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Massive Ahri Mid Lane Fox On fire pentakilling girl D1 only.

Last updated on October 23, 2014
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Boss killing fox.

first u start with a amp tome and rush a hextech revolver. next u get woa. and if u are new to this game woa stands for will of the ancients. will is short for william so it baically means william of the ancients. and in todays culture, it means william is old. so it obviously an old item made by a man name william harrison. only HIGH elo people may buy this item early into the game as ahri the nine tailed fox. she is a really strong fox who has tons of true damage potential with red buff and her q making um spell vamp really strong and potential ful on her. u want to start with ur charm aka ur E ability so u can get some kisses on to other champions causing them to fall in love with you and if they fall in love with you then they wont kill you causing you to get tons of gold or as phreak says TONS OF DAMAGE um. after u get william of the ancients u get tri force aka trinity force. trinity is a really long word that most people dont know how to spell so they shorten it down to tri aka because thy are stupid little yordles unlike the smart yordle heimerdinger or as kaceytron calls him HEIMburger. speaking of burgers i want a burger. if u want a burger, then eat a burger. burgers promote a lot of ganking potential in this game of league of legions.


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