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League of Legends Build Guide Author Suiaerl

Miss Fortune, Hybrid Extroidinair

Suiaerl Last updated on October 24, 2011
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Music while you look!

I got this idea from my boyfriend who does guides on here as well. This song is for Sarah =). Enjoy!

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Sarah Fortune is a bounty hunter who's love for her guns is unmatched even by me! Her story is heart breaking but gives way to her personality and her unique talents.

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Summoner Spells

Since she is a ranger hybrid carry as of the last patch i have had to re vamp my build for her, unfortunately this includes her summoner spells.

Normally i get Clarity and Exhaust.

Some people might find that Exhaust and Ignite works well with her but often enough you wont need ignite.

Some of you might be wondering why i chose Clarity for her, well this is simple to explain. When i lane with her no matter how hard i try i always run low on mana rather quickly because of the way i harass. Clarity helps with this, it is also not bad to have around if you have a Karma, Sona or Soraka around.

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As for mastery's i usually use the 9/0/21 making sure to take the enhancements in Exhaust and Clarity.

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For her Runes i use the following:

9 Greater Marks of Strength- Mark of Strength gives +0.95 flat damage. With 9 of these your bonus damage will be +8.55.

9 Greater Seals of Strength- Seal of Strength gives +0.43 flat damage. With 9 of these your bonus damage will be +3.87.

9 Greater Glyph of Potency- Glyph of Potency gives +0.99 flat ability power. With 9 of these your bonus Ability Power will be +8.91.

2 Greater Quintessence of Potency- Greater Quintessence of Potency gives +4.95 flat ability power. with 2 of these your bonus ability power will be +9.9.

1 Greater Quintessence of Strength- Greater Quintessence of Strength gives +2.25 flat damage. With 1 of these you will have (Obviously) +2.25 damage.

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Dorans Ring(buy 2 of these)->Ionian Boots of Lucidity-> Hextech Gunblade->Sheen-> Sell Dorans Blades for Guinsoos Rageblade-> Nashors Tooth-> Frozen Mallet-> Lichbane

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Skill Sequence

Since i start with mass amounts of Ability Power i start with Make it Rain at level one just follow my ****py guide below =)

1- Make it Rain
2- Double up
3- Impure Shots
4- Make it Rain
5- Make it Rain
6- Bullet Time
7- Double up
8- Double up
9- Impure Shots
10-Make it Rain
11-Bullet Time
12-Double up
13-Make it Rain
14-Double up
15-Impure shots
16-Bullet Time
17-Impure Shots
18-Impure shots

Maxing make it rain is effective both for the slow and the damage it will do with your AP.

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Team Work

With this build and Skill Sequence you are better to stay behind your group. Staying behind your group will be hard because you will have to constantly move.

When a group fight occurs it is a good idea to lead with Make it Rain, it will cause the enemy's to scatter and it will be easier to pick them off. Next use impure shots for the extra AS and then use Double up. To secure a kill you think may get away try using Bullet Time. With this build i find it hard not to Kill Steal from my boyfriend no matter how hard i try! You may find a way though, i have faith in my fellow players =)

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This build of mine i find takes a high amount of farming.... So i find that solo mid works well with her. If you find yourself solo mid then you might find that early game it is best to play a bit passively and just harass with Make it Rain and Double Up.

I play a bit aggressive when i am laned with a melee for the fact that if they can not farm they can not help you. Aggressive playing early game will help a melee partner.

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Pros / Cons

1. High Damage
2. Easier Solo Lanes
3. Does well in Team fights
4. Good Hybrid Carry

1. Easily Focused because of lack of health
2. May not be able to jungle well due to low mana pool
3. Unable to solo take turrets....sadly

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All in all this build focuses on her Make it Rain and AP for her ultimate. This build may not be for everyone but this is my two cents on it! Have fun hope you enjoy =)