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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HunterBird

Malzahar, the Void Hero

HunterBird Last updated on January 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Full Guide of the Prophet of the Void

Table of Contents

[1] --> Abilities
[2]1 --> Early Game[Mid]
[2]2 --> Early Game[Lane]
[3]1 --> Mid Game[Mid]
[3]2 --> Mid Game[Lane]
[4] --> Late Game
[5] --> Escaping
[6] --> Combat
[7] --> Item Selection

[1]Summon Voidling [SV]
Malzahar's Passive and a quite effective way to farm minions early in the game and to deal some serious damage to your opponent. It triggers when you cast 4 Abilities and summons a Pet that has 3 lvls: On the 1st lvl the Voidling is small and weak. After 7 seconds it passes to the 2nd lvl and it grows, also gaining 50% Attack Damage & 50% Armor. At last after another 7 seconds it passes to the 3rd lvl and becomes Frenzy, also gaining 100% Attack Speed. After 7 seconds it dies. So the Voidling stays on the field for 21 seconds.
Note: You can summon more than 1 Voidling on the field.
Call Of The Void [COTV]
Malzahar opens two portals on a line and after a short delay each portal fires projectiles to the other one. If it hits the enemy it silences him. Also it works perfect against Banshee's Wail (Because it fires 2 times. So the 1st one is countered and the 2nd one hits the enemy).
Null Zone [NZ]
Malzahar opens a circle of energy on the ground which deals damage each second on the target that stands on it. It deals damage that counts on the % of your opponents health. It is quite effective against high HP tanks like Dr.Mundo, Singed e.t.c.
Malefic Visions [MV]
Malzahar infects his target for a short time causing him to lose health each second. If the target dies while infected by MV the Visions pass to the enemy next to him. When an infected target dies Malzahar also recovers a good amount of MP. Max this ability ASAP because if you are in Mid you will need it a lot especially against low HP enemies like Ezreal, Karthus, Ashe e.t.c. Also consider that your Voidlings are attracted by infected units.
Nether Grasp [NG]
Malzahar's Ultimate. He supresses his target for some seconds and deals damage each second.
It is so useful and so powerful that you can kill an enemy before the supress effect expires. It is also a good gank tool (You can supress the target and give the time to your team to go near him and kill him.)

[1]Malzahar is one of the best choices for Mid and he can gain the advantage quite early in the game. At lvl 1-6 you will have to play defensively and if you want to be agressive you must be extremely careful. When you get NG at lvl 6 you will be able to devastate your opponent with MV until he gets low on health then hit him with COTV > MV > NZ > NG. When you use NG right after NZ you must do it quickly because the target must stands on the NZ ability while supressed from NG, so you will be able to maximize damage. Also you can use the Summoner's Spell Ignite while casting your Ultimate(Because it is a Summoner's Spell you want interrupt your NG channeling.) Because Malzahar is nearly impossible to kill on a 1v1 that's why he is so effective in Mid.
[2]If you don't want to go Mid and you want to team up with an ally, things are getting a bit more complicated. Malzahar has low health and bad surivability so it can be difficult to play a 2v2 even if you have an ally like Sion who can stun the enemy and give you time to retreat. You must be EXTREMELY careful for ganks and always be behind the tank, fighter e.t.c. who is with you. Also you have no skills that can save your allies while being chased by the enemies. So a wise solution is to keep away from team fights that your teammates will surely lose. When laining try to make as much damage as you can to your enemies but without risking your own life.

[1]When you reach lvl 9 and your MV ability is at lvl 5, you will have a crazy damage output. Try harrasing your enemy in Mid and simultaneously care for enemy ganks. If you manage to take no deaths until lvl 12-13 then you will have farmed a lot and you will have some good items. Also in early teamfights that break out in Mid try using Deathfire Grasp's active ability as much as possible especially against high HP enemies. When you kill you enemy in Mid or he recalls back to his base and he has no Teleport then you can head to the Lanes and help your team gank the enemy team's champions. Also try getting the Golem's Buff because MP Regen and Cooldown Reduction are extremely useful for Malzahar.
[2]At this time of the battle your team and your opponents will have acquired all of their Abilities and quite good items. Be more careful but also help your team win every teamfight. Do NOT give your enemy a free kill just to kill an enemy. Try not to give them any opportunities to kill you and take gold from your death. (If you are on a Killing Spree or something like that don't let them kill you because they'll get extra gold 480-1000.) Also care when you destroy turrets; you may be ganked and Malzahar's low survivability want let him escape especially if the gankers are Sion, Anivia, Singed, Cho'Gath e.t.c.

So the time has come to win or lose. When in teamfights try not to focus the tank(s) because Malzahar has more serious job to do than trying to kill the tank(s). He must try to damage other characters like Ezreal, Warwick, Evelynn, Twitch e.t.c. as much as possible and if needed, disable them with his Ultimate. If you want to kill a tank just use Deathfire Grasp's Active before attempting the kill. If you notice that your opponents are trying to focus you just ''hide'' behind the tank and continue your job while he is protectiong you. Try to kill Dragon or Baron Nashor as much as possible so you and your team will get the extra gold. Care for pure Damage Dealers like Tryndamere, Pantheon e.t.c. because they can kill you very quickly if you have low health.

Not much too tell here just if you care about staying alive and safely escaping ganks consider buying a Rylai's Crystal Sceptre to slow the enemies while they chase you. Also if 3 of the 5 enemies or more are physical Damage Dealers buy a Frozen Heart so you slow them while they hit you. Also Frozen Heart gives Malzahar MP and Cooldown Reduction and Armor.

Malzahar Vs Mage: Your opponent will be easy to kill at once using the combo COTV > MV > NZ > NG (> Ignite).
Malzahar Vs Fighter: Just execute the combo [COTV > MV > NZ > NG (> Ignite)] more quickly so he won't be able to damage you severely.
Malzahar Vs Tank: Things are just more complicated here. Use the combo Deathfire Grasp > COTV > MV > NZ > NG > Ignite. If the tank still lives chase it. But don't overdo it because the enemy team will gank you.

As for the item selection i wanna give you some details that i can't tell you above. There are many ways to play Malzahar, many items that you can try using but the real challenge is to be adjusted correctly according to your team and the enemy team. It is not wise to always make the same build. So let's talk about matches that you and your team are going well from the beginning of the game. Grab a Mejai's Soulstealer and keep stacking until you have 20 stacks. When you do that you will be devastating. If you are not going well but your team does grab some aura items so your team and you will be helped like Will of the Ancients, Abyssal Sceptre(for lowering your enemies' Magic Resist) e.t.c. If your team is ''feeding'' and you are going very well try to develop only yourself buying items that will help you and that will drastically increase your AP like Archangel's Staff(x2-3), Rabadon's Deathcap, e.t.c.
Now let's talk about the enemy team. If they are physical Damage Dealers(Master Yi, Tryndamere, Pantheon, Olaf e.t.c) buy Zhonya's Hourglass, Frozen Heart e.t.c. If the are heavy AP casters (Ryze, Malzahar, Anivia e.t.c.) buy Abyssal Sceptre, Mercury's Treads e.t.c.

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Thanks for watching

I hope that my guide will help newbie Malzahars and even some pro ones. Hope you didn't get bored reading and that this guide really helped you. Malzahar is an awesome champion, so take advantage of it and have fun!