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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Miss Fortune - AP for Noobs =]

Last updated on September 19, 2010
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Miss Fortune ,The Bounty Hunter

This guide is not for the pro ganker. This is for your friend who doesnt do so well in games. =]

Start off by laning with the tank if possible. Ask him to help you with last hits... get the mobs weakened then rain of bullets on them =] try to save mana and just last hit if you can until they close to the tower. Don't go past river at all... Don't bother harassing. Do Not Die :P

soon as u can go buy the soulstealer... now... the way this works is u get tons of ability power per stack... 2 for kill 1 for assist.. and at 20 u get cooldown reduction... if you don't think you can handle staying alive... this item will not be nearly as useful as say... soul shroud :P so you might wanna get mana manipulator at the start and work on soul shroud instead. its more expensive but you will have the cooldown reduction faster and more life with that... and mana regen... now then after you get a soulstealer :P cos you want to be uber and are going to get it anyways... you want to work up enough to buy yourself a philosopher stone and some boots!

Now you want to be part of any gank. doesnt matter how much you help as long as you hit him once for the assist... this is to stack your soulstealer. mainly you will rain on them to slow them down and then try to autoattack. DO NOT CHASE! DO NOT DIE! =] u lose stacks when you die.

K if you cant help out then just lane wherever you are needed.

Once you finish Rylai's Staff you will be much more helpful. you will slow them down when raining even more and your ult will slow them down and make it harder to get out of it =]

Upgrade boots... Mercury's if you wanna be safe... Mobility if you want to be quick.. helps get out of jams too... Mobility if you are primarily running between lanes farming the mobs while the rest of the team does all the work... i mean.. umm.. ganking :P

okay.. work on that Glacial Shroud next for the uber cooldown reduction and much needed armor... and then your abysmal staff for your magic resist... ability power... and aura to reduce their magic reduction :P Upgrade to the Frozen heart... and Then hit Tab

are they stacking magic resist? if so... get a void staff... if not... get zonyas ring and learn how to click it when needed... if they attack you first in a fight you hit it to become immune... they will change targets and voila you are free hopefully :P plus it has tons of ability power and such... other options are GA... samething if they kill you first... then you come back to life a few sec later and can help again hopefully... This also has more armor/resist but isnt as good as the ring... Also how are your stacks coming on soulstealer? if you dont have any yet... then sell the soulstealer call it a fail and buy soul shroud unless someone else already has it. If you are totally owning and looking for more power sell your boots and get the Sorc Shoes.

Your rain will decimate the creep spawns now almost instantly and you will slow anything in your path quite a bit. Just rain then Impure shots. Double as extra damage but this build doesnt compliment that very much... Stay alive and Live long and prosper. =]

BTW... DO NOT take the blue buff or red buff... give that to your ganking buddies who need it... you have max cooldown reduction with this build already... you shouldnt be hurting for mana at all... and you have more slow than you can handle already with your spells... if you need another item get some spell vamp from will of the ancients or ask a team mate to :P

Good luck good hunting. Try it out.