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Manastar [Allistar Mana Build]

Last updated on February 17, 2012
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Mana fuels the Minotaur Alistar in this build which converts it into Ap and Ad for regular usage. Items listed at the very bottom of the item's chapter are the summary of items without explanations. This alistar should be able to be strong up till the middle game and during the end game still provide many uses during team fights. This Alistar will not specialize in tanking but rather ganking and support.

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This is the mana synergist build for Alistar known as Manastar. This build is created by the player BehemothClaw6 who is a complete noob at this game. Here you will use mana to produce the things you need, aka usage of skills, ability power, and attack damage. I also give my opinions on other things like skill sequence, masteries, runes, and summoner spells in which to perhaps maximize this build depending on how you play. Contact me either in game on the North America Server or at about your opinions on this build. results or just to make buddies and chill out.

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Again noob here, so since we don't spec or buy items, I believe it would be smart to glyph survivability. Otherwise mana ability power or mobility which totally depends on runes available. Again since Alistar falls off towards the end I believe that both mana and ability power are kinda a waste here, no need for cooldown reduction since its already in the build. I think the same could be said about penetration because he isn't melting anyone unless he has a level advantage goin on.

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Alistar will be able to effectively deal damage with skills, use them as they come off cooldown with little worry, and gank and if you level up faster than your enemy it will be hard to beat as you suppress them. Deathfire grasp scales with whatever your enemy builds for hp. And as your damage utility fails you can still support with stuns, healing and unbreakable will.

On the off chance you are out of mana you have no attack damage till manamune. [which covers it quite well with lichbane] Alistar won't have as much survivability albeit that he has his ultimate but even still he falls off towards end game. Alistar is a slow character and it will be late game before you compensate for being sluggish with this build with the exception of summoner spells and charge. Altogether I think that the efficient use of this build would minimize most of his cons even the fact that he doesn't do great burst as long as you participate in team fights or use your terrain to your advantage. Unbreakable will also either lowers or removes negative effects on the character unless they are reapplied and we once again make it easier to use more often and if it doesn't... well at least you got flat out damage reduction and attack damage increase if they are around you.

I also think this build might be expensive not sure though with Kage's pick and your ganks fueling you towards each buy. The most expensive is lich's bane.

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Summoner Spells

I'd say straight up use teleport and either flash or ghost whichever will help you to get away or behind your enemy as fast as possible before and after engaging. Flash usually is better with the ability to flash through walls for an escape.

Teleport will also increase your ability to assist and to gank and in addition you already have a heal spell and decent farm soo.... is there really any choice beside mobility? Mobility is also something you will be lacking as alistar is slow but together with charge, teleport and flash it won't seem like it.

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Skill Sequence

Alistar's move set is quite simple. You pick pulverize first to help with farming so that you can get to level 2 as quick as possible and get the charge pulverize combo. Healing will also help team mates while ganking or team fights. It is important that as Alistar you are covert moving around and behind the enemy to push him forward to your ally to slow or do burst on. I would say if you have to pick between pulverize or the charge first Charge would help first for getting that last hit on runners. But pulverize can equally help by further increasing your farm. Since you fall off towards the end game you replace your utility in battle as a bruiser as a healer and support having ap high, mana high and having low cooldown times as well as leveling your healing at the end will make this point of the game easier, just make sure to be near friends and don't forget, with unbreakable will, you can still tank for a little while.

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Team Work

Alistar is a tanky character even without building defense his role is that of an initiator and protector. Even with this Mana build his abilities will be constantly off cooldown so you can help initiate ganks by going behind and pushing the enemy forward or saving your allys with well timed stuns. It also helps that your ultimate will be off cooldown more often too!

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I believe that though Alistar is hard to play that he is a good starter character with his range of basic moves and simple gameplay style. I would as a low level person say that the most efficient mastery is one down the damage chart because the other trees will only offer effectivity early on where as ability power and mana synergize. {Early Expand mind and ability power on damage tree]

I follow up to say that Alistar is supposed to weaken during end and mid game so that a full mastery that has you build early and level quickly might be as efficient as long as your end game compensates defensively [since well.. yeah he wouldn't weaken end game if his abilities were strong in the first place]

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Basically the plan here is to build items that synergize ap and mana. It's going to be mostly mana because Alistar spams his abilities all night. Items that work with such usage of abilities are the Manamune, Sheen, Lichbane, Archangel's staff. With Archangel's staff you will gain more ap at the rate of 3 per 100 mana. At 5000k mana which this build should leave you at that is +150 ability power. That ability power plus your 245 equals out to a nice 395 ability power. Add that into your attack power bonus on lichbane which brings your small 140 to a crisp 535 at 3 second cool downs. If you add in manamune to the mix your 5k mana will also yield you 100 attack damage which pushes it up to 635 which is devastating for a regular melee attack.

Most of these items have cooldown reduction so you can spam those abilities and get a nice yield with the synergy here without running out of mana with nice mana regen. In addition because I know Alistar doesn't have the most powerful of attacks or really ultimates. But with this build not only will his ultimate be more powerful you have the Deathfire grasp which does a flat 30% despite magic resist and adds even more damage based off ability power and I have already explained how everything synergizes.

I am actually a noob and I just wanted to think of something in the mean time to build into. I usually build archangel's staff because of the spammy spams. The long list is to help me decide what to buy in order of usefulness based on what items are made of. To simply here is the 6 items I would build in order of importance. Build into archangels staff for increased mana and mana regen along with the small amount of ability power that brings. If you are expecting a long fight i would say Rod of Ages before Manamune. Alistar is already a sluggish character so where you may buy boots after Kage's Lucky Pick, I don't see the utility until it trumps your opponent when you build Lichbane. Next is Deathfire grasp for that additional burst of power mana increase and cooldown reduction and topping out with the glacial shroud for some damage resistance.

Simple no explaination:
Meki's Pendant>Archangels>Rod of Ages>Manamune>Lichbane>Deathfire Grasp>Glacial Shroud or More Mana or ap