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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheGluttony

Mean, Green, Fighting Machine!

TheGluttony Last updated on November 12, 2010
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Hello dear Mobafire people! ^^
This is a guide of how i like to play Sion, one of my favorite champions.
I play him Ad and not AP because in my opinion you'll be a much greater asset to your team late-game playing him this way.
Also, i'm still in the proces in learning so any help, feedback or other helpfull comments are appreciated.
Also this probably looks like a lot of other Sion builds now i think about it.. Oh wel, there aren't to many ways to build him anyway.

This isn't a complete version, i will update this with more options on runes and items and more strategies.


My materies are a pretty basic 21 / 9 / 0.
Nothing much to say here i guess?

The reason you go for Offense is because Sion already has decent survivability without going for Defense.
You're better of making him an even better Dps then he already is then making him into a tank he shouldn't even be in my opinion.


Marks: Greater Mark of Desolation
Best Mark for Physical Dps champions so no suprise there i guess.
Other Marks you might want to consider are Greater Mark of Attack Speed or Greater Mark of Critical Chance.
But Desolation still takes the cake for best Mark!

Seal: Greater Seal of Evasion or Greater Seal of Vitality
I'm a huge fan of the Vitality Runes but most people prefer Dodge and thats a great stat to have to!
This gives Sion even more Survivability, not that he needed much more but hey?

Glyph: Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction
I've chosen CD Reduction per level because at later levels he becomes a great disabler with such a short cooldown on his stun.
And early game you don't have the mana to stun to much so it's beter to get per level.
That brings me to the other options you might want to consider.
Greater Glyph of Mana or Greater Glyph of Knowledge are choices to consider if you find him to be to mana starving early or late game.

Quintessence: Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Even more awesome Armor Penetration? Yes please!
Of course there are other options to consider like Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed or Greater Quintessence of Critical Chance.
But as i've mentioned before, Armor Penetration is just to good not to take as a stat when you have the choice.

Summoner Spells:

Exhaust is a great spell for Sion, it gives a chasing mechanism, a escape mechanism and a blind for when you are battling another physical Dps like Yi or Tryndamere!

Ghost is also a good way to escape or get in range of other champions to dish out some damage or atleast get a stun on them.

Other options:

Flash is a good option for escaping and also for chasing but in my opinion Ghost is better for chasing then Flash thats why i take Ghost.
Ofcourse the escaping tricks you can make using Flash makes it a good choice.
It's also a good way to counter such tricks on other chars ( Tryndamere's spin, Kassadin or Ezreal's teleport, etc. )

Never been much a fan of Cleanse but it has it's uses.
Being stunned or snared sucks for a champion like Sion but unlike some other champions i think he can survive a stun and make a comeback with something like his ultimate.

Heal is a decent option, i just think there are way better options available.

Skill Sequence:

This is Sion's bread and butter.
It makes him a unstoppable killing machine early game and hard to kill late game!
Make sure you max this first! ALWAYS!
Some people prefer to put the first skill point into Cryptic Gaze but i prefer the huge dps boost from level one.

Cryptic Gaze
Sion's second most important skill.
You will want to put points into this when you can't put points into Enrage or your Ultimate!
Another skill that makes Sion a great char both early and late game.
Once you get this skill, killing time starts!
This makes getting Fb's a piece of cake with the right partner.

Death's Caress
A good skill when you play Sion like a caster but since we won't be doing that you won't be needing this skill much.
A pretty good shield in it's own right but it scales with Ap and we won't be getting any!
Level this when you can't level anything else OR one rank early game if you need it.

Your ultimate and a great, great skill.
It gives you a HUGE amount of lifesteal and attack speed and heals your surrounding allies for an amount of the damage you deal!
Level this skill whenever you can and activate it in teamfight to not only wreak havoc among your opponents but also make sure your team stays alive!


Okay, start of buying a !
This will make laning allot easier and ensures you don't die of killing things using Enrage.

