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League of Legends Build Guide Author LordRuler

Master prYIus (Hybrid)

LordRuler Last updated on April 26, 2011
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Hey guys, this is my first build, so be critical (provided its helpful, and not trolling). I enjoy playing LoL, and while I'm not the best player out there, I am improving, and my builds will too.

I love playing Master Yi, and hearing the cry of fustration when you score triple/quadra/penta kills :P I never really like him as a straight AD or AP char, so i am making a build that combines the two roles. I hope you enjoy, and please point out any discrepiencies :P


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Hey guys, at time of writing I'm not yet level 20, so I don't actually have all the runes I'm suggesting. Sorry bout that, I'm working on it :P

Because hes a hybrid, i like taking full crit runes with blue CDR runes. He has decent AP already, and with these runes his autoattakcs hit much harder

NOTE: please dont rage too hard at my rune build, i know its bad. As I havent reached lvl 20 yet, i havent really looked into runes much, don't really know how they work :P

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i take 9/0/21. They work well with Yi (in the style I play him). You can go 21/9/0, or 9/21/0 if you want, but just make sure you get the CDR and AP bonuses from Offensive Tree. The defensive tree isnt much use, most of it is wasted on Yi (in my personal opinion anyway, i enjoy the utility masteries). Take the mastery of Flash and Exhaust (if youre using them). If you arent, and are using, say ghost/ignite/teleport (has been done), take the upgrade for these.

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Now, I know what you're thinking! What!?!?! You said hybrid! This is AP!!.... well, this is the build that I particulary enjoy, it has a mix of the two, with a bent towards AP.

However, many of these items can be interchanged. The boots can be changed to Mercs if they have many much CC (400 CC's!), the Dorans item if you prefer another.

I occasionally get a rageblade beacuse of the cool effect, but quite simply the gunblade is much better. It gives epic AD and AP, spell vamp AND life steal, as well as having an awesome slow. Take it!!!

Lich bane and rabadons work v. well together, and PhD and IE are there to round off the AD part of the build...note that even tho you arent a dedicatd AD, you have massive crits>? annoys the *** outta people :P as does your squishy-destroying-Alpha Strike

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Skill Sequence

Again, very much dependant on what items you are building him with. With the ones above, I max Alpha Strike, Then Wuju, Then meditate, taking Highlander whenever i can.

This is because the above items are mainly AP, Alpha Strike has huge Ap ratio (100% !!!). Use it. If you are being killed alot, take meditate over wuju, and heal under their tower for 1k-2k health :P (not as much as a full AP build, but def. decent)

If you really want to utilise highlander, build more for AD, and eat their faces, but if you are folowing the above guide, you mainly use it for the extra movement speed/cool down refresh.

Essentially, spam Alpha Strike, and with your huge AP/Lich bane, youll destroy most of their health. then, with your pretty large damage/AS, youll melt them quickly

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In a conclusive manner:

Master Yi is a bloody annoying champ when played properly. Using an Alpha Strike/Lich combo you destroy most targets, or with your phantom dancer/infinity edge, you can AS in, and eat them,then Higlander it out of there. Enjoy playing as Yi, don't be afraid to change things around a little bit.

I would suggest playing as both a dedicated AD and a dedicated AP Yi, as this will give you tons to think about. Once you decide on which on you like more, come to this guide and mix the two (with a lean towards your preference). It opens up whole new avnues for play as Yi.

And finally, +1 if you liked -1 if you didn't. Tips are appreciated, as is CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, as well as modification you'd like to see. Have fun playing Yi :p