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Max Soul Intake and Storage Thresh. Caution!! - Super OP - C

Last updated on July 24, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build maximizes you soul intake and storage for maximum souls and dmg

Starting items

Start with either a Dorans Blade (any lane other than supp) or relic shield (support)
and however many health pots u can shove in your inventory. IF you want to be a true swag lord buy a long sword to help purchase your first item.
Play like Madlife or Aphromoo and kill the enemy jungler at their second buff, or don't it doesn't matter because just by existing on the rift you will be getting more powerful.

Main Items

First, build a Essence Reaver to help keep you health, mana and soul intake by around 25%

Second, build a Mejas Soulstealer to steal more souls and boost your soul stealing potential further each time you steal a soul (kill someone). This item is also important to let your enemies know you don't give a fuc and will steal all their souls and wifes. (watch out for Lucian because as of patch 4.12 hes op as fuc, Ty Rito <3)

Third, depends on if your reking or getting rekt. (You should most likely be reking unless your some cardboard 8 scrubload who mains Ashe jungle) If your reking you should get a Zhonyyas Hourglass in order to store more souls. The Hourglass also defends you from others trying to take your souls, especial AD oriented burst assassins... cough cough Zed and Lucian.. cough. If your getting rekt still buy this but wait on the Rod part of the item and but a chain mail, this will be completed last after the next soul storing apparatus.

Your fourth main item should be a Wriggles Lantern. this will give you a second lantern. A SECOND LANTERN!!! If you thought one lantern was op want until you get the second one! this lantern boosts you chain scythe attack damage and speed in order to burst down your future souls faster. This also gives you a free ward ever 180 seconds to shut your whinny stupid team when they ask you to buy wards as support. Pff that's so season 3, use your free ward trinket you bozos!

Finally, now that you have all of your main soul stealing and storing items, you can build a Sunfire Cape to flame and show all the enemies, and your allies, you immense soul collection, in style! This item deals even more damage and does a great job at negating a lot of the AD damage along with your hourglass.

For boots it doesn't really matter, I would get either mobility or magic pen to boost you speed and or dmg. Although if your a true swag lord you could buy more of the current soul stealing or storing items like a third Lantern or Hourglass for even more soul storing.

This build is the only build you should use for thresh and makes him super op. Basically free Elo / Lp. !Caution!

If this build isnt working call 1-800-you-suck ,or msg me on lol. IGN = DalamarHD