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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dremu

Master Yi's Gank/Jungling Guide

Dremu Last updated on February 18, 2011
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Stark's Fervor was removed and replaced

Madred's Bloodrazor was added by suggestion, Replacing Stark's Fervor
Changed skill set, Wuju is now maxed first as suggested by some commentors.

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Master Yi's Gank/Jungling guide

Please note this is a 3s guide, It also works in 5s but just ignore the jungling for 5s then.

Disclaimer: This is a guide on how I Dremu, Play Master Yi, This guide is not meant to show that it is the greatest guide ever made for Master Yi, This is simply how I choose to always play Master Yi, It has always worked great for me, So I choose to share it with you all.

Welcome to Dremu's guide to Master Yi's Jungling and Ganking. Master Yi is said by many people to be a very easy character to play, Everyone can be good with him, He takes no skill etc. This is NOT true, Do not listen to people, Yi does take skill, Running around hoping for kills blindly buying items etc. Is not skill, If you want to efficiently play as Yi and win games with 0-2 deaths and 20+ kills, This is what I do to achieve that.

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Pros / Cons

1. Quick Leveling
2. Damage Dealer
3. Fast
4. (Depending on Alternative) Defensive

1. (Depending on Alternative) Squishy
2. Small amount of life * Although Lifesteal makes up for this
3. Easily triple+ teamed

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The best item situations I've come across are listed, I will relist them here in a broken down way.

Those are the 3 build required items, from then on the best suggested items are listed depending on the situational matter of the game.

First I will explain why these items.

Berserker's Greaves are best to be first bought, Boots of speed, then Berserker's This is because of the attack speed boost given, Yi can easily obtain the first blood by having run speed and attack speed at the very beginning of the match.

Phantom Dancer is chosen second, For its price and it's abilities, Once again you guessed it for it's attack speed, Also it increases your movement speed and critical strike.

Madred's Bloodrazor should be bought last, It's a pricy item and it helps a lot, This item adds 30+ atk damage, 40%+ Atk speed and 25+ armor, All around it is a great item, Plus it's passive ability deals 4% of the enemies maximum hit points in magic damage, This item defines Master Yi by a great amount, You will not be as squishy anymore from the armor, But also you will be dealing dmg at high speeds from all this atk speed.

Situational Alternatives:

Frozen Mallet is a good choice when up against a team of tanks or damage dealers, Frozen mallet will increase your health and damage by a good amount, Also it gives you a slowing attack which is also very useful against fast enemies to stop them from their escape.

Youmuu's Ghostblade is a great use for when your just flat out destroying, I recommend this for any build with Yi, If you do not need any of the other situational items go for this, Or go for this and The Black Cleaver, I've been able to get both in one game.

The Black Cleaver is a great weapon for the situation of which your enemies have a large amount of armor, Like when up against tanks, The Cleaver gives you a skill to reduce the enemies armor by 15 for 30 seconds, Stacking 3 times. This is outstanding for the armored up foes, Also it increases your attack speed by 30% and damage by 55+, This weapon is recommended for a ghostblade stack unless unaffordable.

Once all of your item slots are filled (1 should be open) be sure to stock up and use elixirs of each type to increase your maximum carnage.

Also Before anything you should always buy potions to keep you in the lane longer.

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Skill rotation, Explanation

Double Strike is Master Yi's passive ability, This ability causes Master Yi to strike twice every 7th attack, This adds extra damage and does better when your stacking attack speed for the obvious reason of attacking a lot more.

Alpha Strike is the first and foremost skill you will be using, This skill is great for jungling, picking off minions in great numbers and Harassing your enemies! Therefore this is your most wanted and used skill, It does a good amount of damage later in the game which makes it ideal to get their health lower quicker than yours.

