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Pantheon Build Guide by Jahoodas

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jahoodas

MANtheon-King of Spears

Jahoodas Last updated on October 30, 2011
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Hello Summoners,
This is my first guide on mobafire and I hope you enjoy it.Please read the whole guide before rating,creative support is always welcome.First I wanna say that Pantheon is in my opinion a very underestimated char because he not just got amazing early game burst,he also got surprisingly much sustain in 1v1 or 2v2 combat.

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Pros / Cons


    -Awesome poke early on
    -Great 1v1 or 2v2 sustain
    -large MANdrop ult
    -Nice burst through the whole game
    -total Dominion map control
    -MANliest Champion
-get's heavily focused in teamfights
-is the has weak dps early game

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For runes I strongly recommend to take the Armor Penetration Marks and Quints for obvious reasons.They just get the most out of your ability combo through the whole game.The quints or marks of strenght just don't push your overall game that much.I usually take the greater seals of Resilience because of the harassment reduction that ranged carries or other top solo chars deal to you,but the seals of strength should also be mentioned because of the enormous harassment boost they get ya early on,what is totally awesome on 2v1 or duo lanes,where u need to poke much more to get an early kill.

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Most items are kinda standart Pantheon core(Mercurs,Brutalizer,Phage,B.F.Sword)
The only real clue bout my build is that I build phage,boots and brutalizer and immediately buy bloodthirster afterwards,instead of youmuu's or frozen mallet because in many games I like I need that giant AD boost that only a bloodthirster can give me mid game.Bloodthirster just gives u much ad and sustain in lil fights which is almost everything u need as Panth.Youmuu's gives u the rest:armor pen,and a nice and manly attack-speed-boost from hell.With Athma's and banshee's u also get a lot of resistances and a nice lil health boost with frozen mallet,which sinergizes really well with ur Athma's,so u get an all around build that has burst,sustain and dps which is everything u can want and I don't think that many chars can give your team such an all around boost.

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The game style of Pantheon is divided in 3 parts,but still pretty easy to understand.
Early game u just focus on farming like hell because u need the gold for ur mid game where Pantheon truly shines with his MANdrops.Additionally u should always throw ur spear at an enemy when it's on cooldown,except of heroes who can heal against ur harassment.There u just try to do some dmg like u wanted to kill him,but don't take risks.Afterwards u wait for the next heal and throw a spear and push to the enemy tower,because a lifesteal champ can't heal himself ood at his tower without messing up his creepscore,so most will just lasthit instead of healing themselves.It's always good to have some jumper on your lane like jax irelia or xin.Also good are people with range and a stun like lux,but they gotta have a nice dmg combo before lvl 6.Then u just towerdive him with ur standard combo.Ur all time combo is q-w-autohit-e-q.Ur godmode passive should make this pretty easy cuz u can block 3 towerhits when using ur combo right.Midgame u just keep farming and puushing like a boss to make sure that u can go mia without being detected.MANdropping over the map can allow u to dominate on 3 lanes in the best case,so always look where to jump.Also never forget to keep farming because ur lategame sux if u don't do that or get fed like hell.Also ur teammates won't flame u for farming their lane in most cases if u just killed their enemies;).Late game u just also keep everything in mind that u did midgame,but save ur ult for teamfights if a kill's not secure.Then u just wait till the cc is burned and jump on a carry's face and stomp the **** out of it,afterwards u try not to get cc'd and save ur own carries which is really important cuz a good carry will always leave a chaser with less than half hp,which is ur time to claim what's rightfully yours:a hopefully more than epic kill for sparta.

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Hope u enjoy'd my little guide on one of the best designed and probably the manliest champ in the game.Please leave some constructive critic and smash some carry faces with my build.Pictures and videos will be added soon.