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Miss Fortune Build Guide by LamiaLoveless

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LamiaLoveless

Miss Fortune: All-in Offensive

LamiaLoveless Last updated on September 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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Utility: 4

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Please do not downvote if you do not agree with something!!! Type it in the comments!
I have been tinkering around with Miss Fortune (who will now be referred as MF from this point), and I consider myself to be a decent player. I've won a lot of games with her and I do not recall ever being negative with MF (I guess I am a positive thinker :) ). I would print screen my stats for all the games with MF but they all got bumped away since I frequently used her quite a while ago... =( This guide is also for me because I tend to switch champions very often. I have almost every single hero in the game (about 5 and a half lines when in champion select w/o the free heroes), and I tend to sometimes forget builds on some of my best champions.

Lets jump.

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I take AD pen and AD along with CD.

Note that this is not the ideal rune setup for MF. I personally use CD because I hate buying champion specific runes, so if you want something for MF specifically, get Armor Pen, AD, and HP. Armor Pen is very good across all phases of the game; you deal so much more damage. HP is good early game, as it helps you from getting killed 1v1 at mid and such. AD is more of a secondary option, since the runes do not give too much AD unless you are running a fully stacked AD page.

Remember, for MF:
AD Pen = HP > AD > everything else

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Masteries - Do not make anyone want to smack you.

Self explanatory, do not take stupid ****.

21 for full offense. Attack damage on Minions helps for early game farming; keep up in mid.

5 for defense, take some armor and magic res. to save your *** in close calls.

4 for utility, get reduced death timer and ghost, it saves games.

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Items - BnB build and Tech items;If you do not know what this is I will QQ.

Just look at the list.
For BnB's You NEED boots and damage. Lifesteal is always good because it helps AD carries stay in the fight as long as they do not get CC'd. If you do not feel liek getting 2x Bloodthirster then just get 1x Black Cleaver, 1x Infinity Edge.

GA's is my preferred item. You can tech different items for the situation; thornmail against AD, Banshees for AP casting team, etc. I hope your judgment is good enough to carry on it's own.

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Skill Sequence

Just max out Q first, then W, then R, then E

E should only be used when initiating or ganking, to slow the champion getting ganked.

R should only be used when farming a lane / pushing. You can also stop pushes on your turret with R.

W should be used constantly when fighting. It helps you get out higher AS, resulting in higher DPS, which helps your lifesteal and win chances.

Q should be spammed the **** out of because it does so much damage and just ****s people up. I will get into how to use it for laning and such in a different section.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Flash.

If you get anything else people will laugh at you.

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First, I am going to explain the type of mentality you should maintain when playing a carry on a team. I believe this to be more important than items and skill orders:

1. Never put yourself in a position where you think you might die.
-Probably the most important, you would think that people always do this. Sadly that is not true. "Respawning" has made our gaming society put less value on living... If you think a gank is coming, fall back. Kills can always be reclaimed, deaths cannot.

2. Don't listen to your teammates if you think it is going to get you killed.
-No Brainer, Do not fall for peer pressure! Some people are just out there to troll you. I once made my friend, who was playing panth, dive into mid for a gank 2v2, and I just sat there watching him die as Kayle with ulti! :P He was so pissed xD

3. Never initiate a Team Fight without your tanks.
-Really? Playing phyiscal carries all the time got me thinking: I'm getting focused if I go in there, and I ain't a tank, so therefore, I ain't going in there. Just remember that.

4. Eye the Minimap!! Quickly look at other lanes!
-Very Important, can give you a lot of info, like who is in jungle (situationals into early blood), possible afk, possible bad players on both teams, possible good players, possible ganks, etc. Very important.

5. Never type unless needed!
-You have no idea how many times I have seen people die because they are busy typing. Like for example, We lose a teamfight, 2v4 now. Nunu is in mid brush at 400 hp trying to type "get down noobz." His Team is pushing mid thinking that we are running away, so we go around mid and kill Nunu. He then types "wow can only kill me while typing noob 1v1 Ill win".

