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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Master Yi - The Jungle Comes Alive!

Last updated on December 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ongoing Guide.

I am going to update this once every few days, as their are TONS of ways to build Master Yi to make him decent in a ranked setting.

I am going to go with one of the uncommon ones to start which is to support your teams ADC.
Every couple of days I will add to this guide if people find it useful. If you already have a decent grasp on how to play Yi and his abilities then zoom to then end of this guide for an explanation.

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For every action there is a an equal but opposite Yi-action.

Well let's get this out in the open...

Unless you are willing to dedicate tons and tons of time into learning every little situation you can or cannot get kills\survive on this champion. You will NOT do well with him in a ranked setting. There are times to turret dive, backdoor, steal buffs, gank, brush camp, etc.

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When to gank? When to Jungle?

Yi is a 100% active champion, he CANNOT have down time or he will be worthless mid\late game.

Do not run to top lane to counter-gank or save a tower if you are clearing golems at bot lane. By the time you run up there even a support champion can kill the tower. Wait to see if your mid lane runs up there and if he does, go cover his tower... it's a landmark you can get to and help save top tower by covering mid tower.

If mid tower is being dove by 3 people with full life and you are at wraiths, although your mid lane will be upset... What can you do at that point to save him or the tower? Nothing! Any attempt to save him by wandering out of the jungle with no cc will result in an extra death. In which case your mid would say 'WHY DID YOU TRY TO HELP ME?!'

Understand when to engage, pick and choose your moments, Master Yi is no more than an ADC with incredible attack speed and a gap closer.

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When to backdoor?

There are many situations where Master Yi is incredibly annoying and can shred a tower in a matter of seconds.

1. You are defending at a standstill.

Sneak out of the base, push a lane... if the team comes for you, mission accomplished your team is now more active, you just probably got a free 2 minion waves worth of gold and you recall safely to base. If the team does NOT come for you, you win a tower and keep pushing til you see an icon or two missing on the map.

2. Losing team-fights.

Alert your team you will be around in team-fights and then escaping to backdoor, when the team engages, try to gauge whether this is a committed fight or a peel-able fight. The idea is while they are fighting the other team is distracted enough to where you win a tower. If you suffer a death but gain a tower it is a gain for your team. Again this is a learning process, don't abandon team fights that turn and you can possibly win. Ideally if your team has CC and is Tanky, would be the ideal time to attempt this.

3. Split pushing \ Split Objectives.

The idea is Yi can win MOST 1v1 matchups. This means that they will probably come after you with 2 or more people. If so your team should easily win the objective or lane they are pushing as they will out-man that lane by at least 1 champion.

Split pushing instance: Your team is pushing top lane, you are at bottom lane... as Master Yi you should be able to kill almost any ADC or BRUISER that isn't ridiculously more fed than you... save for maybe Vayne. So the threat of sending one person at Yi is not a smart one, I have had games where champs come after me one by one and I shred them with Highlander as it resets with a kill.

Objective instance: When your team is at Baron and the other team seems like it is going to fight, go BD right away... if they commit to a 4v4 fight, then your team is still at even odds. If they try to go in 5v4 then you are probably going to take two towers before anyone catches you.

A fed Master Yi can kill a T3 Turret, Inhibitor, Both Nexus Turrets and a Nexus in about 45 seconds. So if the other team isn't respecting the back door, grats on the win.

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Supporting the ADC.


A lot of people think I am crazy for even suggesting such an idea, but in reality it's amazing.

Build a Ravenous Hydra and 2 Black Cleavers... you should be able to shred armor off of the enemy with very little work.

The patented Master Yi Alpha Strike in... swing 4 times and die will come in very handy here.

The Combo:

1. Wait for the enemy team to clumped a little from your tanks engage.
2. Alpha Strike in, before the animation ends, turn on your maximum damage hydra.
3. Pop Highlander and Wuju style.
4. 4 Swings will reduce almost the entire enemy teams armor by 60%
5. If the enemy team does NOT focus you, enjoy the Pentakill, if they do... watch your ADC rip get a double \ triple kill nearly instantly. Either way, the team fight is won and your ridiculous gap closer \ ult that normally is a laugh has debuffed the entire team.