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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Me and my BALL <3

Last updated on March 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Intro to Orianna

Hai Gaiz, just a blurp on Orianna the Lady of Clockwork.

Orianna is one of the few Champions that riot have assigned a full 100 difficulty rating on and they are not wrong. Orianna is a very complex champion that can fill many roles within the same game. My personal opinion on her is that, it really takes dedication to play her well, and if you are not willing to make a commitment, then she is not right for you.

From personal observations, the first few games are really rough but it really starts to pick up when you discover tricks and tips about Orianna. The learning curve about her is limitless, you can always find better ways to play her.

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Pro's and Con's

Orianna's Strength

-Great lane presence
-High damage
-Great wave clear
-No real lane counters and mismatches (difficult lanes will only boil down to a skill match up rather than "hard counters")
-Can fit in most team compositions
-Great initiation tool, also great counter initiation Tool
-Help team chase and Disengage with Speed buff and slow
-Strong shield and defense stats for either the front line or the ad carry
-Strong kiting and Peeling for the team

Orianna's Weakness

-Very high skill cap champion
-Very mana hungry
-No escapes from mid lane ganks. (besides flash or burning many many cooldowns)

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Runes/Masteries/Summoner spells

For the runes I take a standard AP mana champion rune page.

the Mana regeneration Seals are great since you will end up relying on your skills a lot to either farm, harass, or just get to places faster.

I take Flat AP glyphs and Quints to help compensate that Chalice of Harmony is my first item buy followed by Sorceress Boots. Also with her Command Protect's passive and active, the ap scaling can mitigate a lot of early game burst, so you can afford to skip the MR Runes in general.

MPen Marks are just there to help abuse your high base damage.

For Masteries I take 21-0-9 focusing on Cool Downs and AP in the offense tree, and Mana regeneration in the Utility tree. This just helps to keep you in lane longer without having to back too often for mana and again help compensate for the must buy Chalice to start.

For Summoner spells, I would highly recommend Flash and Ignite. Flash is just a good general utility tool while Ignite gives you that bit of damage in enemy All-In's or when you try to kill. You can change Ignite to your liking but generally Ignite will serve you best.

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Skill Sequence

In 9/10 games I will max Command Attack > Command Dissonance > Command Protect, while getting your ultimate, Command Shock wave, when possible.

When playing Orianna, you want to have your ball as mobile as possible without burning too much mana. Constant ball movement will help you zone your lane opponent. Your early mana pool cannot handle constant Attact Dissonance combos which will often discourage Orianna players to not use their ball as often to save mana. Command Attack alone is often enough as poke, it also plays a metagame with your lane opponent because when ever you lane your ball in a good position, your Dissonance can land almost immediately for about 1/4 of their maximum HP.

Depending on certain match ups, there is one variation in skill leveling wise, and that is to get level two Protect at Level 4 instead of Command Attack. So by Level 5, you will have 2 levels in Q, 1 level in W, and 2 Levels in E. Resume leveling up based on Priority after Level 6. This Variation is mainly to help shield against champions that rely heavily on poke to win the lane. Examples of these champions are Lux, Cassiopeiea, LeBlanc and co. This won't hinder your damage by too much while saving lots of money and time otherwise wasted on potions and recalling to base.

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A good start is two faerie charms and 3 health potions. This is the fastest route to completing a Chalice of Harmony, which is essential on Orianna. Chalice of Harmony offers MR for laning, Mana Regen for sustaining spells and eventually Builds into Athene's Unholy Grail which provides CDR, MR, AP, and Mana Regen.

Before Finishing Athene's if you manage to score a Large chunk of gold, pick up an tear of the goddess, but only if you know you are 500+ gold on your opponent (First Blood and 10 CS is a good bench mark). Working up towards Seraph's Embrace before Rylais can be very beneficial for you as you will have a much larger mana pool as well as an even larger shield to protect you. IF you do end up getting this item, complete the Archangel's staff after Rabadon's and leave out Morellonomicon from your finished build.

After Athene's, you want to look to finish MPen Boots and Rabadon's death Cap. At this point, you want as much damage as possible before team fights gets under way. The first few fight wont be too painful for you as your primary focus is to ult as many people as possible and kite. You shouldn't be tanking for any reason.

After Rabadon's, your next items should be Rylai's, and void staff. Generally you want to start building a little bit of sustain and utility. Rylai's is a great item to help CC the enemy team in fights and kite them harder (the health helps too). Void Staff is great at this point since the enemy tanks will be looking to build resistance against your team. If the enemy is not building tanky for some odd reason, feel free to switch out this item for more damage or utility like Will of the Ancients, or Abyssal or Zonya's.

If you somehow end up finishing Rabadon's before 18 minutes or around, you can consider adding in a Rod of Ages if you think the game will drag on for another 20 or so minutes. Don't get this if you have invested in a tear already, if you did meet this bench mark, chances are, it will be a surrender at 20.

As an last item, I suggest Morellonomicon since it offers you the last 20% CDR you need to Cap off as well as Mana regen, decent AP and a Healing debuff on your spells. However, given different situations, you should also consider Zonya's or WotA, depending on you and your team's needs.

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General Role In a Team

Orianna is the team's AP carry, Initiator/Counter Initiator, and support.

Orianna has a respectable damage output against any opponent. A good Catch on a squishy champion can result in a good 100-0 Combo. Lead in with Q>W, R when they are trying to get away then E>Q>W for the finish. Ignite them as well if you have it ready. If they are tanky, just be patient and keep kiting them with Q and the occasional W until your teammate show up to help.

Command Shock Wave is a great Area of Effect Ultimate that will Pull and Stun all enemies hit. You can use this as an lone initiation tool for the team or a follow up AOE after a Malphite Ult or an Amumu Ult. The Ultimate will hit where ever the ball is so you can use Command Protect on an ally to get a better range for the shock wave.

Your Command Protect will be a huge late game shield since you have the AP to bolster it's effect unlike the support's shields and heals. Any ally with the Ball on them will receive Armor and Magic Resist on top of a Shield. Good Spell to Protect your self, your AD carry or keep the Bruisers in the enemy's face longer.

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Closing Note

As Orianna, don't be surprised or upset if your score end up being 2-4-22 or something of the sort. Orianna does not have a good way to secure a kill but you shouldn't be discouraged from player her. Every team has a need for an Orianna, weather it be an AOE comp, or Protect the Carry Comp, or even an Assassination Comp. Orianna's utility will save the behinds of many team mates. End of the day, a victory is infinitely better than a good Kill Death Ratio (KDA wise, you should still be up there amongst the highest).

I am a Gold player writing this guide and Orianna has been my go to champion for any match I desperately want to win. Orianna has been carrying me ever since I've pick her up. From 1200-1500 elo, she has been my Carry. I will drop a few points while playing other Champions or roles but when I need the win, Orianna has never disappointed me, at least in my own lane and my role on the team.

GL to all of you in your quest on the ladder, I really hope to see more successful Orianna players and hey, there is a reason why TPA Toyz is so Great of an AP mid player and everyone MUST ban Orianna agaisnt them.