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Master Yi: Backdoor for alex

Last updated on December 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Master Yi is generally played as a dps assassin, jungler, or even built with ap. However he does have many traits that allow him to do a very deadly and advantageous task, backdooring. This guide will show you how to efficiently take down turrets and sneakily backdoor your way to victory.

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I take armor penetration marks to better take down turrets and minions in my way. Then i take armor seals to better withstand turret fire and minions. I then take a bit of magic resist glyphs for the caster minions, and then proceed to take attack speed glyphs to better round off my backdoor speed. Finally i take movement speed quintessences, which allows me to reach enemy turrets and escape much faster.

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Summoner Spells

I would generally take ghost and promote, ghost allows me to reach their turrets faster and escape if needed. While promote allows me to push their turret early game and help me solo a turret with few minions late game. I think that surge and teleport are extremely viable spells too, and should only be used to replace as such.

Take teleport or ghost, and take surge or promote.

I don't advise taking surge and promote, because although they are both spells that can heavily damage a turret, you won't have any way of quickly reaching or escaping from a turret.
I also suggest not to take ghost and teleport, because you would be losing damage from when you are destroying a turret. Surge allows master yi to attack much faster, but late game when he has berserker's grieves, SotD, Youmuu's active, and his ulti. The attack speed might cap, resulting in wasted items or spells. Also advise that when taking teleport, you should be buying wards and placing them in bushes near the turrets, not only will this help prevent ganks when you are attacking a turret, but will also allow you to teleport to the wards to instantly reach a turret too. All in all, i would take ghost and promote, they go well with your masteries and provide the needed speed and damage for getting to and destroying turrets.

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I take 13 points in offense which allows for a slight increase to my ghost or surge spell, attack damage, attack speed, armor pen and also allows me to deal 10 extra damage to turrets. Overall i've taken the only masteries in offense which i believe will help me take down turrets faster.

I then take 13 points in defense, i take points in hardiness, tough skin and indomitable to help deter the damage taken from minions. I then take points to increase my overall health and 1 point in siege commander, this allows for turrets to fall faster.

I take 4 points in utility, 1 point to better my teleport or promote and then 3 points in good hands. When backdooring, you will not always escape ganks and will always be a target of them if you are pushing too far and if they notice. What i'm trying to say is, YOU WILL DIE, a lot.. So taking these 3 points will allow you to get back into the game faster and backdoor more often.

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I take boots and 3 health pots first, you generally won't be pushing turrets until team fights start. I then upgrade to berserker's grieves, unfortunately there are no other boots that can benefit backdoor yi as well as these. I take the vamp scepter next, it provides lifesteal for you to maintain yourself in lane, more time in lane means more time for you to kill creeps and farm with your q. The farm you should be getting from sustainability should allow you to buy the B.F. sword. From there focus on getting more gold until you can purchase the bloodthirster. I then buy the tiamat, it provides attack damage and allows me to farm minions and creeps extremely well, which then provides for bonuses for my bloodthirster. Then i start building youmuu's ghostblade, at this point in the game teamfights will have started and some towers will have been destroyed, this is the point when backdooring can begin. Youmuu's will provide cooldown reduction for your E and R, which in turn allows for destroying turrets faster. Youmuu also provides attack damage and armor penetration, and an active good for taking down turrets or escaping. Your focus now should be on watching where the enemy is and trying to take down turrets, the Sword of the Divine will boost your attack speed dramatically. The unique passive also works on turrets, and its active helps take down turrets faster too. After purchasing these items you should be set and able to take down turrets easily. For your last item consider a guardian angel. Guardian angel can revive you if you are to kamikaze dive and destroy a turret or help by reviving for your ulti when getting ganked.

In super late game, where you are EXTREMELY well farmed, buy all 3 types of elixers and consider trading your boots and SotD for 2 phantom dancers. Then consider selling your tiamat for another blood thirster or for an infinity edge.

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Skill Sequence

Pretty obvious, i focus on maxing my E first, to take down turrets. And then my Q next to help me farm. I level my ult when available and max my W dead last.

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Team Work

You really shouldn't be participating in team fights, unless it is certain you are to win if you did. Your team should just be holding enemies off and distracting them, while allowing you to backdoor. Your teammates should also try starting team fights near allied turrets, it distracts the enemy and provides a better chance to back out and escape with no team fights.

Consider having twitch, evelynn, nocturne or teemo on a team. These champions can really help out and distract enemies, and allow you to backdoor. Twitch, evelynn, and teemo can easily push a lane extremely far and then stealth to distract and occupy enemies trying to gank. Nocturne can use his ult to provide a few extra seconds for enemies not to notice your backdoor.

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Unique Skills

These are the skills that make Master Yi an exceptional backdoor champion. His passive allows for extra damage to turrets, his Q provides farm and clear minion waves for pushing, his E allows him to take down turrets faster, and his R allows for escapes or for taking down turrets.

When using Master Yi's E after the bonus active has ended, Master Yi will not have its passive when it's on cooldown. Meaning if you blow his E attacking a 100% health turret, you won't be during exceptional damage for 25 seconds after. If you know that the enemies are FULLY distracted or busy, use yi's E when the turret is 40-50% low on health, or when you know you can kill it during the 10 second time frame of its active. Or use it when attacking a full health turret, and escaping when you know they are going to gank. What im trying to say is, know when to use his E, as misuse can cause 25 seconds of no bonus attack damage.

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You should be focusing on farming early game, as you want to be able to purchase the items as fast as you can for his backdoor as they are almost essential. His Q allows for easy clearing of minion waves and combined with Tiamat can easily destroy minion waves in seconds.

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I am tired, so all in all Master Yi can quickly turn the tides of battle and cause surprising defeats with his exceptional backdoor.