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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Master Yi Picks up a STAFF? by. Generalvangpao

Last updated on February 27, 2012
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Master Yi Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Master Yi in wonderland

Some of you die hard players probably think ap is a bad idea, or have seen master yi abused by noobs, cuz lets face it even a noob can afford master yi...So anyways master yi is walking in the wastelands in japan or where ever he is from and falls in to wonderland and his sword changes to a staff...which means you will experience a whole new way of playing master yi. ISNT THAT WONDERFUL!

as far as what skills to finish first, its alpha stike, meditate ulti when given the chance and then wusu style

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How to play master yi with a staff

first of all i always play yi as a mid...what is that insane? you never seen a master yi mid, chill noob. let me explain the pros of a master yi midding, first of all its free farming, master yi is a exceptional farmer, and he can harrass his opposing mid like nothing. tip on farming and harrassing with yi is DONT A CHAMP UNLESS THEY WILL DIE... if you hit the minions next to them yi will strike minions and champs around it and come back to that minion. which means you wont get hit by other champs. FREE FARMING.

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Items and skills

the two summoner skill i always get for ap yi is teleport and clarity ( how ever you spell it its that skill that resotres mp). why? because you will be draining tons of mp as ap yi, so lets say i use clary after i depleted my mp, and now i depleted my mp from clarity now i will tele back... (note that clarity let you lane longer cuz you can mediate for hp and alpha strike. WHICH MEANS MORE GOLD AND EXP) now you will go back and buy what ever. and when you go back with a full set of hp and mp repeat process over once clarity comes back. but remember to not abuse your mp. when given the chance farm with basic attacks.

ok now my starting items...i get a pair of boots and 3 potions...why? well alpha strike will close the distance with any opposing champ so you will need to regain more distance between him/her and you. remember you are only farming and when given the chance kill. but safety is always more important. and the potions are simple most of the time i dont even use them and end up selling them (thats how good ap yi is!!) but its always nice to have in case of ganks and stuff like that. and your first trip to the store after your mp from clarity is done you will have more then enough to get sorcerer's shoes. Y? cuz of magic pen =] its a blessing, plus the greater mobility it gives you makes it more important AND will make farming even more efficent. now you are faster and alpha will achieve greater values of damage.

and what do i get after boots you might ask.. well its simple =].. get needlessly large rod as your first item...yes its expensive but with your farming and "kills" ( if yours not a noob) you will be able to buy it in no time, and it well set the game for you. after finish death cap. =] now you are already dishing out final blows and leading your team. (note- by killing mid champ and taking turrent you are funding your other champs in your lane by 150 gold which will set your team!!! this is your main objective in lane phase while farming.)

and what else? fill up your slots with NEEDLESSLY LARGE RODS AND FINISH OFF WITH DEATH CAPS! OH AND IF YOUR OPPOSING TEAM GETS MR JUST GET SOME MAGIC PENATRATION ( FORGOT THE RODS NAME LOL) and if your wanna have more fun get lich bane or death fires graps LOL.

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Wheres the damage

ima not exact on the numbers, and i really dont but Alpha stike will be doing major damage, and your meditate will heal major hp and tank tons of damage,... "noob asks, " so what about meditate isnt it a tanks job to tank and wouldnt you be throwing out your ulti?"' ...i can not stress to ppl enough that your best ulti is your judgement and our skills... no matter how op a champ is if you suck it will faill you!...and no you are not throwing out your ulti it has great mobility which will close the gap for finishing off opposing champs with alpha strike. and yes you have tanks but they cant tank as good as you can =] and also look at it this way. normally at the end of the game i do more then half of someones hp with alpha strike ( not to tanks i really just care for killing there carry champs or champs that do tons of dps damage like another master yi or tryn) with alpha strike. it is a good way to bait your opposer and wait for the cooldown on alphastrike to come back to finish the job. you can even do this to a whole team ( note- thats if they dont stun your *** noob).

WHAT? what about getting more hp and survivablity or utility items? NOOB if your good at playing you dont need to get items like that, for example like i explain earlier if you are good then you dont need a good or easy to play champ. same about ap yi, My only advise is to TRY IT