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Master Yi - Fast and Lethal

Last updated on November 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Master Yi- The Critical Carry

A lot of people think Master Yi is a cheap, easy to kill champion but this build will defy all those rumors. Master Yi in my words is one of the best champions to be released, but thats just me. You will have to decide that for yourself.

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This is my 1st build but I planned to make Master Yi my build and therefore I have. The current build will allow for fast destruction, in with Alpha Strike- 3 crits- out. I've taken down 3 tanks with 2 warmogs each without dying easily. This build is easy to use as a gank because of its movement speed and still have enough damage to easily kill. You will be the hardest person to kill unless they team up 5v1. How fair is that...

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I've focused a lot on attack speed, the more the better. Even if they're running away the faster you lay off those crits the better. You could change the glyphs for armor penetration for more damage but I prefer hitting the enemy faster. I think of it as the faster you are the faster they can't cast anything. No stuns= easy kill.

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Since they just changed the masteries, I've tried to adapt. It doesn't really apply to Yi's full potential but since he's a carry he is all offensive. Feel free to change if you want but the criticals, speed and overall design is the best. A little armor and resistance but not focusing on it. I wouldn't be to worried about being killed fast, if you are trade out a Phantom Dancer for a Warmog.

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Skill Sequence

Skills are important early for Yi. Unlike castors where you can choose your most powerful spell off the bat Yi takes finesse. I like to start out with Alpha Strike and alternating between Wuju Style because it gives early necessary damage and harass. Alpha Strike is first because the more minions you can kill the easier to buy your build it is. You also get an advantage of levels if your lucky with the 20% 500dmg minion strike. Wuju Style is a great skill to use when you have it combined with Highlander. Highlander should be a priority even if you already have a high attack speed. Just the refresh of all skills is worth it. Now you're all wondering why Meditation is used until level 11, because its a skill that isn't helpful until late. Think if your getting ganked, your Meditation will help until it wears off then your running and probably getting shot down. If you need to Highlander is a great escape tool. If all else fails thats why I put on Flash. Huge help. Trust me and you won't regret it.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells vary in your needs. Smite may be used for jungling but I do not jungle. Ever. I cut across jungles to gank but thats as far as I get. I like to use Flash because of a chase, gank or even a turret, its a quick get away. Teleport is just nice to have, revive would be nicer with a smaller cooldown but you won't need it, your the one hunting. Heal is useless because of Yi's Meditate and Clairvoyance is completely useless to Yi, this is an Attack Damage build not a AP build. All other spells I find completely useless to Yi. If you have an issue with that face me in League. Exhaust might be used for early but when 2 phantom dancers are used it becomes an obsolete spell.

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HAHAHAHAHA. Yi is not a jungler. I would only jungle for extra money and if your close to leveling. Maybe for the buffs but Yi kills others for their buffs.

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Ranked Play

Early (lvls 1-7)- Don't be afraid to join up with someone with a cc. That is Master Yi's one weakness, he can't catch up in beginning. Lane, try not to destroy turret, its not worth it. Your going to get killed easily and feed the enemy. Kill minions and possibly champions if your lucky, the more money the better. (DO NOT PLAY AGGRESSIVELY. YOU WILL GET YOUR *** HANDED TO YOU)
Middle (lvls 8-13)- This is where you can get a lot of people very pissed at you. Gank, Gank and Gank again. If you see someone pushing for turret gank the living hell outta them. If they are alone don't hesitate. If 2-3 get someone to distract, and get a backup. Feel free to play aggresive, but don't go to turrets or challenge groups.
Late- Continue ganking if possible, push turrets, you are extremely lethal to turrets because of your high damage, crits and attack speed. Don't be afraid to push and kill minions for your Bloodthirster. Team fights are probably ensuing so join in when its boiling down to they are winners. Usually means low hp, low mana and recalls or could mean you run and lure 1 away to kill. If you do choose to join the team fight go for tanks or casters first, if the tanks have warmog's you should be fine but if they have thorncape go for others. Don't be afraid to kill the lowest hp, strongest or even weakest. Get in kill as many as you can and get out or go down in a blaze of high criticals, and a lot of them. Go all the way to get your kill, your faster, stronger and the only reason they are fleeing is because they're afraid of your 3-hit k-o. Still avoid groups of 3-5, engage max of 2 unless they come 1 at a time. If 1 at a time dispose of each quickly and move to the next, don't switch between the two.

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Pros / Cons

Yi is a great starting harasser, Alpha Strike can kill if you get your partner to help.
Attack speed and damage are your greatest tools, don't try going AP.
Highlander is a perfect ultimate for Yi, escaping, kills or even turret hunting (if your newbie) it has unlimited uses! When you kill with it you can use it again! Refreshes.
Extremely Squishy, beginning and end. If you feel if its needed buy a warmog, it will help!
No CC!!!! Partner up with a champ with one! You will get either assists or kills, don't doubt this.
Horrible against ranged, early. Facing for example Ashe- frost arrow and her ult will leave you swearing. I call her an insult of a carry only because she's designed for support. Like every skill slows or reveals a space. Late in the game when you have a near full build rush the caster or ranged, make them hit and run. They're gonna regret facing you!

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When farming keep in mind what's your target- minion? turret? champion? Its ok if you hunt down the weakest enemy and physically destroy him/her. If he's alone its even better no hesitation, action must be taken. When facing against ranged or castors hug turret, alpha strike and cause them to back track. If they stay call for a gank. Piss them off. Anything to win.

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I hope this guide/build helps all those Yi players to get back in there and show that Yi isn't a cheap easy to kill champion. He's a bigger threat then they think if you use him right! Counter what they are doing- if they team up and are killing you easier get a warmog, or frozen shield. If they coming at you one by one hit em hard and fast! This will be the most fun you have with Master Yi!