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Build Guide by Sir KrisWald

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sir KrisWald

Miss Fortune - KrisWalds AD/AS Demise

Sir KrisWald Last updated on September 19, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Miss Fortune , The Bounty Hunter

This is a Secondary Guide for your friends that understand the basics of Miss Fortune and have played using the AP Style in my other guide... Let's Begin.

Solo Mid? Your other uber friends are all complaining that too much ownage is tiring them out and ask if you want to try it, so they can take a break... "Sure! but ill have to change my playstyle some then..." ....uhoh...

alright We are starting with all new runes on the rune page no more magic penetration but now its armor penetration. change your masteries to reflect that as well.

We plan on moving around the map quickly... attacking sharply and dipping back out of the battle before anyonw knows what hit them. Pick up regrowth pendent and maybe a potion but i never waste the gold. You should be a pro at tower hugging by this point... You can pick up Your W ability first for last hitting mobs easier or your Q for a little harass... Don't expect there to be uber harassing going on that is going to drive them insane. pretend they are the best their team has to offer and your harass is only going to burn your mana. by the time you are lvl 4 i like to have 2 in the shots 1 in the gun and 1 in the rain. your shot is lvl 1... start blowing some mana and practicing the double shot... hit him once or twice and maybe miss a shot here and there on purpose... make sure its still lvl 1 and hardly doing any dmg... ask for someone to come mid so you can shop as soon as you reach 1200 gold or so.

you will now turn the pendent into philosopher stone and buy an avarice blade... giving you 14% crit and mana regen :P and more gold who doesnt love that. go back to mid and keep farming it up i like to save a few points... when you are lvl 8 or so i still harass with lvl 1 shot but they dont know i have points saved up. ur goal is to farm up another 750 for another avarice and 1000 for swiftness. ask for your friend to come back mid while u shop again... you should be roughly lvl 8-9 by this point and holding 2 avarice blades for 26% crit thats 1/4 hits :P and you should be moving like a rocket now.

Head back to middle and farm up a tiny bit more while working him down to about 50% life with your lvl 1 double up. Now stick all of your points into your gun(Double up). here he is thinking you have lvl 1 double up and are barely doing any dmg... you havent used your rain of bullets at all unless they were too close to the tower hopefully... Now let the minions get relatively close to the tower... hit your double up and blast him really hard then rain of fire right where u know he is going to run. imediately hit your impure shots and ghost and keep on him. if you think you need it. ignite him and double up one last time to finish him off.. Good Job. you are the Pro :P

now that he is dead... find a person with low life or suishy and start pinging that you are coming. Tell them to work your target down some. If this doesnt work or you dont think you can take them... its okay. go get a red buff and blue buff. preferrably their side if they arent jungling. Have your tank split up so he is solo and purchase a recurve bow and vampiric lifesteal :P you have the mana and damage/lifesteal now to rip things to shreds. start going where you are needed and enjoy. Blood Thirster first and then Last Whisper because your slots are filled. then save up for infinity and sell one of your blades for it. Next Save up for Cleaver and sell your other blade. Finally Get Wit's End (wits has magic resist) or Phantom Dancer. Your choice. If you are rolling in cash and the game is still going on and you want a bit more damage sell your boots for phantom dancer. :P it has 15% movespeed on it anyways and dodge/crit will help you out :P

Its pretty fun and lethal you are still able to be disabled so be careful about that.