember three very important points!
(1.) have low health and mana.
(2.) keep his distance and close to our "turret" (because we are very easily exposed to "miss").
(3.) Do not shove the power to see that we can finish your opponent! Of course, frag counts, but only as it does not expose him to his death.

Malzahar really is a powerful Champion. It should just be very careful in my opinion he does not need a lot of life or mana only a good investment in the penetration and the AP. 6lvl to try to damage the enemy as soon as I try not to use mana for nothing that is obviously in our case is very important.
At the very beginning, as I wrote the following to "Malefic VISIONS" which is perfect because it takes us a little mana and can ask a lot of injuries this skill! Once you have "CALL OF THE VOID" we must first draw attention to the fact that our enemy is constantly in motion or standing like a pillar of salt. Consider the situation worse, our enemy is constantly in motion, it is looking at how far and to set the pace perfectly use the "CALL OF THE VOID" remember that this skill takes a lot of mana. Which will certainly be useful for us to kill him. Do not forget that we are using the "Ignite" which ends the enemy, even as we escape from sight! If you kill the enemy before 6min. This buys Mejai `s because I know that I can easily feed and he was killed for every enemy stack to give me two or assist 1stack and what happened to that equal to? AP Extra! After making an entire shoe buy "Void Stuff." Always pay our attention to the fact that we have to be in constant motion, and become close to the turret and not to push the power of the enemy. This may be our undoing. Let's play strongly as well as safely. After the "buff" we always within the limits of lvl10-12 because we have still a high level of cooldown, and of course we do not want to force myself to go back to the city in the worst case of falling into the trap of the enemy. I think what else to write but it seems to me that the most important things I have described as a game Malzahar. There are no weaknesses or strengths of the characters are idiots, and thoughtful people. I do not even apparent Sivir can easily send your to the next world as well as with atypical ulti Karthus.

Have a nice game in my build, and a lot of frags, as I recall something I'll add it straight away as well as screenshots of my game the champion. GL&HF !