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Master Yi, The New Age Dunkmaster

Last updated on December 28, 2012
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Master Yi Build

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Who is Master Yi?

Master Yi is a melee champion who excels at dealing high amounts of physical damage as either a burst assassin or a sustained fighter. He has the highest sustained damage output in the game because of his abilities Wuju Style and Highlander. When Master Yi fights against a team with little crowd control, he is terrifying.

Master Yi can be played in every lane, but is most effectiv in many top-lane matchups (such as Nidalee and Talon) and is a very efficient jungler.

Pros and Cons

Has great early game without items because of Wuju Style.
Scales amazingly with attack damage and/or attack speed because of Highlander and Wuju Style respectively.
Has a reliable heal that offers an insane amount of resistance with Meditate.
Great jungle clear time and powerful ganks with Doublestrike and Alpha Strike.
Immunity to slow with Highlander.
Kills and assists reset his abilities while Highlander is active.

Is very weak to crowd control effects as Master Yi has naturally low resistances and health pool. In teamfights, he is almost always the target of crowd control.
Melee champion who requires an unreliable gap closer.
Can be mana dependent early game and can easily run out of mana because of skill resets with Highlander.

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Summoner Spells

The focus of Master Yi's summoner spells should be to fill in the gaps of his kit: a reliable escape with Flash and reliable CC Exhaust OR healing reduction/damage with Ignite.


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