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Build Guide by LgitPiez

Maoki - The Twisted Tank

By LgitPiez | Updated on February 21, 2011

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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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Strategy/ Tactics

Well usually i go bot since thats where i feel comfortable. But if top is your number 1 choice to go to, then why not.

When your nearing the bushes you might want to throw a sapling in the bushes. if their there, just stay at the turret. If their not go in the bush go in. The second bush near the enemy turret, throw a sapling in there. Again if their not there go in. If they are nearing you & and your bush (thats what she said) throw a sapling where there gonna walk through and get the hell out, unless you have a partner with exhaust too.


Thats when your E is maxed and Q and W is out. Harass the enemy champs till there around half health with your E. Get in the bush, when they get stupid enough to overextend, throw a sapling near them, charge, root them in place with Twisted Advance, throw a Q there, and maybe you'll kill him/her if your partner gets smart. Usually i get around 4 kills or assists jsut by doing this tactic

Lv. 16-18
Team fights are happening bla bla bla. When a nearby enemy champion gets close to the range of your Twisted Advance, seize the opportunity and root him in place. (note: do this when 4-5 team mates are around you). So now you rooted him in place, go around him, Q him so he jumps near you team mates so better chance to kill him. Team fight erupted, and now set up your Vengeful Maelstrom. Throw Saplings, Arcane Smash, Twisted Advance, anything to damage the enemy champs. Also be sure your the meat bag, to take the damage. Don't want your squishies to get raped.

Usually if in a Regular game, i get around 6-13 kills, and around 1-5 deaths. the assists are around the double digits.
League of Legends Build Guide Author LgitPiez
LgitPiez Guide

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