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MaoTank - Eat the Sapling Moth3rF0cker!

Last updated on December 3, 2012
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Hello everyone, my name is DiSaSteR1337 and I am going to teach you how to play Maokai.
Everything that i use in this guide is my own experience, some of the tips maybe could be better but with this guide, your friends always will ask you to play as an epic Maokai-Jungler-Tank. To proove that this build works, my yesterday run in LoL:

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Main goals

As a Maokai you have to farm as much creeps as you can. If you play random games don't be scared of taking some minions from lanes that you are ganking. Gold flow has to be constant. If you do this, you can easily leave all the kills to your allies which will have much more dammage than you. Almost every game, I finnish with the highest ammount of gold earned, which helps in making full builds very early.

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Quintessences -

In my opinion the best quints for our op ganker are the ones for movement speed. With them, enemies in each phase of the game won't be able to get the hell out of you.

Seals -

The most valuable Seals for you will be the Greater Seals of Resilience. You are a tank and a jungler. More sustain means more gold, less recalling, highest in-game level etc.

Glyphs -

Obviously your must-glyphs are . Those will prevent you from getting chopped by ap champions. In chapter ganking i will tell you more about this.


I was making many many weird mixes with my marks and i think i found the best variation.
3 Greater Marks of Strength and 6 Greater Marks of Insight. It helps both in jungle and fighting. With exactly the same build you will be able to make the jungle as fast as possible.

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As you read in the title, TANK means sustainability, so we pick those particular masteries. The best for tanky jungler. Smite gives you 10 gold now, and flash is ready to use faster. Combining with later items such as Sunfire or Thornmail you can just stay in place and watch the minions and enemies die!

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You start with boots and 3 health potions. If you will have enough luck to get the first blood or assist, you will be able to rapidly get your second item: Philosopher's Stone. Great item on each tanky jungler who rather supports his/her team than steal all the kills. After PS you buy Heart of Gold, of course get health potions if you want. Then you get Boots of Mobility. You want to be as fast as possible to jungle and gank faster. Noone is going to run safe when you chase him. Sunfire Cape, which is the next item, helps you in jungle as much as in teamfights. Armor, HP and pasive dammage will drive your enemies crazy. After rising your hp with Sunfire, you must buy Force a Nature. Those 2 items combined offer you huge health regen and big tankyness. Next item is optional, depends on what are you scared of the most. AD? - Get a thornmail - AP/Both? Buy Warmog's Armor. Warmogs adds you tons of hp and health regen which also mixes with Force a Nature. Now it is a very late game and you need to be careful. Enemies should be fed even if your power ganks made them try to surrender. Get a Shurelya's Reverie. It helps on many fields: easier to escape, great ganking speed, also good for backdoors - you go with your ad teammate through the jungle, pop shurelya's and run to break enemy turret. Noone is going to expect that.
If you chose warmog instead of thornmail you have lack of armor. Time to get Randuin now for resistance aganist ad enemies and turrets which you are made to tank. Combined Shurelya's, make you unreachable for chasing enemies.

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Jungle time!

I was looking for the fastest way to jungle and i believe i found it.
First after buying boots and 3 potions you run to the Wraiths camp. There you wait until 1:05 and you throw a Sapling. When the cooldown refreshes throw another one. Now you have 2 saplings on the ground. Wait to 1:40, when the Wraiths respawn, throw the third sapling and melee the biggest wraith. Thanks to that you made the biggest dammage you could in about 1 second. Now time to run to a blue buff. If you did what i told you, you should be able to come to blue before it even respawns.
IMPORTANT: YOU NEED A HARD PULL ON BLUE BUFF - Mid ally should pull it, then you take the buff's attention and other allies help you to lower his hp to about 500-600. Then, wait until everybody gets out so you won't loose XP and smite it.
Boom you are level 2. Get your Q skill. Your Q skill throws your enemies to the air when you are close to them, so if you will master it, you can block some of the minions attacks.
Time to make wolves. Throw one sapling and hit with q, then smash the biggest wolf and take care of the smaller ones. Go to wraiths, they have respawned now. Kill them and you should be lvl 3. Get Q skill again to deal more dammage to the red buff that you are going to slay now. Fight with the red, dont bother to use potions. Kill it before your smite refreshes. Now go to the golems, use E and Q and smite on the bigger golem and finnish the smaller one. Tada you are lvl 4, time to pick W and start ganking.