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Manamune god tank

Last updated on September 10, 2010
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geting Warden's Mail as your 1st item would be great idea if you need it as it will slow attackers this will help you get away so boots want realy be needed and if you keep eye on your mini map you want need item for that ethor but its nice to slow them cause if you turn around and attack them right after they back off they are slowd. ive always found that geting boots is a big wast of gold. if you need them you suck sory but its true. you may be thinking well there good for catching champions big deal 300$ you make enofe with all zone control in your lane and out leveling the other champion because hes not in rang of xp giveing you big advantage . on that note buying the 2 potions i mention below as you read on you can do a 1st blood rush easy and tank for it. i suggest 1st blood top lane bush's or go with the 30sec rule and rush bot asap and hide top bushs not bottom unless you all got ghost and get there under 20sec or less.
Manamune is a key item in this build it makes every thing work with out it this would be the most useless build for jax but with it its makes him pwn hard to say the lest they might just Nerf this item alter because it works so nicely with jax combine with Archangel's Staff.
dos not fully stack so why have both you ask?
well lets make note: with the archangels staff we get Passive 3% of your Max Mana is converted to Ability Power. this is the key part of these item now lets look at
UNIQUE: 2% of your Max Mana is converted to Attack Damage. :) = hp
UNIQUE: Whenever your champion attacks, they gain 1 max mana (2 second cooldown.) Whenever your champion uses an ability, they gain 4 max mana (3 second cooldown.) Bonus mana caps at 1000.
so there ya have it Passive 3% of your Max Mana is converted to Ability Power
2% of your Max Mana is converted to Attack Damage = 5%
i highly recommend geting Rod of Ages so you get
mobfire has not updated enofe to include its stats and i will not be doing all the math for you only whats needed . so now if you have not figured it out bye now we have fixd the lack of mana problem just in runes alone with jax as he lacks mana . as well as giving him high attack damage and health. im trying to put togethor all the math behide this but so far in test this has proven more then once to make me godly just freaking mad sick. once you have 2 key items if its not over bye then get life leech common sence as you will be doing a done of damage at very high hp levels :) you do the math this build might just make him as op or close to it as he was in beta or BETTER. you noob wares the dodge runes you ask? well you dont realy need them if you get these 2 items but if you have enofe **** hiting you the chance of you proc for counter strike would be greater . i have not tested this with all mana runes yet. so it may be wise to level empower it helps you last hit **** any way . ive always got empower last cause i farm pwn champions more with leap and stun combine . i basicly front line meaning i stay front of my minions so i take all hits from there minions this in turn triggering my stun at this point you wait for your moment to leap in and stun the champion and pwn hes *** if you can or back off and repeat. from the start of the game i buy hp buff potion that also gives you damage for jax as well as potions to to heal . note: this may not work as well with out dodge seals act so ill keep you readers updated on that . this is still in progress.
with out the sits update . as you can see Health 4791 at 18
Mana 4409.3 as it is right now :) you should have close to 6-7 hp possbly later on thats just sicking hell you could get more if you decide that 3x life leech items is not required more power to you . you decide make adjustments based on the 2 key items a true pro knows that is needed depending on the match up:) if you feel like your lacking dps then get a Madred's Bloodrazor . you want make your self anti mage as well then get wits end . i find this is only help full early game so its a wast of money other wise. this works best with fast attack speed so you would want to base your build around that but thats a hole other ball game . talent build plays a key rule in this build as well . if you look at all items and talent build you well see you will get a large amound of hp back with out life leech