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Meh its a Malphite

Last updated on June 20, 2012
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Well ive played a lot of games with Malphite and this build normaly leads to a win.

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First you get a dorans shield for the extra armour and regen and health (extra sustain and dmg early on becasue mal`s e does dmg depending on your armour, this is the followed by ninja tabi.
Then get a philosophers stone for the mana regen becasue you will find that malphite runs out of mana a lot (extra gold and health rege helps too so keep it unit your building the last item).
Next build a giants belt (get around 900 gold then sell the dorans to get it) followed by a chain vest, then make the giants belt into a warmong`s armour. Then get a negatrons cloak for some magic risist and build a frozen heat and a force of nature form the cloak and armour. Next build a thornmail for extra dmg and lastly sell the philosophers and build and abyssal septer for more magic resist and dmg

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Skill Sequence

Im not sure if i put them in the right order above but basicaly get your E then W then E again then the Q and just get you E to lvl 5 as soon as you can and then the Q to lvl 5 and leave the W for last (obviously get the ulti at 6,11 and 16)

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Simply hit the back magic minions intill there all low enough to kill with your e, then finish the rest off with normal attacks
Late game you should be able to take out a hole wave by hitting each minion once then using your e killing them all.

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constantly keep the pressure on by using your e and hitting them several times every time they go for a minion kill early on, and when you sure your able to get the kill activate ghost ignite and initiate with your q then activate your w and use the e. (your normal attacks to alot more dmg than you think early on just keep hitting them and spamming e and q). Dont tower dive until your at least lvl 4 or 5.

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No specific reason i have this set-up its just its cheap to buy useful for most ap tanks