Stay in lane long enough ( won't be to hard, with a little luck you will have one or two kills soon enough ) to buy .
These baby's will give you the main thing you will be missing early game, attack speed.

The next thing you want to do is upgrade your into a .
This thing is amazing, it gives you everything you need and best of all, buffs you allies and debuffs your enemies to!

After that ( your core ) you can get any of these items:

Phantom Dancer
Phantom gives you loads of attack speed, some nice crit, a bit of dodge and movement speed.
All of these bonuses are great on Sion and i strongly suggest making this after Stark's!

Frozen Mallet
The Mallet gives you a nice boost of Hp and attack damage but the most impressive thing is the slow.
This will make you an incredible chaser and you will destroy any enemy that thinks he can walk around alone.
The problem with mallet is that it has no attack speed and i think that's a to important stat not to get.
Should you have more than enough attack speed by this point, Mallet is a great item to get.

Infinty Edge
Edge is probably one if not THE best physical dps items out there.
The only thing that stops me from making this a core item is the costly price and it pretty much forces you to have another crit source somewhere ( either runes or items ).
Should you already have some crit and some attack speed ( Phantom Dancer anybody? ) pick this baby up and prepare to double and triple kill stuff like there's no tommorow.

Other good choices could be ( but are not limited to ) :

Madred's Bloodrazor ( a.k.a the Tank Destroyer )
Last Whisper ( might be a little overkill on the ArP though.. )
The Black Cleaver ( great with all the attack speed you should have at this point )
The Bloodthirster ( great damage + super lifesteal = win )

Laning Strategies:

Early Game

When the game starts, you should try and find a laning partner that does atleast a decent amount of dps and preferably has a disable to.
The reason i dislike to lane with supporty champions is because Sion is the king ( or atleast really good, you can't argue me there ) of early game kills.
And while having a support champion makes sure you can lane a long time before having to go back, you need the dps to get those kills.
This will make sure you and your ally get the gold and exp to rock late game to.

The great thing about Sion is that by level 2 he's already a major threat tat can kill pretty much anything without loads of hp.
Make sure your teammate know who you are targetting and once he gets to far from his tower or does anyhting risky.
Once they do, go berserk! Stun them, get in a few hits, once they run away exhaust them and hopefully your teammate will have joined the killing and his hp will drop in no time!

Another word of advice.. when things go bad.. retreat!
I've seen to many people so devoted to that try that they run straight into their tower.
You will get more than enough chances to kill them so don't worry if you don't succeed the first time!

Make sure to last hit plenty of creeps, this is important because you are pretty item dependant ( not as much as most other dps but still.. ) and want to level fast to level Enrage!
Little tip here to, don't be that ******* that doesn't let your teammate get any last hits.
Chances are he/she needs them to!

Mid Game:

By now you should have a few kills and your items should be ready up to the Stark's!
This is when you help the other lanes racking in a few kills.
Enter the brush, be a little patient..
Pop Ghost, stun their faces and proceed to the usual ***-whooping!

Late Game:

Late game you should be kicking *** and taking names.
You power is now comparable to all the other heroes but with a little luck you have so much kills your items make up for that.
Just remember your not as strong as you where early game, don't become overconfident!
Be sure to Organise tame-ganks and within no time your time will be chopping down their turrets.

Examples of good laning partners:

Xin Zhao
Good early game damage and "disables", this guy slows and throws people in the air like it's nothing. :D

Pantheon has a great harras, great damage, a stun and survives tower diving.
It's all you ever wanted and something more. <3

These are ofcourse just some of the posibilities with laning.
My current laning partner mostly uses Udyr and he's great to lane with to.

Ok Mobafire, here is my build. I really hope you guys like it!
Don't be scared to leave comments, even if you don't like it. ;)
Make sure to say why though! I might chance some things thanks to you.

This isn't a complete version, i will update this with more options on runes and items and more strategies.