If you follow those EXTREMELY SIMPLE rules at all times, you are bound to do exceptionally well in most matches.

Now I'm going to explain the phases of the game and what MF should do.

1.Early Game
1.1 Early Game Laning:
-Do not rely on your team to call MIA's, keep a good look at your minimap at all times. Standard Laning is 2-1-2 (Top-Mid-Bot number of heroes). If ANY of the champs are missing (like a 2-1-1), back up a little bit and stick towards the side opposite from the missing lane since you know that the a champ from that lane is missing. If a gank truly does occur, you will be as far as possible from the ganking champ, and if you are ever in trouble, flash and ghost away. The percentage of survival drastically increases if you perform these steps. Very standard for early game laning, most people can't even do this. Also, if you notice there is a jungler on the other team, this may require your attention pre-laning phase. I'll talk about it later.
-Try to LAST HIT all minions at mid. I cannot stress this enough. This is the only thing that is going to keep you in the game if you die, in terms of cash. This is not only important with MF, it is important with every single champ in the game and it defines the better players from others.

1.2 Early Game Ganking:
-Most people believe that pre-game initiation will not do anything. Well, it can, so always try to mess with the other team before the minions spawn.
-With MF, you want to gank at around level 7-8 ish because she has her ult and pretty high damage by then with her impure shots. Tell other lanes to harass the other heroes well and to not push their lanes (only last hit). This is important because it will be hard to gank if the other team is just tower hugging. Tell your teammates to bring them away from tower by letting their lane get over run, harass a little bit, and come in and in this specific order, do this: Impure Shots, Make It rain, 1 auto attack, Double Up (cancel auto attack animation after bullet comes out for higher DPS), 1 auto attack, Bullet Time. This is what it should look like: you come out from bot river brush, press W, press E, land it, slows the enemy, right click the enemy champ, press Q, land it, Right click again, Bullet Time. I find that Bullet Time is great at snatching enemies that are running away.
-You MUST check blue golem or normal golem before minions spawn with your team if the following heroes are on the other team: Warrick, Fiddlesticks, Olaf, Udyr, Shaco, and Trundle. I have no idea why people never check, even when there are 3 of the above heroes ,2 of which have smite, listed on the other team. If any of these heroes have smite, chances are they are going for a early blue, in which case you can bring your whole team to that area and get a pre-game First Blood. Do not be afraid to use your summoner skills while chasing them too, so long as you get the kill it is all worthwhile. HOWEVER, be warned. Often times by doing so, you will initiate a pre-game 5v5 if the other team is smart. In this case, it will be a matter of who has the higher DPS at level 1 to guarantee a win. MF has amazine DPS at level 1, so don't be afraid to commit with your team if needed.
-You can check blue shortly after blue golem spawns, too. But you will have to go by yourself since laning started. If you catch a jungler grabbing blue you can just come in for the easy kill and grab it yourself!

2. Mid Game
2.1 Mid Game Laning:
-Laning in this phase is a LOT MORE RISKY. I would say at around the 30 minute mark, you should definitely be wary of who is where and your survivability. If your team gets ganked hard at this phase it will put you behind by a lot and your chances of winning will decrease.

2.2 Mid Game Ganking:
-Likewise, your team should be looking for easy kills and money. Get someone to ward dragon, countergank if they try to get it. Make sure your whole team is very close to each other so that if there is a big fight your team can go all out.

