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League of Legends Build Guide Author Amazing LOL

Miss Fortune - Critical buster

Amazing LOL Last updated on September 12, 2010
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This build is based not on skill spam, but auto-attack spam, with HUGE critical strikes, for over 800 damage, at an awesome attack speed, wich goes for over 2 when you get your second Phantom Dancer. Gaming skills and knowledge are needed to completely rock with this build, so if you're kinda noob, and this might be the first champion you bought, pay extreme attention to the tips and tricks wich are all over the build.


  • Huge critical strikes

  • Awesome attack speed

  • Big damage, so your Ultimate and Double Up still deal ridiculous amounts of damage

  • Can -almost- solo Baron Nashor when the build is complete. I SAID ALMOST


  • Squishy... VERY SQUISHY

  • Extremely mana-hungry until mid game

  • Very item-dependant... in other words, you need to farm constantly

  • Requires wise gameplay - Spamming skills will just make you and your team lose preety fast, even if spamming gets you a kill or two

Gameplay summary

Basically, you must spam auto-attack. You will be dealing huge damage in the whole game, so don't worry AT ALL about damage output. Your skills must be used mainly for harassing, you can last-hit minions with critical strikes, so you don't have to waste mana on them. Taking the mid lane is recommended, but not necesary, you can lane everywhere, with everybody. Oh and... DON'T GET FED ALONE. I'm serious, feeding yourself will only get you another defeat. Why you ask? Well, just think about it:
  • She always gets focused
  • She can't fight correctly once your enemies are close-by
  • The only escape mechanism is popping on Ghost before you get hit

In other words, yes, you will get killed very easily, and if you fed yourself, letting your team-mates die or just don't get any gold, once you die, it's OVER. They will push, take your towers, inhibitor, and nexus if possible.
Just let them have some kills too if possible, 'cause you know: **** happens.

Skill use

  1. Double Up

    Use it mainly for harassing. To harass, always try to land the second hit on your opponent.
    While laning, wait until there's only one enemy minion left and the champion, then cast Double Up on that minion.
    While team-fighting, always cast it on the tank, so that any squishy behind him gets huge damage.
    Also, remember that it triggers on-hit effects, so using this can slow 2 champions with lizard's buff. When your build is complete, it should damage enemies for around 400-500.
    Tanks can easily lower this damage to 250-350, be careful thinking this skill can nuke 'em.

    Note: Don't get carried away using it, mostly in early game, just use it when you know it will hit, and when it's actually WORTH using.
    Example: If your enemy is a Tristana wich started with Vampiric Scepter, don't waste your mana harassing her (Unless you are 90% sure you can kill her), just farm minions until you can nuke her with your ultimate, or maybe auto-attack.

  2. Impure Shots

    This skill is simple to use, just remember to use it when you WILL hit them, not while kite-ing or chasing champions, else it's just a waste.

  3. Make It Rain

    As in the champion spotlight video, it's preety useful when combined with your ultimate, but don't ALWAYS do this, wasting this skill when you can land your ultimate successfully without it may cost you a kill or two.
    For example, when an ally is running from a gank, DON'T USE IT. Just ult 'em, most of times they won't be fast enough to escape from it, and if somebody survives, you can chase em, then Make It Rain blocking their escape rute, and finish 'em.
    The main idea for this skill is to grant you higher chances of landing your ult succesfully, but it's also useful to finish them off, so don't waste it at all, consider all probabilities before using it.
    You can also use it while laning, to bust a whole wave of creeps.

    Note: This skill can be used while running from an enemy to guarantee your escape, just cast it on yourself and keep running.

  4. Bullet Time

    Finally, the skill that makes this champion worth buying, it's ultimate.
    There are some rules that must be followed so that it is landed successfully:
    • NEVER land it thinking enemies will run inside it, land it with most of 'em inside already

    • NEVER use this skill to save a badly injured ally from a gank, they will just focus you, and kill you

    • NEVER try to predict where enemies are (when you are jungling)

    • NEVER use it as a wall (Example: Enemies are running in north direction, and you use it from the west of their path). They won't get much damage, and sometimes almost no damage at all. Only use it -following the example- from north or south.

    Note: North-west and North-east also work, but there's a chance that they won't recieve the ridiculous damage they should.

    Note2: Only use Make It Rain before this skill when nobody can stop your enemies. If you're fighting alongside Amumu, for example, using your ultimates together will cause SEVERE damage, and most of times a WHOLE TEAM nuke (With Amumu using it's ult first, of course).

Build Adjustments

When fighting 2 or more tanks

Buy Last Whisper before your second Phantom Dancer, and leave The Bloodthirster behind.
We leave it behind to have a little more ArP to bust these tanks~

When fighting serious AP nukers on a team (Like Veigar and Ryze together)

Buy Banshee's Veil before your second Phantom Dancer, and leave The Black Cleaver behind.
We leave it behind since these nukers are mostly squishy, and we don't need ArP~

When fighting serious disablers on a team (Like Amumu, and others together)

Buy Quicksilver Sash before your second Phantom Dancer, and leave The Bloodthirster behind.
We leave it behind since here, life steal won't be useful at all, like a little more damage, since you'll get disabled all the time. ArP is much more important here, even more if we fight alongside DPS champs~


Champion spotlight by Phreak:

Well, it's not finished yet, since I didn't explain the whole gameplay. I will do this soon, also I'll post screenshots and maybe videos about gameplay and DOs and DON'Ts.
By the way, this is the first build I make public here.

Thanks for reading, please comment... and correct me if I'm wrong somewhere~