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Mayflower's MageTankWick

Last updated on April 24, 2011
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Everyone knows jungling ad ww, probably everyone have played him, but seriously, just think, and tell me, with how many REALLY usefull warwick's you have ever played. Not much, right? Warwick has quite wide range of builds. Starting with simple AD, next comes AS, next is tankwick, and rare one - magewick. Like i have already said, there aren't much good AD warwicks, neither AS, magewick is great but he's like glasscannon. Last but not least is tankwick. Quite good one, huh? Well i wouldn't agree in 100%. Of course, he may be great tank, he has surpress ult which can eliminate enemy dps, but that's all. He has no real dmg and there is not much use of him when he doesn't have his ult. Good tank needs to taunt even without tauting skill like rammus or shen. How can we taunt without skill? We have to deal dmg and thats the point of my build. Magewick + Tankwick = <3

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Lets comment what i'm using. I bet no1 will ask about AP runes, because it's obvious, but why AD? It's quite simple as well. Thanks to these runes i have advantage in late laning phase and to paper champs my ult does significant dmg. Why everything per lvl? Bigger bonus at lvl 18, i'm just not keen of flat runes.

To be honest runes never were my good side. I'm just using what i bought for my AD and AP dpses. Feel free to try new combinations and let me know what the results are ;)

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U have 2 options or 3 actually:
1)9/0/21 - standard caster build, no need to comment
2) 9/6/15 - the only change here is that, we took 6 points from last tree and gave it to 2nd one, to be more tankish - 3 in hardiness and 3 in resistance
3) Well, u may come up with ur own tree ;)

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We have to be flexible. Everything depends on enemy's picks and enemy's gamestyle. First of all, u can never forget that u're tank mainly. Let's start then:
1) U always start with dorian ring, ALWAYS, no exceptions.
I didnt mention that before but you have to take solo lane, and the best option for you is 1v1. It's mid lane, or top if they have jungler.
2) So first recall ur goal is getting cash to buy next dorian ring, boots, and ward
3) Mejai Soulstealer is ur next item. Well, it depends, if u can see your team is full of suckers it won't be good idea, but that's obvious.
4) Mercury's Treads are just the best option we have, magic res + less cc, what do we need more?
5) Spirit visage starting with kindlegem. It has bonuses which we ofc love. With this item our magic res is like 100+ and passive bonus +15% bigger healing and regen is just perfect for our ult and hungering strike.
6) Now we have 3 options:
a) Mega AP boost
b) Less AP boost + Magic res
c) Nice HP boost + Armor + little magic dmg
Like i said, we're flexible. If u can see, our second tank is doing well and there is no need to build second fat*** then go for Rabadon's deathcap. If there is 1 good ad dps in their team or 2 decent ones, u have to build sunfire. If ure countering heavy caster team go for abbysal scepter. And the game should be over by now. If not, just think what do u need most in this moment. U have big variety of items to adjust:
- Rabadon's deathcap (if u didnt get it yet)
- Sunfire cape (if u didnt get it yet)
- Abbysal scepter (if u didnt get it yet)
- Rylai's scepter - good HP boost, decent AP and our hungering strike is slowing
- Thornmail may become quite handy against fed AD dps ( or 2 fed AD dpses O.o o.O )
- Aegis of legion - didnt try it, but maybe worth buyin. Still if there is support in ur team, and there should be one, it is his job to buy it.
- Banshee's veil - didnt try it as well as aegis. Overall it is good item, and might come handy, but i'm sticking to my checked build
- Quicksilver sash - Bought it maybe once. I can't really tell much about this item, so i would like to ask someone, to tell me which negative status it removes. I heard it works on karthus ult for example, but never have checked it.
Someone may ask what about FoN. Well this item doesn't fit with our gamestyle, it's not necesary for us, so it would be bad choice.

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Skill Sequence

Hungering strike maxing as first skill feels right. You are probably wondering why my next skill is blood scent. It is quite simple as whole this build. First of all, laning phase. We're soloing. We're constantly using hungering strike on their champ, but is this easy? Depends on who are we facing, but good player won't be nice and won't let us harrass themselves, not mentioning killing them. So we do our best, and when we reach magical % of their HP, we're almost done. Now our enemy isn't going to farm at all, or he will simply die. Harrassement will be sooooo easy that u can't even imagine that. On the other hand we are using hungering strike - low cd nuke skill in teamfights. How many times u have seen enemy's carry or other dps running at low hp and safely recaling to base? Well i dont see this often. Our movement speed during teamfight reaches over 500, we can chase, we can run, we can do whatever we want. At least but not last hunters call. We don't deal much AD dmg, so this skill should only be used to kill turrets or in teamfights, granting our dpses extra AS.

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Summoner Spells

I picked exhaust and flash. Let's start with the second one.
- Flash - Thanks to this, we are much less vunerable to ganks on solo lane. Next advantage of this spell is we can use it to get to our enemy when he isn't expecting that. For example, he's low hp, recalling already on dragon's camp, u have just took lizard and our blood scent is workin all the time. What do u do? Fast flash to drag, q skill etc. he's dead and u have 2 mejai stacks :) This is just must spell for me.
- Exhaust - We're simply suposed to grant our dpses oppurtunity to kill their dpses, so we surpress but it doesn't last long, so we exhaust. It is also very usefull on your solo lane, to get kill easily.

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Ranked Play

What can i say. Tried like 9 games already: 8 won 1 lost, and it wasn't my fault anyways, so i have to say this build works well. Here you go, some random of my games:

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At the begining of the laning phase u want just lasthit minions. Heal on them only if u can't harrass enemy. If you are getting advantage on lane, don't forget to JUST LASTHIT. Cut your enemy from farming, and farm yourself. You want always to be almost next to your turret. If you wanna recall, push ur lane.

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Thx for reading. I should probably apologize for my bad english, but please be good to me. Leave comments how it works on you !