Meditate is probably one of your most unused skills, Which is why your other 3 will be capped first. Meditate heals Yi over time using mana, This sounds good but it really isn't needed until you actually get into higher levels, Sometimes it's never needed at all, I may use it once every 3 games just to get health so I can keep going. But other than that, I think they should have given him a lifesteal damaging skill (Although that might make him to OP, But whatever Tryndamere is.. )

Wuju Style is very ideal for Yi, It increases his damage passively per level, And also it converts his legitimate passive ability into doubling his damage given from Wuju, Therefore being very useful when taking down tanks and other champions, Also this is very ideal for jungling for the extra increase on damage.

Highlander may sound weird, But it is actually Yi's most powerful move in destroying the champion, Which is what a Ultimate should be right? But also it is great for escape, It makes him completely immune to movement impairing effects, Increasing his attack and movement speed as well. This makes Highlander a very good ultimate.


Ghost is a good used skill, used for chasing, moving quickly to help an ally, or to get away. Great for Yi to make him run faster than he does.

Smite is used for jungling only, This will help with the advantage of easy quick jungling.

A broken down rotation while fighting any champion should be used as so

Either way works, Just make sure you repeat the Q's (alpha strike) when the CD is up.

Thought this would be nice to watch :]

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Creeping / Jungling / Top

First things first, Call the solo of top for 3v3s. This will give you the advantage of 8 out of 10 times being up against 1 player, those other 2 times are gonna be 2 champions rather than 1, Most people make the top as a 1 player option, If there IS 2 players avoid them, have your team harass the bottom player until his teammate goes to help, That leaves you 1 on 1. If not in this situation, Then just harass the enemy until you get him down enough to the point of which you can one shot with an alpha strike attack. First blood can be achieved 9 out of 10 times as Yi if you follow the harassment strategy and finish.

So, Your soloing the top and you've reached 6 with berserker boots, You still have a potion or 2 maybe, You are now ready to start jungling.

1. First off head to the top right and left creeps, Kill them off with alpha strike and just attacks, Once they are dead you move to step 2.

2. By this point you should be around level 7-8, So now it's time for your buffs, get the middle top buff giving opponents, Use Alpha strike to pick off their minions and also Smite to pick the main one off in general, Once given your buffs go and kill your little victim in the top lane. NOTE:DO NOT LEAVE YOU OPPONENT ALONE ON TOP FOR TO LONG STOP IN EVERY NOW AND THEN FOR HARASSMENTS! Leaving him alone will give him gold and levels, This would not be good.

3. So after achieving this, Redo steps 1-2 over and over until achieving about level 14, You should have up to Phantom Dancer, Unless you've been ripping the champions then you may have the situational items already down, By this time you can solo the dragon, You may be able to start early even. When I solo the dragon I allow my teammates to continue pushing the lanes, The buff will then help them more plus adding 250+ gold to every ally, This is great because you do not have to be within range of the dragon for neither the buff or gold.

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Team Work

Team Work is completely needed in 5s and 3s, However this guide is about 3s. In 3v3 your team should be cooperative if not your probably going to lose, Make sure they realize you have a plan, Explain your jungling routine to them each battle, Let them know you've got top for a reason and they've got bottom for a reason, Make sure they do not steal buffs from you as well! Have your team on a champion lookout, Telling you when a champion is MIA in the jungle is a very important thing for you to know, This will help out A LOT and really shows your team is working together, If you see the enemies ganking your fellow teammates, 3 on 2? No problem go help them out unless you are completely outmatched however if your teammate is 2 on 1, the one being your teammate and the 2 the enemies, You should always help out while taking out the lowest health enemy first. Team Work is vital to this build if your team does not cooperate then it's time for Plan 2 CARRYING!

Carrying is very easy following this guide, But if it is a must you should get The Black Cleaver and Youmuu's Ghostblade FOR SURE! This is very helpful when carrying your team through a win, Especially when they are uncooperative!

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By the end of the match you should have either one of 2 things, Won the game and done well or Lost the game and did fairly well or even great, It all depends on you, This guide is a boost not a skill giver, Following this guide won't make you godly at the game only give you ideas as to how to build your Master Yi in my personally loved way.

Anyways that is all everyone, Thank you for checking out my guide I hope you like it Please be sure to comment and rate :]