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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zoro Roronoa

Miss Fortune - It's Fortune, Miss Fortune

Zoro Roronoa Last updated on March 1, 2011
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This is a quick guide on how i play Miss Fortune, one of the best champions out there. First i will talk about my rune choices and why. Next is my masteries and summoner spells and why. Third will be my skill sequence and again, why. Fourth will be my item build and explanations on what to use at certain times. Finally, i will go over the early, mid, and late game strategies.

Here is a picture to show that the build works in a ranked setting. Uploaded with[/img]

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................................................................................Greater Mark of Desolation ..................................................................................

For my runes, i choose Greater Mark of Desolation Armor pen. Marks because your an AD Carry...not getting them would just be stupid.

Then i get Mana/5 seals as having just that you should be fine on mana throughout the whole game as long as you don't just go and use your abilities at random like a machine gun.

I get Magic Resist glyphs because MR is something you don't get every level, so the more you can get without items, the better.

Finally, Health Quints, i know they were nerfed and some may say, ZOMG, Armor Pen Quints, ArP Quints isn't bad, but having that tad extra health will give you an extra hit or two from an enemy which in the early game could mean the difference from First Blood and a great game, or losing First Blood and having a tough game.

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My Masteries are very interesting, i go 12/0/18. I get the crit, % magic pen for ult, and Armor pen for auto attack/Double up. Then i get improved ghost because it's what makes ghost amazing, more regen (mainly for the mana regen part, not health) exp % increase as its one of the best masteries you can get, the mana/5 is great early game while ur mana/5 seals are still kinda low, the buff masteries are great as being MF, you should have red buff on you at all times, then improved flash to help lower that cooldown, and the rest in cooldown reduction (hey, it may only be 2%, but thats plenty better than 1 damage).

This may seem like a really ******ed mastery build, but trust me, once you try it, you will never do anything on MF again. Reason i don't go super deep into the offense tree is that after the armor pen and magic % pen level, the rest just isnt worth the points. those points that you would put into the offense tree are much better used on the mana regen, flash cd, and increased buff duration than the 4% damage increase, 2% ATS increase, and 3 whooping increased damage.

As for Summoner Spells, Ghost and Flash provide the perfect chase/escape utility tools. Most will say, DUDE, WTF, WHERE IS THE EXHUAST AND/OR IGNITE. Well, to you i say, isn't MF a ranged champion? she should never be close enough to the enemy to use ignite or exhuast. But Zoro, what if its a melee and he gets up in your grill...then what. Well, thats what your "make it rain" spell is for, and red buff, and ghost, and flash. Since exhuast doesn't completely stop damage anymore, its more suited to be used by a tank/support/melee carry than a ranged carry. I do think its very important to have at least 1 exhuast and 1 ignite in a team comp. they just should rely on your ranged AD carry to have them, your goal is to deal damage, kite, and not die.

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Skill Sequence

................................................................................ ..................................................................................


Strut - Passive

This is a great passive in my opinion, gives you great mobility so you can easily avoid skill shots at the start of the game do to your increased speed. Mid game it helps you gank the other team while still laning as you should be in mid lane and can go top or bottom really fast for easy kills. Late game its just good to help get around the map quickly.

Double Up

This is Miss Fortunes main harassing skill during the start of the game. Once you click your target with this skill, it will hit them, then bounce to a 2nd target behind the initial one, if there is no one behind that target, but there is one parallel, it will hit them, otherwise, no one will be hit. This attack does apply on-hit effects, so using this plus is an easy way to get the healing debuff on a target while delivering big damage (useful for people like Vlad and Mundo where you don't want to stay near them to long).

Impure Shots

This skill in my opinion is probably what makes Miss Fortune so scary late game. It gives you some amazing attack speed, increases your damage with every hit to a certain point, and puts a healing debuff on the target. Having this + The Bloodthirster + The Black Cleaver = quick damage and prevent them from gaining much health back during the fight (again vlad, mundo, etc.)

Make It Rain

This ability is the lowest priority for Miss Fortune. It does some aoe damage, gives a slow, and gives Line of Sight on where it's used. This ability should be leveled last as its more of a utility skill than a damage skill. If you think, OMG, AOE DAMAGE, AWESOME OP'NESS, your wrong. The damage from this is hardly worth your time compared to your other skills. This is mainly used to slow enemy's right before you use your ultimate, or to Line of Sight stuff (baron, dragon, bushes, etc.) It's also good to slow enemy's on the run as the range of it is quite big.

