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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Mid Nasus is for Pros. [Tank/Initiator]

Last updated on January 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My Life Story

When I was adopted, my parents decided to...

Just kidding, this is my first guide so bare with me ;)

Lets be honest, I don't have 400+ games with Nasus, nor do I have 400+ games period.
But after having quite some success with Nasus slapped in middle the past few days I've decided to write a guide to what might suit others' gameplay.

On a side note before I continue this guide I'll tell you that sometimes it's best for you to grab the 1v2 lane if available, and leave the mid lane for a nice carry.

But I still believe Nasus is a great mid, and even an under-estimated one.

You may be thinking, "Why mid Nasus?".
And I may be thinking that you should scroll down and find out.

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Pros and Cons of Mid Nasus

Can push any lane at ease
One of the best initiators late game I.M.O.
The ability to smack turrets hard
Sufficient MR and Mana pool
Nice speed debuff for ganking lanes
Able to harass the other mid carry


Siphoning strike may not be at it's full potential end game.
A bit hard to master
Oddly frowned down upon :*(

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Summoner Spells

I choose to take Ghost
I choose to take Exhaust
Reason being picking off easy kills in the middle if they're being stupid, or if you have time to run to a lane where the enemies have over-extended , you can easily Ult+Ghost, wither when they run and exhaust if needed.

You may not experience that exact scenario, but you get the point :3

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Now I don't have any specified tanking runes personally, but I'll use my best judgement for runing.

Full Greater Glyphs of Clarity

Full Greater Marks of Warding

Seals : I'll need feedback on what you think is best.

Full Greater Quintessences of Fortitude or Full Greater Quintessences of Evasion (?)

Glyphs - For that extra boost in MR when you continuously use Spirit Fire.

Marks - Most of the time AD carries will get a Madreds, your marks will help mitigate that. Not to mention AP carries are effected also.

Quints - I would most likely stick with the Quints of Fortitude, as it will give you a generous early game for the first few levels.

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I usually start with aand build that into aas soon as possible, which helps tremendously on your MR and not to mention that most of the time the other mid will be some sort of AP carry, if not, still stick with the chalice for continuous lane dominance xP.

I then grab boots corresponding to there hardest hitters, or if they just flat out have too much CC obviously grabmerc treads.

From there I still gear accordingly to the other team. (These aren't in order)

Balanced Team =And definitely a thornmail if they have someone like Ashe or Trynd.

AP=And I would still grab a Guardians due to it's nice passive, and also because you should have some nice Magic Res from your chalice also.

AD=And a Guardians. ( I like guardians :3)

The objective obviously isn't to have a ****-load of HP, but to develop a nice sum of Armor or Magic Res. in the end to initiate a fight.

Not saying HP is bad, but I only use it for that extra "kick".

Feel free to correct me on these items btw, I made this part up on the spot :P.

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Farming the Middle Lane

If you fail at doing this you pretty much fail at playing in the Middle.

You want to slap down Spirit Fire to hit all 6 creeps, while hopefully creating some space between you and your opponent.

Abuse this time and get a creep kill for your Siphoning Strike.

Repeat this until you push to there turret, from there knock a SS on there turret once and run, or stay and attack it if you think you can take the punishment.

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Team Work!


is a bit easier to play in team fights.

Your goal is to initiate for someone like, lets say Katarina, to Shunpo in and pop her ult.

Now you may not have someone like Katarina on your team but the same concept applies to anyone really.

Coordinate ganks in other lanes too if you're doing pretty hot in the middle.

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In the end..

If all is played well, win or lose, your results should be awesome.

Now as this is my first guide please correct me, debate with me, or simply +1 this build :)

I'll be updating this frequently if I receive some feed back.

Thanks and Good luck~