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League of Legends Build Guide Author Convoluted

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Convoluted Last updated on September 24, 2010
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I have been playing MF a lot - she seems to be all my favorite things about my favorite champs pulled into one. I tried a few builds, and found that this is the most effective build and when combined with smart playing and good skill shots will take out any other MF build... unless the person is more skilled than you. So enjoy, and give me feedback since this is my first build I've posted. Intelligent and useful feedback though, please.


Each rune type works to its strengths. Armor penis self explanatory, dodge sealsgive, on average, 6.75% basic damage reduction over all, and the CDR glyphslet you use your abilities more often, which is key to success as MF.
One exception would be on seals: using seals of fortitude will make you seem more intimidating (even though 6.75% dmg reduction is technically better), which can cause your opponents to retreat behind their minions where you can easily nail them with your Q skill.
The Quints of strength are preferable in this case to armor pen since they go towards your ulti as well. Armor pen could still be useful, its just a matter of preference.

Keep in mind, what really makes the biggest difference is how well you play.


Completely standard. Greed could be grabbed instead of mana regen if you wanted, since manamune is one of the first items. Get magic pen for ulti and for E.

Summoner spells:

Most people put in a huge section about what to get and what not to get. I say that ghost and exhaust are the only good options for MF, because she can get away from sticky situations with her E spell so flash isn't needed, and her chasing capability from strut and frozen mallet and your bouncing Q let you get people as they try to run so ignite won't do you much good.

Skill progression:

A lot of people like to level W before E. This should probably be based on who your enemy is; for example, maxing E is useless against vlad since he can just pool.
Also, your E lets you farm waves of creeps very quickly, and how fast MF is lets you run around and farm very quickly, giving you an advantage over the other players.

Item build:

Your core should look like this:

Start with meki pendant and two health pots. next go for ruby crystal or long sword, depending on how well you are doing against your opponent. The meki pendant is preferable to ruby crystal as a starting item because your Q does huge damage if you use it right, and the ability to continue using it consistently is a huge plus.
Next, get boots of speed and then manamune. I go for manamune next because it increases dmg as well as making spamming your abilities much better, and the sooner you get the mana stacks the sooner manamune will be worth the money.
Next, I finish my Berzerker's greaves. Then I get the Frozen Mallet because the chasing and running capacity you get from the slow will net you so many kills and ally saves that its ridiculous.
At any point during building the Frozen Mallet, it may be worth the 450 gold to buy a vampiric scepter. Do this whenever you are being harassed in your lane (if you're still in your lane at this point) to low health to help get you back up.
Next, I get The Bloodthirster. This item rocks because the lifesteal + your slow from mallet + ghost + strut + exhaust can allow you to take on a melee or two champion with very little health left and kite them in circles while you heal yourself with BT and stay out of range.
Next, I get either Black Cleaver or Infinity Edge, depending on how much armor the enemy has. I find Black Cleaver to be much preferable to items like Ghostblade that give armor pen because the AD bonus helps Q as well as your ultimate.
Then get Black Cleaver or Infinity edge (whichever you didn't finish before). If you got Infinity edge and the enemy doesn't have much armor at all, go for another Bloodthirster. the 100 dmg and 25% lifesteal can make you a real pain in the ***. You can get crits that are out of this world with 2x BT and infinity edge.

Most of you are probably wondering why there is no AS. MF's Q and R are both dependent upon AD, and kiting is easy as MF and you get maximum damage output if you can manage to run, turn and shoot right about when your next attack would be, run, etc. If you have a high AS, you miss out on a lot of shots and kiting is incredibly inefficient.
MF's R is a game changer. Getting it strong will make your team love you and win games, even if your 1v1 dmg output is not quite as strong as if you had gotten madred's or ghostblade.


A lot of people feel (from what I have seen) that auto attacking is MF's strength. While it is very useful, the majority of your damage comes from well placed skills.
I plan to attach some screenshots of using Q on running champions and intimidating enemies into a vulnerable position soon, but for now here it is in words:
When a champion runs, get ready to use Q on the LAST in a line of creeps. This will guarantee that the shot will hit them. Get used to the range of the bounce, as it tends to be larger than most people expect (this will probably change when people get used to it).
Once an enemy champion is low, you have them if you play it right. If they are smart (or think they are), then they will try to avoid getting too close to you, so stand back from the creeps and let them get close to the minions to try to grab some kills. Approach them, and when they get past the last creep of theirs fire your Q. Your frozen mallet will slow them enough for you to drop your E on them, and then its only a few hits (typically) until they die.
This also works (minus the E and auto attack and kill) very well for harassing. If the enemy doesn't run when you approach them, just auto attack them. You can be a pain in their *** - if they run, you deal huge dmg to them with your Q, and if they stay you auto attack them. Even good opponents will make the mistake here of not devoting to one or the other and will walk one way or another and change their mind, giving you more time to slip in a few progressively stronger auto attacks thanks to your W and letting your skills cool down maybe to the point where you can nail them again with your Q.
Try to move yourself into a position at which your 2nd target is the only one within the 180 degrees behind your 1st target.
Whenever it is possible, it is better to hit an enemy with the bounce than the initial shot. the 120% makes WORLDS of difference.

Grab the red buff whenever possible. A little more dmg is always good and the slow is great too and almost necessary before you get up to frozen mallet.
A note on smart gameplay for all heros: GRAB THE DRAGON WHENEVER POSSIBLE. Of course, try to get your entire team to go with you and try to be aware of where the enemies are.

Positioning your R is incredibly important. Drop an E 1st to slow the enemies, then let them have hell. try to get them in a tight space.
Unless you can get all 5 (or at least 4) enemy champs inside your ulti, I find it better to use your ulti when people try to run. The range is huge and can grab 2 or 3 enemies when they try to run sometimes.
Your ulti can make or break a game. It can get enemy champs weak enough to get an ace and turn the game around, or simply make you dominate in all team fights. Again, Positioning is key.