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League of Legends Build Guide Author xcaliber88

Miss Fortune - AP Bullets

xcaliber88 Last updated on September 10, 2010
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ok well since they dont have a miss fortune champ to select i will just talk about my build, i have been doing different tests and for me AP is the best way to go. i start off with

1. Meki Pendant
2. Fiendish Codex
3. then get boots of speed and build it into Sorc Boots (for your W, E, and Ult skill)
4. then get Guinsoo's Rage Blade (now this benefits all ur skills and the attack speed is a must and goes hand in hand with ur W skill)
5. go for Nashor's Tooth (more ability power and attack speed is always good and cool down)
6. Get Rylais for survivability and damage/hunting
7. Void Staff for magic pen and AP

so far as runes i just go Magic pen/health/cool down

Skills: get Make it Rain and then alternate between impure shots max those two first, with the AP items and magic pen you can kill any size way of minions with make it rain which = more money to get items quicker only activate impure shots to kill champs with the AP stacking the DoT's will kill them fast and ofcourse always lvl up your ulti when you get a chance which also benefits from AP.

Spells: i get exaust and Ghost for hunting down.

Masteries: im still not sure which way to go cuz im still experimenting but but prety much just like ghost,magic pen, mana regen, like an alternate version of gnagplanks masteries but with AP lol.

Test out this build if it works for you (works for me) come back and post a comment... here are some screen shots of my last few games ive been testing out manmune and mejais since i got better with kills