3. Late Game
3.0.1 Late Game Laning:
-OK. I have no idea why I see people laning in this phase.... It will get your team to lose since it opens up gank opportunities. I'm just gonna change it now.
3.1 Late Game PUSHING and Teamfights:
-In the Late game, as a phyiscal carry, you want to get as many towers pushed and as many teamfights won. This way, you can ensure that your team will win. You should somewhat be at all teamfights to get out your high dps. Make sure you do not get exhausted, and if you do, you best bet is to flash out, ghost, let the tank tank for a bit, then go back in and use the old one-two-threemillion step combo I told you to use earlier. If there is an immediate 5v5, do not use that combo. Instead, use your make it rain to slow everyone, then unleash your bullet time somewhere safe, and watch their hp drain as they slowly try to run towards/away you. If they all end up dropping at this point then it should be a win for your team. Remember, also to focus out the squishies. MAKE SURE YOU KILL ALL SQUISHIES first before you kill the tanks. The tanks have terrible dps and they usually charge your first. Ignore them! :P go directly for their dps. After that, push as many towers as you can and gg it.


-Ok, before you all start trolling me, let me explain myself!

I played around with the masteries a bit. For MF, there is no point in putting anything in defense because chances are that extra armor and that little bit of reduced damage isnt going to save u in a 5v5 squishout. If the other team knows what they are doing then they will have no problem killing you with or without those defensive masteries. That being said, the only useful branches are utility and offense. I get the ghost mastery and perseverance because they help MF out a lot. With persever, you have a little bit more laning power and that MP regen is decent too. With Ghost mastery you get reduced cd on ghost and a little bit longer effect and speed. The level 2 utilities expanded mind and awareness are just a no on MF. Even the level 3 utilities aren't that great for except maybe for monster buff and gold, but it's not completely viable the way you should play.

So I pool everything else in Offense.
You might be asking this: "Why the ability power and the magic pen?"
Well, MF is a bit special. Her Bullet Time, Impure Shots, and Make it Rain are all semi-ap based (Make it Rain is fully ap based). Getting that little bit of extra damage out in the teamfight is extremely important sometimes squishies escape with a couple hp, if you have that AP then you could have killed them! You still focus auto attack and damage, but you can't forget the little things either. Getting the AP and magic pen just increases your overall dps since MF does have ap based skills.

However, I have not completely tested out the effectiveness of magic penetration. I do not believe it works on Madreads BloodRazor but I do believe it works on Impure Shots, giving you that extra damage. If possible, I would like someone to confirm.


Do I really need to say anything here? It's really self explanatory.
Max double up, get one on make it rain, but not too early otherwise it will get you into mana problems! Max impure after double, and get bullet time whenever you can!
However, I will explain the art of Double Up Harassment and Cancel!

Basically Double up is your heart, your soul, of the game. Level it up to max first!
Double up hits the target right behind it from where you are standing, so if you want to hit an enemy champ you have to be parallel to the champ-minion-you! like in a straight line.
Double Up cancelling is the best! Basically all you do is auto attack(right click), and as soon as you see that bullet come out you target the enemy with your Double Up, it goes out, then since your double up is used it cancels the time in between your attacks so you can auto attack right after you double up. It increases your overall DPS by a lot and it works great while grabbing money in jungle if you ever need to.

One thing I would like to state: I decided that attack speed and crit is not as viable as full on attack damage for MF. Due to Impure shots and the small atk speed bonus from madreads, it makes PD's less viable. MF could be played as a completely static auto-attacker (Yi,Ashe), but in this guide MF wont be. She will be mixing in skills with auto attack to increase overall DPS. Most static auto-attackers wont survive a teamfight long enough to actually get enough attacks off, unless you are trynd =.= because they get exhausted, focused, and they are pretty much done. If you ever find yourself as MF exhausted, flash out, ghost immediately, as exhaust immediately drops your viability in a teamfight to nearly unviable. Once it's over, go back in if the fight is still on. Remember, you staying alive is always the most important as a carry. At this point, if you die, you might feed a legendary or a godlike money bonus to them, and that just feels bad.

Start potting after you have all your items!

If you ever try playing MF, try doing things I talked about here, you should do fairly decent! If you have any questions or trolling to do please do so! First guide so I need some people to shed some light!