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Melee Fighter Kassadin!

Last updated on May 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Melee Fighter Kassadin

I started playing Kassadin a few months ago. I used to play it as caster and it was very strong. But i always wondered why no one uses Nether Blade actively. I thought a bit about it and did some calculations and found out that it can be the most dangerious skill of Kassadin. After a few trials, i found a great build to support Nether Blade.

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I can hear you ask that why i choosed ability power runes although i said Melee Fighter. I choosed them after alot of calculations. I considered alot of rune combinations but this way is the best for dealing huge amounts of damages.

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I choosed Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions because Kassadin is pretty weak in early game and need to be able to run easily when there is danger.

Malady and Wit's End are main support items for Nether Blade. They gives great attack speed, good magic damage like Nether Blade and recuces enemy magic resist while increases yours.

Rylai's Cyristal Scepter is my favourite item for Kassadin. It increases his survivability, adds great amount of ability power and most of all it slows the enemy each time you use a skill on them. This slow allow you to deal huge amounts of damages with Nether Blade

Hextech Gunblade is also an item for increasing the survivability. Allows you to jump in a few champions, get kills and return alive.

Rabadon's Deathcap is a great boost to ability power. It makes all of your skills deadlier then they were.

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Skill Sequence

Null Sphere is the first skill to get level 5. In early game Nether Blade is not very effective so this is the harrassing skill in early game. At level 5, it silences an enemy for 2.6 seconds which is great. With such a short cooldown, great damage and silence, this skill is very deadly in gangs.

Nether Blade is the second skill to get max level. It restores your mana with each hit passively and triples the restored amount if you are hitting a champion. You will never need to go to base for mana and you will be able to spam as much skill as you want. But this is not the best thing about this skill. The best thing about this skill is that it gives you 90 magic damage for 5 seconds when you use it and this damage increases by %15 of ability power. In 5 seconds, if you completed all the items, this skill does 1-1.5k damage.

Force Pulse does great damage and slows enemies but it has an condition to use. You need 6 charges to use this skill and you get the charges each time someone uses a skill near you. In team gangs it charges quickly but in early game, not being able to use it when you need is really irritating. So i saved it for last.

Rift Walk is the greatest skill i have ever seen in this game. Think that you have flash which you can choose where you land and deal damage there, also you can do that every 5 seconds. Isn't it amazing even when you think about it. But this isn't all, if you use it again in 8 seconds after you used it, it deals 120 extra damage and this damage stacks every time you use it again. With Nether Blade's passive you can spam this skill until it reaches 1k damage.