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League of Legends Build Guide Author KeVKevQaZ

Malzasex- The AP raper

KeVKevQaZ Last updated on March 5, 2011
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Chapter 1

Hey LoLers, welcome to my Malzahar build, this is my first mobafire build so dont down it unless u have a comment, and please tell me how I can improve.

I've been playing Malzahar for a couple of months now, he's been my first real character and was in my first champion rotation. He is by far one of the funnest champions in LoL, and hopefully you can rape games after a couple of matches with this build. Malzahar is NOT an easy character to play, so if you consider yourself a "pro warwick", "amazing xin zhao", or "skilled miss fortune", malzahar is not for you.

-Long AOE silence
-AMAZING farmer
-AMAZING ganker
-Awesome pusher
-Kills minions, towers, champs, anything extra fast with voidling
-Exteme DOT (damage over time)
-Extremely underestimated (Meaning you will be dived, attacked by, etc. very often, but your not going to be the one dying :), aka great bait for solo "gank")
-Will always have mana early game if played correctly

-OOM (out of mana) a good amount mid-early game
-Targeted in team fights
-If silenced/oom cant do anything
-Voidling may give your position away
-Hard to master, one of the actual skill characters in LoL

Abbreviations -
Q = Call of the Void
W = Null Zone
E = Malefic Visions
R = Nether Grasp
Summon Voidling (Passive)= ...voidling.

Summon Voidling
After casting 4 spells, Malzahar summons an uncontrollable Voidling to engage enemy units for 21 seconds
-This Passive is amazing, it is uncontrollable, but it always goes for whoever has the E move on them, or whoever your ultimating, so keep that in mind when fighting

Call of the Void
Malzahar opens up two portals to the void, after a short delay they fire projectiles which deal magic damage and silence enemy champions.
-This is Malz's main harrasing move. Its hard to master, but once you can get it almost perfectly every time, damage will be destroying your enemies. With rylais, this can slow, so use this if your trying to flee, or you can save somebody else with slow + silence.

Null Zone
Malzahar creates a zone of negative energy which deals the greater between a flate damage, and a % of the target's max health
-I really love raping ppl with this move. In my opinion, this is just a waste of mana for early game, but late game when you have a ton of AP, you rip tanks down in a second. During team fights, it's important to get this in a good place where it's hitting the enemy team well.

Malefic Visions
Malzahar infects his target's mind with cruel visions of their demise, dealing damage each second. If the target dies while afflicted by the visions, they pass on to a nearby enemy unit and Malzahar gains mana
-This move is awesome. This is Malz's main farming tool early-mid game, and with its mana gain, he never runs out of mana. Remember, it has to kill the unit to pass on, so almost always go for the unit with the visions, and last hitting isn't as crucial since the visions get it much of the time, but if your sure the minion will die, then focus on last hitting it.

Nether Grasp
Malzahar channels the essence of the Void to suppress his target and deal damage each second
-One of the most fun ults in the game. Hitting level six in solo mid, with this ult you can almost always get a kill. What you do is charge your voidling, and when your ready, flash to them, Q and E quickly on them, then ult forcing the Q to hit, then maybe ignite if needed. This is also great for ganking, but remember if somebody has cleanse, or a QSS for some reason, then they probably wont be going down.

-This is, imo, my best build for Malzahar, and for other casters too. It isn't one set build, since games are situational and some items may be needed in some situations. It mainly provides survivability, mana, and a TON of AP. I really like rushing mejais because I usually get a ton of kills early-mid game, but I dont always get it for ranked games because people aren't as stupid, so I usually start out with 2 doran rings in ranked. I then quickly get sorc + rylais, since the scepter really helps with AP + life + slow, I get this on almost every caster. Sorcerer shoes aren't always the best choice, if the other team has a ton of CC, then get mercury treads, if they have chasers, then get swiftness, otherwise I always get sorc shoes.
-I always get a sapphire crystal then a rabadons after. The reason for sapphire crystal then rabadons instead of a tear, or just skipping is because I never need the mana that a tear has, but the sapphire crystal always helps, so for the sake of more AP I only get the crystal.
Other possible items-
Lich Bane, deathfire grasp, will of the ancients, Abbysal scepter, Banshees, zhonyas are good on malz. I usually dont get Lich Bane, some people really like the passive, but I usually dont find it helpful. A lot of people like deathfire, I'd recommend it instead of maybe mejais or void staff, but I personally dont get it. Ancients and Abbysal are great items if your team has a lot of AP, but, usually, a teammate gets it instead of me. If your vsing ppl who focus you, get Banshees. The shield helps a ton, and the life + magic resist helps too, and when your ulting, having the shield will help make no interruptions.

-For runes, I got magic penetration, life, and ability power. A lot of people would rather have AP quints, but I feel that the extra life early-mid game is extremely helpful. Also, I changed the seals from mana to AP because malz usually runs low at about lvl 8-9, so the per level are better than the flat, and more AP = more mana due to the E's passing on, and SO many times has a minion lived with 3 life, and its really frustrating (well not really) when it happens.

Summoner Spells
-I choose Flash + Ignite because I feel they are the best for malzahar, and many other casters. Flash is amazing, since you can flash + ult combo without your opponent possibly doing anything, but if you ghost or exhaust, they can flash / ghost / use an escape skill simply. I also like ignite as my second spell, paired with malefic visions, they do TONS of damage and if your oppenent escapes your ult with a good amount of life left, E + ignite will destroy them. Also, ignite can be used WHILE channeling your ult, so if they have heal, or get healed, using ignite before will rape them as well.

Early Game
Malzahar is an amazing early game mid solo, 2v1 solo, or regular side laner. What I find he's best at is laning against ranged champions, ie Ashe, Vlad, Nid, Annie, etc. He's not the greatest against a good Pantheon, Master Yi, Mord, or Akali.
The way I start out playing is charging up my voidling in the fountain 2 times, making it so 2 more spells will activate it. After I go solo mid, I make myself look extra protective, not using any spells, constantly moving back and around, and only focus on last hitting. (Last hitting is so easy with Malz, his atk animation rapes). After I'm level two, I use my Q move once on them which almost always hits since they arent prepared, making them think, "Wow, he used a spell, so what." When they're still feeling protected, when im ready to go, I use my Q move a bit behind them and go after them, forcing them to be hit, then I use my E move on them, ignite, then possibly flash, and thanks to the power of the voidling, First Blood! Note, you shouldn't do this on your first few games, else you're going to be the one getting first blooded and raged at from your team, and this probably won't work in side lane depending on who your vsing
If they dont die, its OK, just farm the minions and deny them for a bit. Now that your opponent knows what your up to, use your auto attack on them every so often, b/c it does a TON of damage early game, and Malz's range is very far. (Of course theres a few exceptions when basic attacking isn't smart)

MORE INFO WILL BE ADDED ON SOON! you can find me on american servers, I usually play 5's a good amount, I dont really like 3's though