Bullet Time

This is what makes Miss Fortune a scary person during team fights. If you just stay back and wait for your tanks to initiate and then you unload with this, its a major damage toll to your enemies. It is always a good thing to use Make It Rain on the enemies just before you use your ultimate to ensure that they are moving slow and thus stay in your ultimate longer.


Skill sequence is max Double Up first, then Impure Shots, then Make it Rain while getting one make it rain at lvl 4 for the slow and of course Bullet Time when you can. Some may say, IMPURE SHOTS SHOULD BE FIRST, IT MAKES LAST HITTING EASIER AS YOU CAN KEEP HITTING IT AND DO MORE DAMAGE WITH EACH HIT. Ya, it does, but you should only be last hitting them, not constantly hitting them, you want to keep your waved near your tower to reduce chance of you getting ganked, and making your opponent have to over-extend some to get xp/moneys, thus making a gank for First blood much easier. So since you are only going to be last hitting, the extra 5-8 damage from the initial hit of impure shots is not worth it till about lvl 8ish when you have some nice damage items and you are almost past the laning phase.

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................................................................... ...............................................................

Items, this is one area that i'm quite different from most people in what i do. Start with a Doran's Shield, the armor and health regen and just plain health are fantastic for beginning laning phase. With it you can easily focus on last hitting while harassing your opponent some and not have to worry much because the armor reduced damage taken, and the health regen is awesome.

Next, i stay in lane till about lvl 6 or 7, by this point you should have enough money to get a Pickaxe, the Boots of Speed, and a Health Potion or two. If you have enough for those and enough left over to upgrade your boots to Berserker's Greaves, do it. Then on your way back to your lane, check red buff and if there are any gank oppurtunities. With pickaxe and red buff, and the enemy being only level 7 at max, you will easily get a kill if you try. I mean, you would have to have some ******ed teamates to not pull off a gank, especially since the enemy wont expect you to have a pickaxe as most just wait for BF Sword. Then, after pickaxe, get B.F. Sword and turn that into The Bloodthirster, then get BF again, and turn that into The Black Cleaver. Then you can quickly get your Last Whisper as you already have the pickaxe.

(Now the break off point) At this point, most games end, but if your still going in a long game and you find yourself dying a lot and getting focused, a Banshee's Veil would not be a bad idea at all. Then after your BV get Infinity Edge, but if BV still isn't enough, get either a Guardian's Angel or a Frozen Mallet, both work great. But if you find yourself DESTROYING instead of it being a long game, go straight to IE after last whisper, then you can either get another Bloodthirster if you can farm the minion and you aren't dying, or if they are very high health, get a Madred's Bloodrazor.

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Early, Mid, and Late Game Strategies

--Early Game--
During early game, always try and take middle lane as it's the best place for Miss Fortune, she can easily focus on getting minion kills, and since she is in the middle, easy access to red buff and easy access to the other lanes for a super surprise gank. Focus on getting last hit's only and not pushing the lane so your jungler can gank mid for you and easy kills will roll in. After our level 6 and when you get your pickaxe, i highly recommend you get with your jungler and find a lane to gank. I can't stress enough how important it is to gank with Miss Fortune. I know i have said it like 1000 times, but ill say it again.

--Mid Game--
Mid game is where Miss Fortune tends to shine the most in my eyes. You are higher level, probably around level 11, and the enemy is around 6-7. You should have your pickaxe and Berserker's Greaves by now and maybe even a B.F. Sword if you had an awesome early game. This means that you will do a ton of damage to the enemy as they wont have much health items making your Double Up, and just basic attacks hurt like a freakin Bullet Train (No Pun Intended).

--Late Game--
Late game, there isn't much to say about it. Just harass towers if your team is close to one in a stalemate waiting for one team to make a move. During teamfights, make sure you are in the back where you can attack safely and make the team have to go through your team to get to you. Make sure you are near an area you can flash away if your are in danger. Then just Make it Rain and Bullet Time the **** out of the enemy team, then go for the squishies.

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Last hit, Last hit, and Last hit some more. Don't push your lane at the start. Late game, jungle when you can, the more Creep Score you got, the more money, which means better items and more rape. ALWAYS ASK FOR RED BUFF AND TAKE IT WHEN ITS UP!!!!! That is oh so important for Miss Fortune.

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In conclusion, Miss Fortune is a great champion, and i followed this build and with it carried my way out of Elo Hell (well, the whole game is elo hell) at least the worst part of Elo Hell. I got up to 1500 in ranked, then from there i had to start doing more than just playing Miss Fortune, but this build works. I strongly suggest you try it before you rate it. Don't forget to comment below on what you thought of the build, and if you think of any improvements/new idea's/ etc.