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Miss Fortune Build Guide by MFdoom

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MFdoom

Miss Fortune (dominoion) get naxty

MFdoom Last updated on November 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Basically I go w/ per lvl ad runes for a few reasons. 1 is because in dominion you lvl up so fast that by the time you are lvl 9 these runes surpass the flat ad runes. Also the first 3 items i start w/ are great for attack speed, some damage, and that extra magic damage works out well so the extra ad by the time you get to those 3 items is about an extra pick axe (+25dmg). I've tried crit runes, attack speed runes, armor pen, exc. and these have worked out by far the best. With strut, ghost,and boots u dont need any runes for move speed either. And finally at lvl 18 which most games end up all these runes add up to almost an extra bf sword :)

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masteries/ spells

pretty simple mostly on dmg and added exost, some on armor and mag resist, and less time dead help out great an extra on ghost. pretty self explanatory.

spells are also self explanatory ghost for the speed to back door, get to a tower faster, or get to a team fight to ult like a mother

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Start with pick axe for the dmg and boots for the speed i like to grab mid then rush top w/ ghost normaly resulting in me getting there before thier 4th player and grabbing some kills and taking the towe

then go to strait for recurve bow or bloodrazors right away for the ad, attack speed, and extra magic dmg.

Then get your bezerkers greaves for the move speed and attack speed.

If you have the money get the recurve bow for the attack speed but if not grab the ruby crystal; for the health. as soon as you can get ionic spark the better the attack speed, health and spread magic dmg will help with minions, multiple champs, or both added in w/ the magic dmg from you bloodrazors and make it rain will do great damage to multiple foes.

If i can get bf sword first grab it up again if not go for the vamp scepter you both items serve you good for dmg and lifesteal but get the sanguine blade asap for the lifesteal and dmg which works out great for the attack speed you already have and always raising runes and the blade itself for kills.

then its time to just get brutal withe yet another bf sword or dagger to rush for the black cleaver the armor pen w/ your masteries, the attack speed and dmg just making you even harder to kill and still your runes adding onto that dmg.

and last but not least entropy is great for dmg, more health, and with make it rain your slows will be even better and w/ your speed and ad most people cannot get away even tanky characters thanks to your mix of ad, magic dmg, armor pen, and lifesteal all working together to murk anyone you face

also if you are playing a heavy ap team grab witts end for the mag resist, attack speed, and added magic damage then decide on the cleaver or entropy to end :p

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make it rain and impure shots are your bread and butter between the slows added magic dmg and attack speed lvl them up as fast as possible.

double up just give it one to start and level up last it helps but not even close to your other abilities

and for your ult just level it up every times you get a chance to dominate in team fights

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the one that i am not in first was a friend playing the rest of the list is 8-1st place, 1-2nd place, and the one my friend played and didnt rank at all -_-'